Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Back And Sides

Haircut collage

I’ve had a few requests to show some side and back views of my haircut, so after Brian finished with my color and cut, I asked him to take a few shots.

It’s kind of counter-intuitive, but we’ve found that cutting some layers into my very fine hair actually gives it more volume and movement.

Have you found that there are certain cuts or styles that work better for your hair?

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Wishful Thinking

Eileen Fisher linen sweater, skinny jeans

While not chilly, the return of morning and evening coastal fog since last week means it’s been cool enough to break out the lightweight linen sweaters. Experience has taught me this won’t last (September and October are often our warmest months) so I’ll seize any opportunity to wear anything remotely fall-ish for as long as the heat remains at bay.

The sweater is from the current Eileen Fisher collection and is one of those great transitional season pieces. Bien sur, I didn’t need another sweater with an asymmetrical hem, but the shape and tweedy look of this one combined with the deceptively open weave (meaning wearability in middling-warm temperatures) made it something I knew I’d wear frequently.

Eileen Fisher linen sweater, French Kande necklaces

Lip color is MAC “See Sheer”

Sweater: Eileen Fisher // Tank: Eileen Fisher // Necklaces: French Kande, here and here // Jeans: Eileen Fisher, similar // Watch: JORD // Shoes: Arche

Arche Exor sandals, cuffed skinny jeans

When does Fall usually kick in where you live? Are you champing at the bit to wear any of your Fall clothes or are you still enjoying summer styles? Or Winter/Spring for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere…either way are you eager for the new season?

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Friday, August 8th, 2014

Grand Opening: The Fisher Project

Fisher Project 1

I don’t get out much in the evening, but when I was invited to attend the Grand Opening of The Fisher Project store on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles, I wasn’t about to miss it. Those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time may have deduced that I have an affinity for Eileen Fisher clothing (not all of it, but more than just about any other line it suits my body, life and aesthetic). The Fisher Project is a subset that’s a bit edgier, and (I believe) intended to attract a younger customer. Still, most everything in the line is ageless, if the aesthetic suits your style.

Fisher Project 3

The party was well underway by the time I arrived. The DJ played a great mix of music. (All pictures taken with my iPhone, and lighting was not optimal.)

Individual bottle of champagne

There were canapés, mini bottles of champagne served with a straw, bubbly water and some lemonade drink I didn’t try.

Fisher Project 4

Can’t argue with this.

Fisher Project 12

The fabric on this top is what makes it special. It’s substantial enough to give the shape some structure. Gorgeous texture too.

Fisher Project 13

For those who have asked about the range of clothing vs. what’s online, what was stocked in this store seemed to be the items featured online within The Fisher Project, plus many of the basic pieces from the main collection. There were a few items that I don’t think are online yet, like that olive jacket you see to the left of the mannequin above, or the short cardigan on the mannequin itself. Some of the items I spotted were from the September Seasonal Planner, not yet available online at the EF website but may be soon.

Fisher Project 6

Fisher Project 16

Fisher Project 7

The layout of the store is not unlike any other Eileen Fisher store, mindfully arranged with lots of space and uncrowded racks, though a bit more spare, unfinished and industrial. There’s some greenery too, and I was utterly entranced by this arrangement of potted succulents.

Fisher Project 14

Fisher Project 15

They had the full collection of shoes, which they were giving away to one lucky attendee. A portion of proceeds from the evening were being donated to Step Up Women’s Network.

Many of the attendees were quite stylish…

Fisher Project 5

This woman was in an off-the-shoulder top and the EF harem pants and looked AMAZING.

Fisher Project 9

This fellow was much more interested in the hors d’oeuvres being passed by the waitstaff than the clothing.

Fisher Project 8

The clothing is almost all neutrals, but it’s the textures (and mixing of textures within an outfit) that provides the visual interest. If I were more of a clutch carrier, I would have been sorely tempted by this one above. It’s a beauty!

Fisher Project 11

But this gorgeous linen infinity scarf with a bit of sparkle was more temptation than I could walk away from, and came home with me.

Fisher Project 10

That waiter was Johnny-on-the-spot with coasters. Anytime anyone would set down a glass or bottle, he’d swoop in nanoseconds later to place a napkin underneath.

The place filled up quickly. All of the store associates were wearing pieces available in the store, and it’s always great to see how they look on real, three-dimensional bodies of all shapes. Unfortunately, they don’t stock Plus or Petites sizes in this store, but can order them for you if they are available.

You can see me strolling with my shopping bag in one of the photos here. :-)

Next week I’ll show you some of my picks from the Eileen Fisher fall collection so far.

Have you started looking at fall collections yet? Anything that’s piqued your interest?

Bon weekend!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Objects Of Desire: The Pointy Loafer

I’ll confess, I’ve been drooling over these sharp-nosed beauties for weeks months now. The mauve-ish version especially is emitting an unrelenting siren’s call. I’ve fondled  examined them in person and that leather is butter soft too. Yes, they are pricey little devils, so I’ve been on a hunt to see if there’s anything that will scratch the itch for moins d’argent.

Here are some of the contenders:

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