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If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, I think it’s the best thing since, well, pointy toed pumps! You can pin ideas for style inspiration, hair styles/color, recipes, helpful household hints, travel…heck, just about anything you find online.  You can organize, share and refer back to all of your pins. The great thing is that your pin creates a link back to the original website where the image appeared.

Here are some of my favorite recent pins.

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  1. That's Not My Age
    | Reply

    Love that Liz pic. I am on Pinterest, it’s a bit dangerous but I quite like a quick play around if I have 5 minutes to spare.

  2. Blume
    | Reply

    The woman with the giant coffee pot somehow looks a bit like you!

  3. Jennifer (Jen on the Edge)
    | Reply

    I absolutely love Pinterest. I’m taking my middle school daughters to NYC this weekend and used my Sartorial Splendor boards to help me figure out what to pack. (I’m @jenontheedge.)

  4. Northmoon
    | Reply

    Oh yes, I’ve succumbed to Pinterest in a big way. Wonderful ideas as well as great fashion of course yours for sure.

    I think I’m Northmoon there unless I made a mistake and signed up under my name which I didn’t mean to. Bit of a computer illiterate still!!

  5. itztru
    | Reply

    Consider yourself “followed”! Checking out some of the fashion pins lead me to a re-pin of a Polyvore set that I had done ( only someone else had taken credit for it! I guess I should be flattered? Anyhow, love your blog and follow you on P’vore as well. Best always!

  6. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Have not done Pinterest, now you have me thinking I need to check it out.

    And I know that being beautiful doesn’t guarantee happiness by any means, but OMG, that picture of Liz…..she could not be more gorgeous. And that dress!

    —Jill Ann

  7. Karen Albert
    | Reply

    I love Pinterest! Try to not spend to much time on it…a real challenge!
    It is Karena Albert Art by Karena

    2012 Artists Feature and Giveaway from The House of Edward

  8. Patti
    | Reply

    I love it too – and I agree, the woman with the coffee pot resembles you, Une Femme! Liz was so gorgeous.

  9. Judy C
    | Reply

    I’m so glad lace is popular. I’ve long associated it with romance and feminine things. I’d love to have more of it but is can be expensive to get good lace.

    | Reply

    I’m kinda new to Pinterest. Not very active…although, I’ve been truly inspired by some pins.

  11. Susan
    | Reply

    I agree that the woman with the coffee pot looks like you. I thought that before I saw the comments of others.
    And, BethsMomtoo, I’m glad you enjoyed a couple of my albums on Pinterest.

  12. Adrienne Shubin
    | Reply

    I adore Pinterest. It’s where I get many outfit ideas. I have repinned many of your pins since I’ve been following you for a while. I am in love with that plaid and leopard bootie photo…must try a modified version of that.

    My handle is:

  13. Jacqui
    | Reply

    I am now following you on Pinterest. There are some great images and ideas you can find there, and it’s a little too easy to spend a lot of time on there! 😉 You’ll find me at

  14. BethsMomToo
    | Reply

    Ha! It seems rather fitting whenever I notice you’ve used one of my pins. It was your blog that reignited my interest in France… I reflect that on my Pinterest boards …you repin a few of my pins. Not quite The Lion King’s “circle of life”, but at least a circle of mutual interests. 🙂 It really does seem to be a small world at times. [Debi C.]

  15. Gracey at Fashion for Giants
    | Reply

    Pinterest took me awhile to get interesting in, but I do like it. I’ve had quite a few Pinterest-inspired looks since I started Pinning.

    My handle is Gracey the Giant and you can find me here:

  16. Sarah
    | Reply

    Oooh am addicted to Pinterest…. Love it. It’s like an online vitual scrapbook I feel and I enjoy looking over my ‘pins’…
    I am at :

    Oh and on your post re lipsticks – really useful as my colouring is similar to yours. Will try them out – always on the look out for a good red. One I do like but it is not a vivid red is Chanel’s coco rouge VENISE. Lovely everyday, polished browny/red. S x

  17. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    it is amazing…I just do not have a lot of time for it right is fun to see what you have pinned and would love each one as well. Right now Pinterest just hovers over me making me feel guilty that I do not have more time for it…keep your pins coming…I like them!

  18. Laura
    | Reply

    One of the things I like best about Pinterest is “geting to know” other people with similar interests to mine. I am getting so addicted to it! My name there is
    I already follow you and Adrienne (Rich Life on a Budget) I am looking up the other ladies too!

  19. Viktoria
    | Reply

    I sometimes go there to look at stuff, but have not yet started pinning myself. I love that image of wine & orange together.

  20. mette
    | Reply

    I find the Pinterest craze a bit odd. I feel that it increases the addiction to really get the stuff you pin on it, while you keep looking at the pictures you have chosen and the ones someone else has chosen.
    I think I´ll just stick to my scrap book, though I have not even scrapped out anything for a long time.
    The blogging is enough for me for now.

  21. Closet Coach
    | Reply

    Somehow I’ve managed to, well, manage my Pinterest addiction … 🙂 You an find me here:

  22. Susan Partlan
    | Reply

    Liz always looks like the definition of luxury. I started a pinterest board awhile ago to track color ideas for my daughter’s wedding but then didn’t keep up with it. I should revisit and will definitely follow you there.

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