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I’ve had a few requests to show some business casual outfits with pants or bottoms other than jeans, for those whose workplace dress codes don’t allow them. I’ll admit that I’ve become a bit denim-dependent, and do need to mix it up a bit more. These are navy “Minnie” pants from J.Crew in stretch twill. I tried both the regular and petite sizes, but chose the regular as I prefer the length at the ankle rather than cropped. These are quite comfortable and the fabric is lightweight.

Head To Toe:

Earrings: Nadri / Jacket: Eileen Fisher, no longer available – similar shape / Tee: Eileen FisherWatch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: Alexis Bittar, no longer available – similar / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman.

I’ve linked up with Patti’s Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. Go see what all of the other gorgeous bloggers are wearing this week!

Does your workplace allow jeans? If so do you wear them, or do you have another preference?

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  1. silkpathdiary
    | Reply

    Such a lovely clean silhouette and chic combination of neutrals. I love it! Fortunately I’ve built up a little stash of pants/trousers similar to these for non jean appropriate times, they really are indispensable.

  2. So neat and crisp, love this look. We can wear jeans at my office (almost anything, truth be told – we’re considered underpaid do-gooders : >) and these trousers would be perfection. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Pam@pver50feeling40
    | Reply

    I love to wear something similar to work. My dark denim is a favorite and some weeks I have to make myself make other choices. You look lovely and the shoes really take it to another level.

  4. Love the pants. Love the new blog design!

  5. Sacramento Amate
    | Reply

    Chic and stylish.
    You know I am not a friend of pants, but you have such a panache that i cannot stop looking at you.

  6. Cornelia
    | Reply

    I do occasionally wear very dark Jeans on Fridays, and like you, make sure that they look really good and pair them with a white or light blue shirt and pearls. I probably lived in the South too long, but I do like that look. :))

  7. ChristineP
    | Reply

    Thanks – I can’t wear jeans at work – love this look. I think I will have to invest in some Eileen Fisher tees also. You always look so great in them – I’m sure they will become a “go to” thing for me.

  8. Cath
    | Reply

    Love this! I’m starting a new job in two weeks at which jeans aren’t allowed and that’s all I have. I clicked over to the J.Crew website and based on the picture (and the uber-skinny model) would never have thought these might work for me. So helpful seeing them on you. Thank you!

  9. Marsha Calhoun
    | Reply

    I can wear anything or nothing to work, since I work at home (though it’s seldom that I opt for complete nudity, what with the window and all), but just looking at this outfit makes me want to approximate it – now to find pants like those with a 35″ inseam.

  10. Gretchen
    | Reply

    No jeans at work, but I have 2 pair of those Minnie’s and they are in heavy rotation. I like that simplicity…a really comfortable pant that looks good for not a load of cash. I find these days that my wardrobe consists of clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas, but a bit more pulled together. I will never buy another suit-like product!

  11. Pasunejeunefille
    | Reply

    I love your new hair color. It really suits you.

  12. Nicolene Richards
    | Reply

    I love the uncluttered look, and the shape of your pants are very flattering. I am “experimenting” with more skinny looks and straight legs at the moment and find it great to see you wearing something similar, however, being pear shaped I need to cover up the fleshy bits! Nice outfit!

  13. Duchesse
    | Reply

    I don’t think jeans could look any better! And agree w/ everyone your new hair is fabulous! Maybe try your rope of pearls against that white tee, just to thrill me?

  14. Sacramento Amate
    | Reply

    Cold, where?, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    We are getting close to 40º this weekend

  15. The pants are fabulous but your new hair steals the show!

    • une femme
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind comments!

  16. joni
    | Reply

    Hello! I havent seen you since your red hair and I love this blonde on you! Im currently wanting to just blend the grey and call it good now. Nice to see u again!

  17. blue hue wonderland
    | Reply

    Lovely clean styling. I like the flattering fit of these jeans and your blond hair looks great with your glasses.

    blue hue wonderland

  18. trinagrandinetti
    | Reply

    I, too, fell in love with these minnies for the exact reason you are wearing them, instead of jeans day. You make them look better than any pair of jeans out there.

  19. Jan Graham-McMillen
    | Reply

    Cool! Just saw an article about black, blue and white … a treat with the gold watch, etc. Effortlessly together, as always.

    | Reply

    Cute, cute…love the sweet trousers with the simple white top and long jacket. You wear them well.

  21. EmilyD
    | Reply

    Just chiming in to say that your hair color is sublime. I love it on you!

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