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Bobbi Brown “Caviar & Oyster” Brush Set

For those who use makeup brushes and either a) travel or b) just prefer shorter-handled brushes, this is a fabulous time to pick up travel brush sets, often at reduced prices. You know what I’m thinking, don’t you? One a friend, one for yourself….

Nordstrom Travel Brush Set
MAC “Making Pretty” Brush Set
Lola Cosmetics Travel Mini Brush Set
Chantecaille Limited Edition Travel Brush Set
MAC “Perfectly Plush” Brush Kit

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12 Responses

  1. Tabitha
    | Reply

    Oh my make up brushes are decades old. I actually need short handled ones now, I’m struggling to see with my long handled brushes.

    • Anonymous
      | Reply

      I could not possibly get along without my lighted magnifying mirror. I’ve always been blind as a bat for distance, but now have middle-aged close-up vision problems as well. I put makeup on without my contacts in, so I just stick my face up in the mirror and plaster it on. Shorter handled brushes do work better for me. Once I’ve got the eye makeup on, I can put contacts in and finish up with the blush & blending. Or I could just go barefaced, but that’s not a pretty sight!

      —Jill Ann

    • Elle's Parisian Chic Blog...
      | Reply

      I 2nd the magnifying mirror point, never knew how good they are for makeup until I holidayed this summer with a female friend and she used one each night for makeup..

      Love the holiday offerings also, a brilliant time for brush/moisturizer/mascara/eye makeup remover/fragrance purchases, often have decent freebies with them at this time of year – I have learned to stock up! Have a lovely holiday time Elle x

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style
    | Reply

    Great choices, Une Femme – I am so drawn to the MAC set . . . leopard calls? : >

  3. deb
    | Reply

    What a great selection! I want them all but I love Mac and the leopard seals the deal.

  4. Duchesse
    | Reply

    The MAC set! Did you get it? I see it as absolutely you!

  5. Marla
    | Reply

    These brush sets are great. I have had such great luck with Mac brushes. I am really taken with the “Perfectly Plush” set.

  6. Connie
    | Reply

    Good old Bobbi Brown. Nothing like peach satin to make one feel feminine in an classic movie sort of way.

  7. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    I need some new brushes…a timely post for me!! Have a joyful day today!

  8. Kathy
    | Reply

    Brilliant idea. Mine are old and the handles too long. I’m going to get a set today!

  9. Susan Partlan
    | Reply

    I got a kit from Sephora with something like 12 brushes but I only use one. I’m not really sure what all of the brushes are for. I noticed in an earlier post you mentioned that lipstick is applied with a brush-blot-brush procedure but I’m still not sure how it’s supposed to work. I vote for a lipstick application post!

  10. The Style Crone
    | Reply

    They’re all so pretty! This post makes me want to go out and buy a set and take a trip next week.

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