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Today, I’m in Paris, at least in spirit…guest posting at A Femme d’un Certain Age, on one of my very favorite topics: what to pack for a trip to Paris! Come join the discussion.

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  1. Mary
    | Reply

    Well I am not sure what one should pack except for a credit card a great bag and a tooth brush!

  2. BigLittleWolf
    | Reply

    And an excellent discussion it is. (I want that rain coat!)

  3. LPC
    | Reply

    I love the way you pack, and I love the way your style is evolving.

  4. Susan Tiner
    | Reply

    Susan, I comment on Tish’s blog as well. I followed your advice from previous posts on what to pack and it worked out very well for the most part. However, I wish I’d invested in a stylish rain coat. I like the EF one you provided the link to but wonder if it would flatter my H shape because of the belt. I may order it just to try it on.

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