6 thoughts on “Over There…

  1. BigLittleWolf

    Venice… If it isn’t already on my list of places I’d like to see some day, I’m adding it!

    (Did you ever see the gorgeous film from the 50s with Katherine Hepburn, in Venice? It was a quiet, elegant, now slightly dated film about her romance as a “spinster teacher” I think, with an Italian man. In Venice. The perfect chick flick – and the cinematography!)

  2. kathy

    I haven’t been to Venice since I was a college student. Incredible city, but hard when you’re trying to do Europe of $5 a day! Would love to go back and actually have the money to ride in a gondola! Also, eating would be nice :)

  3. Mila

    Oh, I just returned from a trip to Venice – this city is incredible and unbelievable and just great. For me the most romantic city in the world :-)

  4. Anonymous

    On my last trip to Venice we decide to pop over to Lido. We hadn’t been there since the early 90’s and found it very charming. Even the beach was a delight!


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