Friday, January 25th, 2013

Neutral Zone

Some shopping trips you just get lucky. I’d set out last weekend to replace my black pencil skirt, and hit the jackpot on the first try. This season’s Eileen Fisher ponte knit pencil skirt hits all the right notes: simple, knee length, and in a nice substantial fabric that doesn’t wrinkle (even after sitting at my desk all day, as it turns out). And at the same time, I spotted this cardigan which nicely fills the role of a non-black neutral “third piece” to lighten and add interest to my black basics, an item I’ve been searching for for ages. It’s a linen/wool blend which will be wearable 9 months out of the year here, drapes beautifully, and the black and ivory weave satisfies my Need For Tweed.

This was one of those instances where it paid to shop in person rather than online. Had I seen and ordered this sweater online, I would have gone with the Petite version. But when I tried it on in the store, the Sales Associate thought the proportions weren’t quite right, and convinced me to try the corresponding size in Misses. She was right, and the longer length worked better.

pinky ring fleur-de-lis
Yes, you CAN wear a pinky ring without looking like a Mob Boss!

Is this gold vintage fleur-de-lis pinky ring not gorgeous?? It’s from Beladora 2, and one I’ve had my eye on for a while. I was inspired by Belle’s post on BHB modeling several different styles of pinky rings. If you have thick fingers like I do, wearing a smaller piece on the pinky keeps it from looking too diminutive. Again, proportion is everything.

Cardigan: Eileen Fisher, here.
Sweater: J.Crew Tippi, here.
Skirt: Eileen Fisher, here.
Boots: purchased in 2008, similar.
Scarf: Eileen Fisher, similar.
Tights: DKNY, here.
Earrings: Majorica, here.
Pinky Ring: gifted, from Beladora 2. More gorgeous vintage rings here, and here.

The scarf tie above is a slightly sloppy version of one I’ll show you on Monday.

Bon weekend!

Do you wear pinky rings?

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86 thoughts on “Neutral Zone

  1. Swissy

    You look wonderful in every way— chic, fresh, easy. I do miss the informed advice from a good salesperson. I live quite far away from such retailers. I’m certain you’ll find the pieces very versatile–a la Janice!

  2. Kathy

    Great outfit and I love the neutral scarf with it, rather than one with a “pop” of color. Keeps it looking minimal, yet interesting and shows off all the different textures well. Beautiful pink ring, and yes, I do wear one. It’s a signet ring I’ve had for years – almost never take it off.

  3. Cornelia

    Beautiful outfit. And no pinky ring ever. My hands are not my most attractive feature, and I will almost always only wear my gold wedding band, even leaving the diamond behind (to protect all those beautiful EF knits). :)

  4. Susan

    This sweater looks better on you than on the Nordstrom model—a LOT better.

    And no, I have never worn a pinkie ring. Yours is really pretty. I have HUGE hands for a woman and I finally figured out that my rings should be large as well. I used to hide my hands when having my photo taken because of their size. Finally, I realized that while large, my hands are graceful and look good in photos. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? With age can come confidence.

    I love the skirt on you. For some reason the EF skirts have not worked for me. I think losing some weight would help.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. LaShaune

    Love the sweater on you. It’s perfect and looks so cozy.

    Funny that I read this today as I wear my pinky ring. A blue faucet stone in brushed gold from Lia Sophia (a party gift).

  6. Vix

    Pseu, you lucky thing to replace a basic without any hassle and find a sought-after item.

    I’m biased toward loving the outfit as a whole as it’s a close sibling to one of my favorites — though your shoes are more modern and my sweater ingredients involve ruffles and cashmere. Gotta love being able to step away from all-black with a “black-lite” topper….When the seasons shift, yours sounds like it will be great with lighter neutrals if you’re so inclined. Enjoy your workhorses!

    1. Déjà Pseu

      Vix, thank you! Finding this skirt right off definitely felt like hitting the jackpot! And yes, I think this sweater will transition nicely into spring and summer.

  7. sisty

    Wow! My heart skipped a beat when I saw you in this outfit, honest! One of your best looks ever. The whole thing just works — column of color from head to toe, interesting shape and color on the sweater, and I agree with Kathy that the neutral scarf elevates the whole look. I’m not a fan of ankle boots generally, but these look great… and so do your legs. There’s nothing that says “polished” like a knee length slim skirt, is there?

    I don’t wear pinky rings because for some irrational reason I feel like they will fall off. But yours is adorable!

    1. Déjà Pseu

      sisty, thank you so much! There aren’t many ankle boots I’d wear with a skirt, but because these have a lower vamp in front and some curve rather than being straight across, it helps.

  8. April

    Gray really suits your color. That red hair…wow! And you can’t go wrong with anything from Eileen Fisher, one of my favorite sources for classic clothes. I usually go for a slightly larger size, too, as I like the extra comfort. Anything clingy just makes me squirm.

    As for pinky rings…never wore them until arthritis made my rings too small to fit on any other finger! lol


    1. Déjà Pseu

      April, thank you! I do love grey as it’s such a versatile neutral. I don’t like clingy, but I do have to be careful not to overdo the volume. So sorry to hear about your arthritis.

  9. mette

    Well done. However, I think the outfit would work without the scarf too – or maybe the scarf could be worn in an even more effortless way?

    1. Déjà Pseu

      mette, thank you! Yes, I could probably do a softer scarf. I tied this way on that particular day to keep my neck warm. Everyone around me has been getting sick, and I’ve come to believe that keeping my neck from getting chilled keeps me from getting sick as often.

  10. A Well Styled Life

    You look great!! I love that skirt and sweater on you. You’re right, proportion is everything!!
    I occasionally wear a pinky ring but only on my left hand, because I’m right handed and otherwise I bang it up writing. Is that a fleur de lys pattern on your ring? Very sharp looking.

  11. Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

    You look so chic and comfortable in this outfit. It suits you so well. Pretty pinky ring! I have been looking for one for quite a while. I got a wild hair and decided I wanted one but so far I haven’t come across the right one.


    What a classy outfit! I love colors but mostly, I’m a neutral kinda gal. This outfit is absolutely perfect! You DO look marvelous in it!!!
    I don’t wear a pinky ring, but yours is really pretty!

  13. nina

    You look terrific!! your hair is getting sbit longer. Flattering. Like it the length it is now.. frames your face… Love the pinky ring! how feminine… and your coordinates are right along my alley… love the sweater and scarf look… have a great week-end.


  14. Neats

    One of the best things about your blog is that when you show us an outfit, you show where to get the pieces. So tired of magazines that list the source for an item is not (and often never will be) available.

  15. Marianne

    Just wanted to tell you how great your outfits have evolved over the past few months. You have really honed in on your style. Whatever your doing, keep doing it!! :)

  16. Linda C.

    I think this is one of the best outfits so far! You look great. This is one that I am copying.
    p.s. I like the look of the smaller scarf on you as well.
    p.p.s. Thank you for all the tips!

  17. Marsha

    I find this outfit amazingly lovely – when I saw it, I not only found it and you beautiful, I felt a quick sense of “Wish I looked like that!” (minus any negative self-deprecation, just honest envy). And, oddly, I was reminded of your wonderful photo on the motorcycle, which I also loved.

    The last time I wore a pinky ring, it was at my wedding – a childhood ring of my mother’s that seemed right. Perhaps I’ll wear it again today.

  18. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Really, that skirt hits you just at the perfect length. You should always show off your gorgeous pins. Very pretty pinkie ring … you are so right. Your hands look so youthful. Might be that your fingers still look young because of the padding so many of us have lost. They don’t look fat to me. Just shapely.

  19. Anonymous

    This outfit is great, but I have to say (and I know you love them) I think those boots are soooooo unflattering and make your legs and ankles look short and think.

    1. Déjà Pseu

      Anonymous, thank you. I agree that the boots may not be the most ankle-flattering choice. But my regular pumps looked too diminutive and “da-dame” with this ensemble, and I felt I needed some “heft” to balance out the volume on top.


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