Classics With Cool – Plaidurday* Edition

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Elizabeth Taylor (with Montgomery Clift) looking not even remotely like a lumberjack.

J.Crew tartan flannel shirt
Sandra Ingrish roll sleeve shirt

Eddie Vedder

And he can sing, too.

Plaid Rainboots

There’s just something about a plaid rainboot that makes me want to stomp in puddles and then come inside for a cup of hot chocolate.
Sperry Top-Sider

Men in Kilts

James McAvoy
Ewan McGregor
Kevin McKidd
Gerard Butler (Love the facial expression on the woman right behind him!)
Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  Is it getting warm in here?

*Read all about Plaidurday, here.

The Citizen Rosebud celebrates Plaidurday!

So does Amber at Butane Anvil!

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23 Responses

  1. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    Cute post! I love the way you mixed the modern and the vintage plaids…that top picture is perfect! Have a great Friday!!

  2. sonia
    | Reply

    Love plaid shirts but I have trouble wearing button-downs. They just don’t suit my body-type. I do have a cute plaid skirt though that I love to wear with leggings and booties. For some reason plaid reminds me of back to school in the 80’s. There must’ve been lots of plaid going down then!

  3. Paula
    | Reply

    Oh, men in kilts … something very, very, very handsome indeed!
    I will keep you informed, as soon as I put my latest kilt-men-photos online (I’ve spent some weeks in Scotland this summer)

  4. Patti
    | Reply

    Ah, thank you for this post, early on a Friday morning, une femme! I think there are some pics of women in plaid shirts here, but my eyes got all wonky when I hit James McEvoy . . . .

    Do like the plaid rain-boots a lot.

  5. Ms. M
    | Reply

    Alas, I look like Eddie Vedder when I wear plaid.

  6. Kathy Leeds
    | Reply

    I wear some “soft” plaids, I’m very choosy about the colors and amount of contrast – but I do love plaid in general. I have two vintage Pendleton shirts, sort of a heavier wool that I wear as jackets sometimes (long sleeved tee required underneath as they’re scratchy). Men in kilts – swoon. No wonder I love the movie Braveheart.

  7. Laura
    | Reply

    Men in kilts—whew! It is getting warm in here!

  8. Odyssey Home
    | Reply

    Love when men wear kilts! In the Caribbean, some of our Scottish friends would, on occasion…weddings and special occasions.
    Plaid is always “in”.

  9. Mazl
    | Reply

    I wish I could post a photograph for you of the kilted men, including the groom, at my daughter’s wedding. And we had a piper in all his regalia.

    • JaninJabitt
      | Reply

      Mazl … had a piper at our wedding as well. When he was ready to leave after he had piped his last agreed-upon song, I was able to holler across the room at my new husband, telling him it was time to pay the piper.

      Yes, dear Femme, it is getting warm in here! Really, even the paunchiest old guy can look worlds better in a proper kilt. Wonder why that is … it’s not the legs. Golf shorts don’t work the same way. The military-history-highlands-mist thing, maybe? Thank you for making this a.m. a little perkier.

  10. materfamilias
    | Reply

    Can it be true? I love plaid in general so much, that I can hardly believe I only have one pair of pants — and in a muted grey plaid at that — and one scarf, similarly muted, grey. . . I do have a kilt I wore in my teens tucked away in a cedar chest somewhere. I prefer Mr. McGregor’s, somehow…

  11. A Well Styled Life
    | Reply

    Is it true what they say about men wearing nothing under their kilts? I may need to reconsider plaid!

    • Mazl
      | Reply

      Yes it is!!! For a true Scotsman anyway.

  12. WendyB
    | Reply

    DYING over the lady in the Gerard Butler photo!

  13. Adrienne
    | Reply

    That J. Crew shirt is gorgeous. I love the colors!
    And thank you for posting all the handsome men in their kilts for us!

  14. citizen spot
    | Reply

    When the weather is cool enough for flannel, then everyday is Plaidurday for me! I would say on a plaid scale between Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Vedder, I definitely skew far towards Eddie Vedder, appearance and style wise, but hey, I love my plaid flannel shirts!

  15. C'estChic!
    | Reply

    Oh Pseu, your posts are ALWAYS a treat, but particularly today’s!

  16. Bella Q
    | Reply

    I love it! Great kilts with handsome young men and Audrey and Dame Liz = Aces!

  17. mette
    | Reply

    Plaided kilts are fine on men and women.
    On shirts, not for me – but then again, I don´t like shirts in general ( on me ).
    A unexpected post, thank you.

  18. Duchesse
    | Reply

    Unless a lassie is a wee slip of a thing, plaid garments make her look like a Belted Galloway. The boots are fun, and the kilt models remind me of the time I went to a formal dance in Scotland with a man in his kilt, just about 30 years ago now. Don’t ask me what is worn under them, you *know* the answer.

    • Melanie
      | Reply

      As I was told long ago:
      “Och aye lassie, nothing is WORN beneath the kilt; it’s all in perfect working order!” ;-)

  19. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Why do you not credit the photographers?

    • Une Femme
      | Reply

      Anonymous, I would happily do so if I had the information. I run image searches on google, and will not use an image unless it’s been used on at least 5-6 other websites. If they provide attribution I will include. If you have any information on these images, please let me know and I’ll update the post.

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