Monday, February 6th, 2012

Fashion Flash Monday, and New Classic

This week, Fashion Flash Monday is hosted by Black Cat Plus, Plus Size Fashion Blog.  This week’s topics include women’s health, style, and beauty, all with a focus on les femmes d’un certain age. 

Speaking of style, if you are looking to jump on the denim shirt trend, or perhaps just replace an old favorite, this soft and fitted denim shirt from Lafayette 148 is an excellent choice. I could tell as soon as I picked it up that the fabric and construction are really superior, and it’s also available in Petite and Plus sizes! While it’s not an inexpensive piece, this is one I anticipate will be versatile and wearable long after the current trend has passed.  Layer it under a sweater or jacket now, wear on its own when the weather warms up, or even wear open as a jacket alternative.

Double denim for Casual Friday!


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10 thoughts on “Fashion Flash Monday, and New Classic

  1. Anonymous

    I love your blog, i love your clothes, your style, your wisdom, but in your pictures of yourself, you always cross your legs and you look as if you need a wee!

  2. Priscilla

    Anon’s observation is hilarious! You are such a classy lady.
    Poses I’ve recently observed: Teens all stand with their hand on their hips. Those social-skeleton waifs stand pigeon-toed. The older glam babes cross their legs in hopes of reducing the look of those pesky +10lbs that the camera is required to add.
    I really love looking at old fashion photos. There are definite pose styles peculiar to each period. I guess we’ll be known as the wee-wee period!


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