Les soldes!

Eric Bompard. I’ve actually been waiting for this sale to snatch up a 100% cashmere navy v-neck. They don’t have the “Classic V-Neck” available in Navy (at least on sale) but I did find this Off-gauge V-neck. I actually think I prefer the styling on this one anyway, with a shorter length and sans the ribbing at the bottom.

I’m also eyeing this color called “Torrent Blue.”

I love the idea of an elegant winter white, but fear that my usual proclivity toward messy spills would shorten its wearable lifespan.


Karina Dresses has just about everything on sale right now!  Dresses are all just $99!

Megan 3/4 Sleeve (love this kimono-esque print!)
Rita 3/4 Sleeve  (wrap style, and another great print)

As I’ve mentioned before, these dresses are fabulous for travel, and for those crazy mornings when you need something that you can just throw on and go.

Are you shopping any sales or are you sitting tight right now?

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  1. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    Now you have me considering a Navy V neck…I would love to have one…have a great weekend.

  2. Patti
    | Reply

    Adore those classic cashmeres- and they look so “you”, une femme! And those are great sales on Karina dresses; I don’t have a Rita yet : >

  3. RoseAG
    | Reply

    The torrent blue would be fresh with a white layer underneath.

  4. Duchesse
    | Reply

    Chez Duchesse, the sale has proven fun for the entire family!

  5. Duchesse
    | Reply

    Pseu, the off-gauge v-neck is 5 ply, way heavier than the 2 ply classic- just so you know. I have several EB 4 plys-they are *very* warm.

  6. Northmoon
    | Reply

    Tempted by the Eric Bompard sale, but I hesitate to spend that much money without seeing the garment in real life, the quality of the knit and the fit.

    And it looks like a good thing too as Duchesse mentions the heavier weight which sounds like it would be way too warm for me to wear at work.

  7. I recently bought two cashmere sweaters from Lands End…40% off and free shipping! I chose spring shades one in a mauve and the other in citron.
    I like the V neck in the lighter blue and agree that winter white might be a fun purchase. even if you kept it for date mights it would be so elegant!

  8. materfamilias
    | Reply

    I’ve got two Bompards winging their way to me right now. . . the extra-fine v-neck in charcoal and that basic v-neck cardigan Duchesse likes in blackcurrant. It’s dipping below freezing here right now, so I’m hoping they’ll hurry.
    btw, did I hallucinate a comment of yours on my Barcelona announcement? I’m sure I read it in my e-mail, but it’s not showing up — meant to answer you that I do feel very lucky at being able to take such a long trip, although also quite anxious as it does mean bringing some work along AND doing much catch up when I’m back. Still . . . .
    Looking forward to hearing more about your own travel plans which sound exciting. . .

  9. materfamilias
    | Reply

    would just add that I love the lightness of my navy v-neck, the M0674, and suspect it would be even better in your climate — I wear it year ’round. I bought mine one size up after trying them on in the shop last spring. It’s a Large, and I’m not, really, but I like the looser fit — still looks trim because the fabric is fine enough to stay close to the body.

  10. Déjà Pseu
    | Reply

    Duchesse and materfamilias, thank you for the input about the weight and sizing of the sweaters. Unfortunately they’re not offering navy on sale in any of the 2-ply v-necks, so I ordered a v-neck cardigan M250 in navy which should be versatile (I’m actually wearing the same cardigan in charcoal today, love it!), and the lightweight M0674 in the Blackcurrant Purple in Large.

  11. materfamilias
    | Reply

    Yay! We’ll be sort-of-twins again . . . ;-)

  12. Kathy
    | Reply

    The sweaters are beautiful, but I’m going to be in Paris this Spring and I’m not sure of my size in Bompard – so I’ll try things on there. I think the winter white is beautiful. If it were me, and I’d been wanting a navy v-neck sweater (which I believe you have) – I’d rather buy that at full price, rather than buy two on sale. Sales are dangerous, because they lure you into items that are really second choices often. Something to think about?
    Love the winter white, and yes, I’d save it for special nights out.

  13. Lady of Style
    | Reply

    I am not a sweater type at all but love the Karina dress. Wrap dresses are my all time favoutites because they are so feminine.

    Love from Germany,

  14. Frugal Scholar
    | Reply

    Love the large voile scarves at EM? Does anyone know if they are great in real life?

  15. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Based on all the recommendations here and on Duchesse’s and Tish’s blogs, I splurged out for a navy V-neck from Bompard last year. I got a Large; I am fairly busty and wear either a Medium or Large in most American clothing lines, depending on the fit. And for another example, I tried on white shirts at Talbots sale yesterday. I wear a 10 in their bottoms, but the size 10 blouse gapped in the bust, so I went up to a 12. Got a very nice cotton twill white shirt with pearl buttons, reg. $79 marked down to $29!

    Anyway, back to the Bompard: i was very happy with the fit and the quality. The size L is slightly roomy, but doesn’t feel at all oversized. I washed it once and it turned out fine. If I lived in a colder climate, I’d get another one this year, but find it hard to justify. I convinced myself last year that the navy V-neck was worth the splurge since it’s so classic and I can wear it forever (if I can keep the moths away!)

    —Jill Ann

  16. mette
    | Reply

    The last of the sweaters, which I´d call also off-white looks fine. Buying clothes online is easy, yet stressing – the size numbers vary so much.
    I´m tight/ strict, not shopping sales.

  17. Tiffany
    | Reply

    I have two of the EB fitted v-necks (70% cashmere, 30% silk) and I absolutely love them. I tried to buy another one the other day but the website wasn’t working properly … might have to have another go!

  18. C'est Moi
    | Reply

    thanks so much for this tip, did a bit of a bompard stock up as a result. i bought a few sweaters in Paris last fall, so I had a good idea of my sizing, and was able to get a couple classics i have been holding out for (2 ply camel v neck cardigan and 4 ply v neck sweater in black, plus the super sized voile shawl in camel). anyone wondering about sizing, i am a size 12/14 and their xl in the 4 ply is perfect and slightly fitted, but roomy for a layer underneath. 2 ply for me is a tad bit more loose, and can take a bulkier layer underneath. i love BP, and feel the quality usually is justified at full price, so finding it to be on sale was super! thanks again!!

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