Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Packed And Ready…

Carry-on bag packed…with room to spare!

We’re off to the airport shortly. I’ll be updating Instagram (follow here) and Facebook (here) with snapshots. I have some pre-scheduled posts here, and will be posting periodically during our travels in Scotland and England.

Ultimately, I decided upon a second pair of black ponte knit pants as my 12th item. Not a very wild Wild Card, I’ll admit. But I think they’ll come in handy (will wear these on the plane) and I’ll pick up some colorful scarves as we go to refresh the look.

Do pop over to Wendy’s blog today. She’s chronicled our long and sordid history. I kid, but it seems I have made a good start collecting Wendy Brandes Jewelry over the past few years!

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15 thoughts on “Packed And Ready…

  1. Paula

    Have a great time in the UK. I particularly love the Scottish accent. Such a beauiful Englisch!
    The rolling “r” and altered “a’s” … trrraein (=train) and rrraein.

    Oh, and all those gorgeous owners of their Bed&Breakfasts.


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