Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

New Year, New News!

I’m going to be a monthly contributor at Already Pretty!!

Other new members of the Already Pretty team include:

Nadine of Adorkable Undies.

Luanne D’Souza of Weesha’s World.

Gracey of Fashion for Giants.

Ashe of Ashe in Fashion.

Sonja Shin of Hello Beauty.

All of these contributors have a unique and positive viewpoint, and I think you’ll enjoy their additions to an Already Pretty great website!

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26 thoughts on “New Year, New News!

  1. Belle de Ville

    You are my hero to be able to have time to write your own blog and contribute to Already Pretty.
    Now…we need to talk about a post or two for the upcoming Beladora blog!
    Lunch Pseu soon!

  2. Susan

    I will look forward to reading your posts at Already Pretty. I also will enjoy the contributions of Fashion for Giants. She has a wonderful personality also–and is so much fun to read. I wish Sally would also have DaniBP as a contributor. That would be fun.

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations and well-deserved! I’ve become a regular reader of your blog here and I’ll read your new column too. This blog has done a great deal for me in terms of mindfulness and self-esteem. My thanks to you!

  4. Bella Q

    What a great line-up! I’m already a fan of Ashe and Gracey, so this group looks like a stellar addition to an already body positive site. Congrats!


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