Outfit: Hi-Yo, Silver!

Outfit with duster cardigan and silver boots. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

When In Doubt, Simplify.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I never feel right in an outfit that’s been over-thought or over-styled.

Above: cardigan (similar) | top (similar) | necklace (c/o) | bracelet (c/o) | jeans | boots

I tried styling these boots a few different ways but ultimately decided that they provide such a strong focal point, it was best not to muck up the look with a lot of competing details.

The Dramatic Duster

The cardigan is from last year, and I was dismayed to when I pulled it out to find a couple of largish moth holes in the back. I don’t know anyone nearby who darns, darn it. I’ve checked the rest of my sweaters and they seem to be fine. I love my long cardigans, and have seen many nice options offered this fall.

Onyx and silver jewelry from French Kande. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Both of these French Kande pieces (gifted) are from their “Anvers” Fall collection. I love the faceted onyx beads that catch the light and the bee medallion!

Detail: metallic silver boots from Marc Fisher. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I have some ideas to create a dressier look with these silver boots (and it may involve something velvet). Stay tuned! They’re very comfortable and the leather is surprisingly soft.

Do you have any metallic footwear? How do you style it?

Stay in touch.

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  1. October 5, 2017 / 4:17 am

    I have a pair of metallic pointy-toed heels—they must be about 5 years old. I dress them down with jeans and up with skirts, dresses and black pants. The new neutral—very versatile!!

  2. Kelly
    October 5, 2017 / 4:24 am

    I had the same thing happen to a new EF duster. I was told that sometimes the fabric has moth eggs in it by virtue of where it is made. I now put all new EF clothing in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few days.

  3. Nancy
    October 5, 2017 / 4:25 am

    Just bought a pair of gold D’Orsay pumps, the first metallic shoes that didn’t make me feel my size 10 feet were visible from outer space.

  4. Rose
    October 5, 2017 / 4:33 am

    It’s been me vs moths for several years now. Even a move to a different house did not help. They followed. Research says it is the larvae that eat the clothes; not the moths. However, it is the moths that must be caught and stopped from procreating. Try these from Amazon – Green Way Clothes Moths traps for the floor and drawers and Moth-Prevention Clothes Moth Traps for hanging in the closet. I never saw moths until I used these traps. Now I see them caught in the traps. Also helpful is vacuuming the crevices of your drawers and closets. And running a hair dryer around the edges. Heat kills larvae.

    • October 5, 2017 / 5:00 am

      Thank you, Rose. Great anti-moth tips!

  5. Susan
    October 5, 2017 / 5:22 am

    I have repaired holes in knits with the clear invisible thread,and it looks pretty good

  6. plutrell
    October 5, 2017 / 5:29 am

    I agree…when in doubt, simplify! And I love metallic shoes, but don’t own metallic boots…will have to think about that.

  7. Ellen
    October 5, 2017 / 5:52 am

    If that sweater is from Eileen Fisher, take it back to the Eileen Fisher store. They will send it away to their workshop where expert people will mend it using the same yarn from which it was made (they save those yarns for several years. There is NO CHARGE for this service, and you need not have purchased it at the EF store, it only needs to have the Eileen Fisher label on it. The turn around time is slow. I did this with a sweater a couple of years ago which had five small holes (I probably caught on something without realizing it.) The repair is absolutely undetectable.

    Otherwise, if it is anothe brand, google ” re-weaving” for your area of the country. It is a dying art, but there are still people around who are able to do it.

    • Nancy
      October 5, 2017 / 9:34 am

      Ellen, good to know!

    • wendelah1
      October 5, 2017 / 10:49 am

      Ellen, I was just going to say the same thing about Eileen Fisher when I saw your comment.

  8. October 5, 2017 / 6:06 am

    Try a local knitting shop, they may be able to help.

    I love those silver boots, I had to retire my last pair, after wearing them for 3 years the silver wore off! Time to look for a replacement.

  9. October 5, 2017 / 6:19 am

    I love your boots and your entire outfit. You look like you’re ready to tangle with Austin Powers. (This is a compliment.) The silver boots are just retro go-go enough. And the long cardigan is very dramatic.

  10. Tracy
    October 5, 2017 / 7:27 am

    If you have any skill at all with needle and thread, you can find darning tutorials on YouTube.

  11. Paula Brink
    October 5, 2017 / 7:34 am

    Oh my gosh I just bought silver Chelsea boots almost like yours. Mine are by Loeffler Randall. When I slipped them on it was like they were made for my foot. I haven’t worn them yet but am going to wear them with skirts, black ankle cropped winter pants, jeans and maybe white jeans.

    • Jacquie
      October 5, 2017 / 3:39 pm

      Thank you so much for this referral!

  12. Barb Patragnoni
    October 5, 2017 / 8:50 am

    I have been getting small holes in my Eileen Fisher knits and linen jersey tops. This has never happened to my other clothes. A local tailor has been able to fix them so far. I will have to try some of the advice.

  13. October 5, 2017 / 10:44 am

    Am I the only one bothered that the hemline of the jeans ends above the top of the boots? To my eye, the ensemble would look better with longer jeans, or jeans that tuck into the boots. Other than that, great look!

    • wendelah1
      October 5, 2017 / 10:59 am

      It’s old-fashioned I know, but I still prefer the look of boot-cut jeans with boots. They’re not easy to find these days. Even straight legs aren’t easy to find. Everything is skinny, skinny, skinny, and ankle length, which look cropped on someone with a 32.5 inch inseam. Luckily, decent jeans wear forever…

    • Judy
      October 5, 2017 / 11:16 am

      I thought the same thing.

      • amidprivilege
        October 5, 2017 / 5:16 pm

        Alternatively, shorter flares! Jeans have so many permutations these days:).

  14. October 5, 2017 / 10:56 am

    I’ve got the perfect re-weaver for you on Pico. Alex’s Re-weaving a few doors away form Makeover Workshop. Wonderful work.

    • Susan B
      October 5, 2017 / 4:00 pm

      Oh thank you! I’ll check it out. Le Monsieur actually has a couple of sweaters that he’d love to have repaired too.

  15. Daniella Karo
    October 5, 2017 / 11:16 am

    The cardigan is too long and too full for a short person. Good color, though!! You may consider having a tailor take it in depending where the moth holes are!! It’s a solution. And I would shorten it quite a bit to make it CHIC looking. One should never disappear in their cloths!

    • Susan B
      October 5, 2017 / 3:59 pm

      Actually, the length is what I love most about this cardigan. 😉

      • amidprivilege
        October 5, 2017 / 5:17 pm

        Long cardigans are kind of your signature, and I love them on you.

        • October 6, 2017 / 9:36 am

          Long cardigans are regal. I love them on you too.

      • Kelly
        October 7, 2017 / 1:18 pm

        IMHO, you look fantastic in this cardigan and it is neither too long nor too full for someone of your height. It looks very chic and dramatic! Strut with confidence in your long cardigan,

  16. October 5, 2017 / 11:38 am

    I think you look F A B U L O U S. Especially the boots, and the cardigan. I will use this outfit for inspiration, and SHOP MY CLOSET.!

  17. Kris
    October 5, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    The boots are not for me – and of you, they look great! PS – i think the duster sweater is just lovely on you –

  18. Jacquie
    October 5, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    I bought the Taos Freedom sneaker in silver after seeing your pewter ones. I also have a pair of Ecco Demara flat sandals in silver. I love silver as a neutral, and wear mostly silver jewelry close to my face as I think it plays with the silver in my hair better than gold tones.
    I like the duster a lot but am afraid it would be way too much for me as I am only 5ft. tall. It’s fun to watch other women wear what I cannot.

    • Susan B
      October 5, 2017 / 3:58 pm

      Hi Jacquie, thanks! I’m actually 5’1″. 😉

  19. Jennifer
    October 5, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    I love your fun boots. For some reason (hope it is not offensive) they make me think of that old cartoon The Jetsons. I would feel happy wearing them – which would counteract my moth annoyance. We have a terrible moth problem and I have started to avoid all wools.

    • steph
      October 5, 2017 / 10:05 pm

      I thought they looked like something KISS might wear but they certainly have an astronaut feel to them too!

  20. October 6, 2017 / 9:35 am

    Love the booties. And love the cardigan, which I remember. I would love to wear those booties with a silver paillette or sequin top! – flirting with the idea of “too much” as a neutral. Heh. Good luck with the mending. I’ve read some excellent fix ideas here.

  21. Jill Ann
    October 6, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    I am super excited to read that Eileen Fisher might fix the holes in my black duster! Unfortunately we don’t have an EF store here in Houston, but I’ve emailed them to ask if I can send the duster and if it’s really true that they’ll fix it. I love that sweater & was so upset to find holes….not sure it was moths or something else….and don’t know a reputable tailor/cleaners here to send it for reweaving.

  22. stephanie ashworth
    October 8, 2017 / 7:10 am

    You look fabulous! I found a moth hole in one of my favorite sweaters recently. I looked up a video on YouTube and darned that hole right up following the instructions.
    I love the French Kande. You turned me on to it and I just ordered my second piece. Thanks for that!

  23. Susan
    October 8, 2017 / 9:03 am

    I find the key to silver shoes is to wear a lighter color pant….gray or white jeans for example.

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