It’s SNOW Time!

Doesn’t it seem that ski wear used to be much more stylish?  Source.

We’re off tomorrow for our annual week of sports d’hiver. It’s been snowing plenty in the Colorado Rockies the last few days, so we’re looking forward to some great ski conditions!

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In the meantime, let’s have a bit of fun and take a fantasy shopping trip to Gorsuch for some high-end aprés ski wear…

aprés ski luxury
bruno cucinelli
Dale of Norway
Dale of Norway

Bogner  (this one reserved for those For Whom Money Is No Object™)

bruno cucinelli boot
bruno cucinelli
bruno cucinelli Aria scarf
bruno cucinelli

And because of course you’ll want to upload the day’s awesome powder action pics to Facebook and Twitter while enjoying a Keoki coffee by the outdoor firepit…

texting gloves
Mara texting gloves

Bon weekend!

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25 Responses

  1. Kristien62
    | Reply

    Enjoy your snow, Pseu. I, on the other hand, am running away to North Carolina next week to escape the evil villain, known in Upstate New York as February. I have had all the snow I can manage for this year. Now starts the tricky part- packing for springlike temps in NC and for winter when we re-enter the Northeast. Layering, layering, layering. (I do love those boots and scarf.)

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I love leafing through the Gorsuch catalogue. I live in the southeast and don’t ski but would love to be dressed in those fine clothes sitting by the fire with a mountain view :-) Have a great time! judy

  3. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style
    | Reply

    Apres ski wear is the best part! Love the texting gloves. Hope your trip is magical!

  4. Susan
    | Reply

    The Gorsuch catalog which, for some reason, arrives at my house, if filled with gorgeous clothing–but most at prices that are out of reach for most everyone. I like the Bruno Cucinelli sweater!

    Have a wonderful trip. Ski safely and come back all in one piece!

    • Déjà Pseu
      | Reply

      Susan, yes definitely out of our $ range as well. They didn’t used to be quite so stratospheric, and offered items in a wider range of brands and prices. They have beautiful things, but now it’s a window-shop-only retailer.

  5. Joni
    | Reply

    Those boots are heavenly!! Have a good time!

  6. Amber of Butane Anvil
    | Reply

    I love that vintage photo. Enjoy your getaway!

  7. ChristineP
    | Reply

    Love the Bruno sweater too – but at almost $2,000 — it’s a non-starter, I’m afraid. Enjoy the skiing and the apres!

  8. Marla Robinson
    | Reply

    Have a wonderful trip. I am in love with the Dale of Norway jacket. Beautiful!

  9. Cheryl
    | Reply

    Ahhhh, a little envious!!! My son works in Aspen. I miss him like crazy! Have a wonderful time in a most beautiful part of the country.. This said from a die hard New England girl.

  10. Chicatanyage
    | Reply

    I originally learnt to ski so long ago I can remember leather ski bindings. It was very cold, no thermal then but we used silk glove linings and underwear. I still buy silk vests when winter is cold here. Very comfortable and warm. Have a good holiday.

  11. Susan Partlan
    | Reply

    Have fun, and please throw a snow ball for me!

  12. Pam @ over50feeling40
    | Reply

    Oh I am so jealous…have a fabulous time. I would love to sit by such a fire with the gorgeous mountains around me. I fear the four days of winter for South Texas is over…the sweaters are so beautiful, but nothing I will get to buy this year. Have a wonderful time…I will live vicariously through your pictures!

  13. MC
    | Reply

    Vintage ski wear is like vintage luggage — much less practical than the modern stuff, but infinitely more glamorous. Have a great trip!

  14. Kathy
    | Reply

    In all my dreams I’m wearing Bruno Cucinelli ~ have a fantastic ski trip, sounds like a wonderful winter break.

  15. Sarah
    | Reply

    Ha ha – I agree with Kathy…. Have a wonderful time and enjoy…. Love your scarf tutorial and the leopard scarf in an early post this week – fabulous. X

  16. BigLittleWolf
    | Reply

    Have a great time, and love love love that Bruno sweater. Classic, and with pockets!


  17. mette
    | Reply

    Have a wonderful time with all the snow.
    For reasons, well known to you too, I have no envy for your snow time ; )!!

  18. lagatta à montréal
    | Reply

    Well, to each her own or … what’s yer poison?

    Like Kristien, I can’t imagine actually paying money to go somewhere cold. The last two winters have been extremely mild, but we’ve had a horribly cold spell this year and I’m aching all over – and worse, haven’t done quite enough exercise as I’m so stiff.

    Just hoping for an early spring, like last year! And lots of cycling!

  19. sophisticatedlady66
    | Reply

    We just got back from a frigid (to me, since I’m used to 50-60F in my beloved San Francisco) weekend in Lake Tahoe, and I could have used all the lovely, stylish accessories! I do have texting gloves, and I must say, they are a god-send! Enjoy your trip and relax as much as you can!

  20. Cathy
    | Reply

    Love this post – Gorsuch is my favorite fantasy catalog!

  21. Bella Q
    | Reply

    Have fun have fun! I’m unaware of the window shopping experience of Gorruch- but have to share my funny mind thing- whenever I see Dale of Norway (I have a few vintage wool sweaters by that brand) I always think…Tom of Finland, lol! Different bit of a weave I suppose.

  22. The Style Crone
    | Reply

    Beautiful pieces for warmth! Love the texting gloves. Have a wonderful time in beautiful Colorado. Would love to meet you on one of your annual skiing trips. If the weather is good, driving from Denver to Vail for lunch would be an afternoon adventure!

    | Reply

    Have a fun and safe week!

  24. Leslie
    | Reply

    I lived in Vail when I was about 20 (over 30 years ago!) They were just building the Beaver Creek area.

    Gorgeous clothes and I love the bruno cucinelli boots and texting gloves. Mine are so bulky! Great jackets and I also like the scarf;)


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