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french medallion jewelry

A few random things today…

Above, some pieces from the new Spring/Summer “Saint Cloud” collection at French Kande that caught my eye.

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You may be familiar with Sharon Santoni’s gorgeous blog, My French Country Home, but did you know she also has a YouTube channel? If you love decorating, France or lifestyle inspiration, you’ll want to check out these videos and subscribe to the My French Country Home channel. Here’s her most recent video, “Mixing old with new.”


snow creek

It’s easy to appreciate the snow when you don’t have to a) drive to work in it or b) shovel it.

no, that's not a statue of Papa Smurf. Underneath all of that snow is Mark Twain.
no, that’s not a statue of Papa Smurf. Underneath all of that snow is Mark Twain.


snow skate rink

It’s been snowing almost non-stop since Saturday night, very hard at times. We decided to tackle the mountain anyway yesterday. Definitely a powder day!

powder day

How’s your week going?

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travel wardrobe: ski vacation

what to wear on plane winter

So this will probably be the most minimalist and boring travel wardrobe I’ve shown to date. :-) I’m not including my ski gear/wear here, which takes up the lion’s share of what I packed. Because our timeshare has a washer/dryer, there’s no need to bring a lot of extra clothing. And as I’ve mentioned before, anything we’ll be doing off the slopes calls for “smart casual” wear at best.

My travel wardrobe strategy is to wear my heaviest/bulkiest pieces on the plane. Shown above:

scarf (c/o l’affaire cashmere, similar color/style) | sweater | tee (similar) |
jeans | faux fur jacket | boots (several years old, similar style)

I’d ordered the faux fur jacket above a few weeks ago because I didn’t have a warm winter coat other than my ski parka and figured it would be a fun option for evenings and non-ski days that I could sometimes wear here in LA. Shortly after I received this one I stumbled across the Madewell jacket on deep discount (when I purchased they were offering an additional 30% off the sale price). I almost sent this one back, but after wearing the Madewell jacket out to walk the dogs on a few chilly mornings, I realized it probably wouldn’t be warm enough for aprés-ski evenings in the mountains. The Fabulous Furs jacket is much heavier and warmer and I think it will be a better choice for this trip. (Yes, it’s cold in Colorado, but relatively dry. Not as damp and bone-chilling as the Northeast.)

travel wardrobe winter

Aaaand, this is the rest of it. (Except pajamas, underwear, a pair of Havianas, and my linen tunic shirt which I threw in at the last minute to wear over my swimsuit to and from the jacuzzi.)

Two more pairs of jeans and one pair of ponte knit pants for lounging. A navy v-neck cashmere sweater, and two tees, one long-sleeved and one short. A lighter cashmere/silk scarf that also adds some color and pattern.

scarf (similar) | sweater | long-sleeve layering tee | short-sleeve layering tee |
swimsuit (similar style) top and bottom |
 pants | jeans (blue) | jeans (black)

I should mention that because we are bringing ski gear (skis, poles, boots and helmets) and clothing, we are checking bags this trip. I did keep myself to one medium-sized rolling bag (far less than I used to pack for this ski week) and as I noted above, the ski gear/wear takes up most of it.

If you’re planning a winter vacation that doesn’t revolve around skiing or other sports that require special equipment or clothing, you could probably still add a few lightweight sweaters or tops and extra shoes/boots and fit it all into a carry-on.

I’ve packed a couple of necklaces and bracelets just to liven things up a bit, as well as a couple of hats and pairs of gloves.

Addendum 1: I prepped this post before we left and as always, made one quick change on the way out the door, leaving the grey denim behind. They are a bit long and fought with the boots. I’ve been meaning to have them shortened and wish I’d made the time to do so. Wore the blue jeans for travel instead.

Addendum 2: after a couple of days here, I’m glad I didn’t bother with anything dressy or fancy. Casual is indeed the order of the day (and evening).

Addendum 3: probably could have used a 3rd sweater just for variety, but didn’t have anything else in my wardrobe that seemed warm enough.

Do you take ski or winter vacations? Any particular pieces you always bring along?

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room with a view – what a difference a few hours make

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This was how things looked outside our window when we checked in late yesterday afternoon…

ski resort view

and this is that same view first thing this morning…

ski lodge view, fresh snow

It began sleeting/snowing just as we’d finished our grocery run at the bottom of the mountain, and it’s still coming down (but temperatures have dropped so it’s that light, dry “skiers’ delight” now). According to the local report, accumulation is 13″ so far! And more on the way. While we love those sunny ski days, fresh snow is just the best!


casual vendredi – aprés-ski edition

ski resort wear

faux fur jacket | beanie | sweater | turtleneck | bag | jeans | bracelet | boots

Well yes, I have Ski Trip on the brain at this point. I used to stress out about what to pack for a somewhat posh ski resort, but no more. Sure, there’s the Ostentatious Display contingent, but there’s no need to feel intimidated by those folks; they pull their ski boots on one at a time too. :-) As with everything else these days, the vibe off the slopes is mostly casual.

Yesterday Susan of High Heels In The Wilderness penned this great post about happiness and acknowledging those negative feelings that sometimes trip us up. This was timely for me, as even though I very much enjoy and look forward to travel, I find that right before we leave for a trip, along with the excitement I also experience strong waves of sadness or anxiety. I think some of it is just feeling overwhelmed by all of the preparations, and some guilt about leaving jeune homme and knowing how much I’ll miss him and our dogs. But just allowing those feelings to surface and acknowledging them releases the “charge” and they don’t overpower me.

I’ll share my ski trip packing list on Monday.

If you enjoyed my post about Crisp White Shirt alternatives (and it seems that many of you also struggle with this one…so glad to know I’m not alone!), next week I’ll have the second installment of “when must-have’s are no-go’s” featuring another “classic” item that doesn’t work for everyone.

And, I’ll have a fun giveaway launching in a few days, so stay tuned…

Bon weekend!

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a little casual glamour

striped tee, cropped flares

I love a juxtaposition of casual and glam elements, and am happy that the old strictures about maintaining a consistent level of formality within an outfit no longer need apply. Boyfriend jeans with pumps, a velvet blazer with a tee, distressed with refined…I find it very freeing, and a shortcut to making a simple outfit look both fun and modern.

sunglasses | necklace | necklace | tee | sweater | jeans (similar style) |
bracelet (similar) | bag | shoes 

French Kande necklace

The acorn necklace is from J.Crew, and is a few years old now. The gold color is wearing off of the chain, but it’s such a fun piece I can’t bear to let it go. The Mont St. Michele medallion necklace is from French Kande, and gets the “Plays Well With Others” award for its ease of layering with other pieces.

gold shoes, cropped jeans

A little glamour can be an instant mood lifter. Try adding a pair of brazenly metallic shoes to your casual outfits, and see how snazzy it makes you feel. I’m sensing that metallic footwear will be widely available for Spring, and you should be able to find some good options at all price points and in a variety of styles. I’ve included a few below.

Do you incorporate a little Casual Glamour into your daytime looks?

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