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Wearing one of my Karina Dresses always makes me feel like an Italian movie star circa 1960, so I decided to channel my inner Sophia Loren and take an imaginary scooter ride through the streets of Roma.

Now where was that gelateria???
Eh Signore, I saw that parking space first!!
Marcello, is that you?
Dress: Karina Dresses “Megan”
Earrings and bracelet: Stella & Dot, here and here.
Scarf: Echo (old). 
Disclosure: dress provided by Karina Dresses.
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  1. Tabitha
    | Reply

    Absolute genius post! Round of applause!

  2. Over 60 and Over Here
    | Reply

    Love the photos! Maybe next time I should go to Rome for my birthday instead of Paris?!

  3. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style
    | Reply

    Fabulous, Une Femme! If you see Marcello, tell him Buon giorno! for me. I love your Karina dress and the wonderful scarf at the neck. Molto Italiana! Thanks for linking up and sharing your Roman holiday with Visible Monday.

    | Reply

    What a fun & fabulous post!
    There’s a movie star quality about this outfit & photos! The bike & the scenery is awesome, too!

  5. Corrine
    | Reply

    Bello, assolutamente bello. Il vestito e voi in. E quel motorino, stupente. Posta brillante!

    Just had to add a little Italian flair. courtesy of

  6. LPC
    | Reply

    Best. Post. Ever. Anywhere.

    Love the scooter, the sunglasses, and the polka dots. The thing is, I find this very you.

  7. Elle
    | Reply

    What fun! Thanks for the Monday morning lift.

  8. Jane W.
    | Reply

    You look beautiful! So nice to see you “out and about.”

  9. materfamilias
    | Reply

    You! are just Way! Too! Fabulous! How clever. and how gorgeous you look in such an easy, brilliant, punchy, yet classic outfit. You’ve nailed it!

  10. hostess of the humble bungalow
    | Reply

    Love these images of you in that fabulous dress and red shoes and that Scooter is brilliant!

  11. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Brava Pseu, quel beau look!


  12. Susan
    | Reply

    I think you had so much fun doing this and looking darn cute at the same time!

  13. Margy
    | Reply

    Fabulous post! Brava!

  14. Rosemary
    | Reply

    Great pictures. I absolutely love the polka-dots!

  15. Susan G
    | Reply

    Love it! You look great in this Karina.

  16. Bella Q
    | Reply

    I love this! You look classic and chic in your polka dress- and really you could go anywhere- I vouch for the comfort of the dress! Love the concept of you on Roman Holiday- how fun are you? (Answer: fun). xo. -Bella Q

  17. Lorrie Orr
    | Reply

    Favoloso! Looks like you had a lot of fun with this photo shoot! And you look really great.

  18. You May Be Wandering
    | Reply

    Wow – I just LOVE this post! What a classic!!

  19. Louise
    | Reply

    Cute scooter! Is it yours?

  20. J.W.
    | Reply

    Brava…brava…brava…thank you so much for making me smile! I miss Italy.

  21. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    Fun pictures…beautiful fit in the dress…fun print…and great style! You rock!

  22. kathy peck
    | Reply

    Such a cute post – very funny. Is that your scooter?

  23. vintagefrenchchic
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! You are a hoot…I absolutely adore this. You are the epitome of Euro Chic. Such a fun post!

  24. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Awesomely adorable!


  25. Didi Iashin
    | Reply

    Trés charmant!!! The dress is superb and the look … Ah, molto bella!!!

  26. Anonymous
    | Reply


    Mama Mia!! Very believable.


  27. mette
    | Reply

    What if you´d make this into a video. Very authentic : ).

  28. kaffesoester
    | Reply

    This is such a charming post – and you’re so beautiful in the Karina dress! I love the red shoes with it! Rome should be very nice this time of year, right?

  29. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Hey, I thought you said you were camera shy?! ;o)

    Adorable, really!


  30. Secret Squirrel
    | Reply

    So so clever! Well done :-) You really captured Rome for me.

  31. BigLittleWolf
    | Reply

    What fun! LOVE the dress, LOVE the red shoes, LOVE seeing you very dolce vita on a scooter!

  32. Une Femme
    | Reply

    Mille grazie, everyone! The scooter belongs to le monsieur I sometimes ride on the back, but haven’t learned to drive it….yet.

  33. Audi
    | Reply

    Bellissima! The dress is fabulous and I love your recreation of a little jaunt through Roma.

  34. Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell
    | Reply

    You look so very chic. I admire how you can so easily accomplish looking so good. Love the dress and the scarf. Your photos tell a wonderful story and I really appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  35. Terri
    | Reply

    What a wonderful, wonderful post. You look marvelous and evoke the mood so well. The Karina dress is gorgeous on you. And do you actually drive a Vespa?

  36. Melanie
    | Reply

    Okay, I’m still laughing with delight at this post! The scooter is the perfect accessory for that fabulous attitude and Karina dress. I want to see the men crashing their scooters into vegetable stands from gawping at you as they drive by.

  37. angela
    | Reply

    absolutely FABULOUS!

  38. Anonymous
    | Reply

    and the sunglasses? I love the sunglasses. They add the perfect finishing touch.


  39. Sarah
    | Reply

    That is such a fun post! You look amazing and I love the spotty dress – congratulations… X

  40. Vix
    | Reply

    Hi Pseu —

    Great photos — don’t you look like a woman with flair! As always, you tie a mean scarf. Since you don’t drive the scooter, I’ll await the action shots of you in a helmet on the back. 😉

  41. Marsha
    | Reply

    How delightful! Can’t stop smiling.

  42. Marcello
    | Reply

    The little red shoe dangling makes me yearn for una cosina veloce.

  43. Veshoevius
    | Reply

    Haha! Great dress and great post! What a trip – I do love Rome.

  44. Aunt Snow
    | Reply

    You look fantastic!!

  45. josep-maria badia
    | Reply

    A very nice outfit, the dress is gorgeous. A good example of elegance Sophia Loren. The polka dot dress is wonderful. A very nice post. How beautiful is Rome …

  46. pinkazalea
    | Reply

    This was so fun to read. You look adorable and I love your haircut. The whole thing works. Thanks for the post.

  47. Gretchen
    | Reply

    This post, and your Bad Boys of fashion, brings me to your blog to delight in your wit…the more we get to see of your humor, the happier I am! This dress is spectacular on you…it has as much personality as verve as you do.

  48. Lisa
    | Reply

    I want you to know I’ve been thinking about this post all week, still, and wishing I had a movie look I could emulate in a post:).

  49. Odyssey Home
    | Reply

    Totally chic! I love it!

  50. Paula
    | Reply

    I would love to see more of this kind!

  51. Amber of Butane Anvil
    | Reply

    Wonderful post! You are fabulous.

  52. That's Not My Age
    | Reply

    Love this post!

  53. Duchesse
    | Reply

    Bellissimo! You would turn Marcello’s head for sure! And you give heart to all women looking for a lift from the tried and true.

  54. Low Couture
    | Reply

    Work! Love how the red patent leather flats are working here. Altogether, great look! *Joined.

    x Peter

  55. SE
    | Reply

    I haven’t posted here in forever, but I have to tell you… what a FAB dress and how FABulous it looks on you! Love the Roma attitude. Sophia rules!!

  56. Tamera Beardsley
    | Reply

    Congratulations on your notable shout out! Such a beautiful and entertaining post my dear!

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