Monday, January 21st, 2013

Nautical Interlude

Kayakers near Naples area of Long Beach. One doesn’t often see those distant mountains or skies this blue.

Our weather pendulum has swung again, from an extended cold snap to the kind of delightful conditions that make people in Michigan say, “shovel out the car honey, we’re moving to Southern California!”

It’s been a busy weekend packed with family events: a cousin’s post-wedding reception/party (the ceremony itself, held on a beach in October, was small and private), entertaining relatives from out of town here for the event, and seeing off BIL (Uncle B) and his wife, who are leaving today for home…home being their boat in the South Pacific. Sunday afternoon we borrowed a friend’s Boston Whaler and went cruising through Alamitos Bay, with a stop for lunch along the way.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

Duffys and Dingys and Yachts, oh my!

Guarding the entrance to the Naples canals
Jeune homme’s feet are now bigger than mine!

Such a vintage beauty, but oh what work to keep all of that wood ship-shape!
Silly after lunch. Only had one beer, honest!

The day was perfect for a marinière and light cotton sweater and scarf.

Today is a holiday from work and school, but after the busy weekend I need it for a “catch up” day. Do you ever have times where you feel as though you need a weekend from your weekend??

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24 thoughts on “Nautical Interlude

  1. Pam @ over50feeling40

    After my insane month of December, I still feel like I need a holiday from my holiday break!! Sitting on a beach and listening to the waves would be perfect, but just not happening any time soon…so I will live vicariously through bloggers. This looks like a lovely time.

  2. Sue - Over 60 and Over Here!

    I had a surreal moment when I scrolled down to the photo of you “Silly after lunch”, where I thought you had posted a photo of ME!!! I have an almost identical outfit that I enjoy wearing, but my hair is a different colour, though yours looks fairly dark in that shot. Sounds like the sort of day that you really have to make the most of it, and you obviously did!

  3. Linda

    Thanks for posting such lovely pictures of my old stomping grounds. From a distance of so many years and miles, it certainly makes me homesick.

    Loved your ensemble too!

  4. LPC

    You look adorable. My baby sister lives down south, and she was telling me it was beach weather yesterday. Wonderful that you got out like that, and especially to take some friends out on the water.

  5. Val Sparkle

    My husband was just saying (after looking at the temps down there and the frozen fog here) that he has business in Southern California to take care of! These pictures are gorgeous! I forgot to bring my camera on our sunny beach day yesterday, but it wasn’t as warm as yours. Perfect day for your marinere (with accent in appropriate place).

  6. ming

    I’m working today – and the only thing that makes it ok is that the traffic was so light! I also have been enjoying our beautiful LA weather. Took the grandchildren for a hike in Runyon canyon.

  7. Belle de Ville

    Wow, we had spectacular weather for the walk through the Marina.
    I so wish that I had seen the canals of Venice, way back in the day.
    They must have been magical for early Los Angeles.

  8. Paula Ruta

    Im one of those people saying, shovel out the car, honey!!!
    Love the pics and thanks for a beautiful view~
    ps Im actually in soCal right now–enjoying the weather!

  9. Aunt Snow

    I love Naples! You didn’t gondola?

    Still it looks like fun and wonderful. This was a glorious weekend, every single day was beautiful! We stayed closer to home in Topanga, but had a lovely time discovering a new hiking trail.

  10. Crystal

    What fun! Just gorgeous! I made my maiden voyage to Lake Michigan last summer and witnessed the Queen’s Cup sailboat race. Fascinating! I cam home wishing to redecorate my bedroom with a nautical theme! Love the striped Tee.


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