Crushing on Crew

J.Crew Liberty paisley print 

I’m having a bit of a J.Crew moment.  I just happened to stop in over the weekend 😉 to check out the new arrivals when the print on the shirt above caught my attention. I’m a tough customer when it comes to prints; I rarely veer outside my solid or stripe comfort zone, but a good paisley will often garner a second look. (For some interesting history on the origin of paisley, check out this post from Bourbon & Pearls.) This one has everything I love: harmonious (but not dull) Autumn tones, an interesting pattern. Now that I’ve expanded my sartorial horizons to include button front shirts, it was worth a try-on. Instant infatuation. The fabric is very light and soft (so a rumple here and there isn’t a deal-breaker) and this shirt can be worn on its own now during our warm season, and will layer beautifully under sweaters when the weather cools off.

Speaking of sweaters…

Tippi colorblock cardigan

The Tippi cardigans are made from a soft, lightweight merino wool. I thought this color-block pattern would just cut me in half visually but it’s surprisingly flattering. The solid Tippi’s are tempting too, and great transitional season layers.

Tippi solid cardigan

This “burgundy heather” color would look great with the blouse, n’est-ce pas?

If you’re in the market for boots, they had some good looking options:

Harper suede boots 

Ryder short buckle boots


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  1. Wonderful selections, Une Femme – I think the cardi needs to go on my wish list, as I’m on the hunt for a couple of new ones for Fall. Someone stop me from buying more short boots, b/c I am powerless over them : >

  2. I agree. J. Crew is doing most everything well right now. Yesterday I thought to myself that their Liberty print shirt that I own is my favorite among all my button fronts. And I like that paisley very much. Kind of scarf-ish in its aesthetic, n’est ce pas?

  3. I have a real weakness for paisley as well. But I’m being careful about button-front shirts for the moment, assessing whether or not (or how) they really suit me.. .

  4. I’ve only bought one thing at JCrew–about 10 years ago. Now I’ll be looking for men’s clothing. My son refused clothing gifts for 4 years of college and 1 after. So, I’m going to gift him a small wardrobe for his new life. JCrew seems to be the place for 20-something men. Wish me luck!

  5. I loved J. Crew’s Perfect Shirts when they were made from a silk-cotton blend. Disappointed that they’re all cotton now. Liberty, shmiberty!

  6. I love those Ryder boots…need to look them up! My fall wish list is growing! Thanks for some great choices.

  7. You are lucky to be able to wear shirts. Me – does not work on me, have made too many foolish purchases.
    I know, that being tall, I should choose large prints, still not working, sigh.

  8. I looked at those shirts recently while at the mall. I liked them, but thought $150 was way overpriced for a cotton shirt. Even for J Crew! About half that price would work for me.

  9. I’ve been looking at the J.Crew liberty shirts online too. I think the pattern you’ve chosen is my favorite. Need to go and try them on though. Like it that you said they’re soft – for me, imperative for a shirt.

  10. I watched the CNBC puff story on J.Crew & their CEO Mickey Drexler. The show made me want to shop there, which I do on occasion, but I found his emphasis on “quality materials and craftsmanship” puzzling. I really don’t see a great deal of quality in their clothes. I like the styles but I find the material suits a slim physique and short changes a curvy physique. Granted, I have a J.Crew Outlet where I live and not a full retail J Crew. Perhaps that is where the difference lies?

  11. I do love paisley, maybe it’s a throwback to my teenagedom in the late 60’s early 70’s. I’m glad it’s coming back, sort of neo-hippy.

    Sweaters? I’d say – what, in this heat wave? But this morning it finally seems to have broken, at least on the west side.

  12. JCrew also has a really lovely merino cardigan cut to go over dresses. I got mine the other day and can tell it’s going to see a lot of use. It’s a great mid/light weight, nips in at the waist- perfect.

  13. Oh dear, I do love a button front shirt, but being busty I find they pretty much all gap. I’m not in the Lafayette 148 set, but I’d love to know which ones you find that do work! Love your short hair and look and attitude. Best