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  1. I just wanted to say as a British woman, late 50’s, with loads of weight lost – your blog really inspires me! Thank you. Liz ☺️

    1. Suzanne, on the main page you’ll see a “Subscribe” option in the right sidebar. Simply enter the email address where you’d like to receive the blog posts, hit the Subscribe button, and then when you receive an email asking for confirmation, hit the link in the email to confirm subscription. Thanks!

  2. I just wanted to thank you. We have just checked into Hotel Powers. I loved the look of the hotel on you blog so booked for our four nights in Paris. It is all that so expected and more.

    1. Wendy, thanks! That’s wonderful to hear. We’re hoping to stay there again next year. Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Paris!

  3. More outfits! Some a bit too “LA” for my area but great for travel(Paris!) Love all your posts without exception, good mix! Glad you enjoyed Amsterdam jan

  4. You are an attractive to e woman. Your wardrobe says you are in perpetual mourning. Lighter and brighter colors would bring out your eyes and good looks far more.

    1. Hi Kathe, thanks for the feedback. The funny thing is, I’ve never associated black with mourning. I’ve always found it to be various combinations of sophisticated/cool/elegant.

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    Lovely to meet you in Bachelor Gulch. I’m wondering if you could please tell me who makes the tan/brown fur jacket in your après ski Instagram post? Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy, I really enjoyed meeting you too! The faux fur jacket is from Fabulous Furs, link is here.

      Or if you were referring to the one in the collage, that’s from John Lewis but seems to be sold out, sadly.

  6. can i purchase la roche-posay Lait Demaquillant from France? Is it horribly expensive to ship? I cannot find it in the U.S. Bought it last year in Paris and love it. Thanks for your help. Connie Wesala

    1. Hi Connie, I’m sorry but I’m not finding it available anywhere online. If you know someone or a specific pharmacy in France, you may be able to arrange a special order, but I have no idea what the shipping costs might be.

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks so much! It’s tough to advise without knowing the nature of the meeting and the time of year. I’d start with simple separates (jacket and pants/skirt/dress) and the level of formality of the venue will determine what shoes and accessories you choose.

  7. Hiya Susan, have just started reading your blog on Pinterest and wanted to thank you. I really enjoy your style of writing and you have given me some good inspiration as far as travel wardrobes go. I am an english lady (sixty four) married with grown up children and grandies, who is enjoying working very minimal hours, travelling, socialising and enjoying all the good things in life! We are looking forward to a short break to Fiji in November (we live in Perth, Western Australia) and we have back to back cruises to the Mediterranean and then cruising up the Baltic Coast in May next year. I am wondering how your ‘re-invention’ went and how your are enjoying not being in the 8 to 5pm routine. You seem to be enjoying your travels. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thank you for your great blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! I am really enjoying being free of the 8-5 routine. The reinvention is still in progress…look for more updates soon. And do enjoy your trip to Fiji, and your cruises next year!

  8. I spent the month of October in Japan each year because we have two granddaughter’s there. If you get as far south as Hiroshima It will be hot. They have palm tree’s. Don’t be surprised if the temp. hits 90.

  9. I just found you and love you!! I will be traveling to Croatia/Montenegro this December and would like to see a winter wardrobe suggestion. Don’t find it on your website. Can you direct me or even better create one? You look marvelous, darling!!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks so much! I’ll be posting a winter travel wardrobe in the second half of October, and again in late November or early December.

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    I am so glad that I found you. I enjoy reading your blog and following your travels. You are truly an inspiration to me in the fashion department!!! I am 60 and traveling to Palm Springs for a week next month. Part of the trip I will be attending a weekend concert. Any suggestion for concert attire for someone my age? One of my biggest problems is I do not look good in sleeveless tops. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks so much! I’m a fan of linen tops which can be comfortable in heat even with sleeves. October in Palm Springs is usually past the warmest part of the year, and can be quite pleasant. Stores and restaurants do tend to crank up the a/c though, so keep that in mind too.

  11. I discovered your blog about 6 months ago and really appreciate your thoughtful approach to style. It has made me think more about what I wear and how I present myself. Here are a couple of “wish list” topics it would be fun to hear you discuss… 1. We all love clothes, but it’s hard not to accumulate more than what we actually need or wear. I would love to hear how you edit out what no longer works for you and what you do with them. 2. You’ve been been blogging for a number of years. Are there still things you own and wear from some of those early blogs? If so, how have you restyled them to look current. Serious investment dressing 🙂
    Thanks so much for being an inspiration to so many women!

    1. Hi Stina, thank you! Yes, I still have (and wear) some pieces that have have been in my wardrobe for years. I usually try to make note of that in my outfit posts. Not accumulating is always a challenge! I’ve posted about some of my closet “detoxes” in the past, but will keep your requests in mind for the future as well.

  12. Hi!

    I love your blog and have a question: what are your thoughts on wearing camouflage print while traveling in Europe? I have a super comfortable top with a kangaroo pocket with solid gray around the neck, wrists, pocket, and a band around the bottom. In other words, very feminine and not at all cut like a military shirt or anything like that. With a pair of black leggings, some gold jewelry and a black tunic sweater, I think this could be a fashionable look in the USA, but maybe not so much abroad. Just thinking of wearing something that may draw the wrong kind of attention is probably me answering my own question…but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being too sensitive.


    1. Hi April, I don’t wear camouflage print myself, and don’t recall having seen much of it worn on our Europe trips. I don’t know if this is still true, but I remember reading some years ago that it’s considered a bit too literally “military” in many places. I think it also depends on the color and cut…in a garment other than a jacket it might be just fine.

  13. Hi Susan
    I have been a loyal reader for years and love your blog. You always offer great advice. I have a question: is the skinny scarf just a trend for the very young or can a more mature woman carry it off? Perhaps you have addressed this previously and I missed it. I’ve looked for images elsewhere on the net and can’t seem to find any of more mature women wearing the trend(other than Carine Roitfeld and while amazing, she is not a typical example). I love the look of a skinny scarf especially in a black which may be too harsh for someone more mature. Any thoughts (or examples)? Thanks.

    1. Hi Pagesspeak, thanks very much! I don’t believe in age-limiting trends or any particular styles. 😉 It really depends on style and personality and what feels right for the individual. I do think skinny scarves are a nice change-up and great for warmer climates. I’ll be featuring one soon in an outfit post.

  14. Hi Susan. I just finished reading a book (from the library) called “THE LOST ART OF DRESS” by Linda Przybyszewski. I don’t know if you are a reader, but if so and you haven’t yet read this book, you might want to get yourself a copy as it really explains why Americans are such slobs these days… I am hoping to locate some more information on the “Dress Doctors” and their style manuals. If I do, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the blog! Oh, and here’s a link:


    Garden Goddess

    1. Hi Garden Goddess, thanks! I actually have this book loaded on my Kindle and have been meaning to start it. Now I will! 🙂

  15. I couldn’t agree more! I have a pattern similar to that last red sweater and my favorite make is in a mid weight black merino wool jersey. It’s nicely fitted in the bust and shoulders and flows more loosely over the middle and hip. All the over sized sweaters have dropped shoulders which are not flattering to my large bust. I am sure that you are right. It’s so much easier to fit and sell to women if they fit loosely. Not flattering at all in my opinion. I wanted an over sized coat to fit over layers, but the sleeves are set in and the front is a shoulder princess seam so that there is some shape to it. Much better for my shape. The older I get, I’m 66, the gladder I am that I sew. It’s so much easier to get garments that fit and flatter me than buying rtw.

  16. I want to thank you for the images and information you share in your blogs because I’ve learned so much from you over the past few years.

    This winter I forced myself to try something new that you’d discussed in a blog post and with great results. The last time I wore a puffer coat was when I was stick-thin in the 80’s. I bought a very expensive and flattering full length one from Saks. Always kept me warm when I worked in DC. I’ve avoided them for many years years now since I’m no longer as thin – pretty much ignored them while shopping because of the Michelin man effect.

    So, when I saw your post with the more flattering design (the coat you purchased for your recent trip) and mention of “packability”, I started looking again. Wow – have things changed in the world of down coats!! Lightweight, packable and very flattering!! This season, I bought a coat, a jacket and a vest with faux fur hood. Have worn them often, lots of compliments. Love the way they look on me while keeping me toasty warm without being weighty, bulky and constricting my movements. Also a lifesaver for my trips up north since all of them pack into tiny little drawstring bags!! Was laughing at the airport recently when I was able to stuff my down jacket into a teeny bag in my carryon, and didn’t have to futz with it or store it in the overhead while on the plane.

  17. Susan, I’ve been studying your travel-wardrobe posts so I can do better with my own–I have a long way to go! I am curious about how you keep clothes looking sharp when wearing them over and over. I’m more uncomfortable when my clothes feel stretched and rumpled than when they feel dirty! Do you hand wash every night or lay them out somewhere to regain their shape overnight? I know this is where fabric composition comes in, but some of your pieces look like just all-cotton t-shirts. You always look fabulous, and I’m seeing how important changes in accessories are to making this work, too!

    1. Hi Mollie, this probably deserves a post of its own, but I find that often simply hanging clothes in the bathroom while I shower releases a lot of wrinkles. I actually don’t travel with a lot of cotton, prefer silk, linen and viscose knits. Linen jersey wrinkles far less than woven linen.

  18. Hi Susan,

    I do really like those shoes you are wearing on the blog this morning. You really can’t go wrong with black shoes. They look like they might actually fit my feet and be comfortable!

    If you haven’t seen it before, I thought you may be interested in the Inside Out Style blog from Austrailia: . Although I’m not a fan of a lot of her personal style choices, her articles have some fabulous and very useful style information (which could perhaps also give you ideas for some of your blog articles).

    Also, next time you wear the sunglasses you are wearing in today’s post, could you identify them like you do for the rest of what you are wearing? I do like them a lot as well. Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  19. Hi Susan,

    I wanted to share my recent discovery with you.
    Please forgive me and disregard if you have already mentioned this in your blog.
    I have used a fashion tape to keep my no show socks from sliding, and it worked!
    I have small feet and couldn’t find anything that was snug enough to stay up, but the tape kept them in place all day. I used “Dritz place me perfectly tape” from JoAnn, and did not irritate my skin after 14hrs.
    I enjoy reading your blog and have learned so much. Thank you!

    Best wishes,

  20. When I saw the pictures this morning, March 24, I had to say that is the best haircut you ever had and makes you look so youthful. And sassy. Even though I do not comment often I have tried quite of few of your recommendations. I own some of the jewelry and have tried some of the makeup, some with great success and some not, but I do value your research and information.

    Nola RIce

  21. Dear Susan:

    I recently discovered your blog while surfing the Internet, and I’m over the top delighted! You see, I too am a woman in my late 50’s, with short silver hair and glasses. I retired from government work over eight months ago, and no longer have to wear the corporate suit styles that were required for my position. Meanwhile, my weekend wear was pretty much blue jeans and T-shirts.

    Well, I’ve developed a burgeoning social life during the week, but didn’t think I had anything in my wardrobe to wear….until I bought a couple of the basics you recommend on your website. A pair of skinny black pants, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of leopard skin flats, and wow!…all of a sudden I find that I’ve got oodles of stuff that I can mix and match. I look in the mirror and feel so elegant. It’s exciting!

    Thanks again for your great blog, and I will be reading your articles for more great ideas.

    Sarah Douglas (yes, I have a blog also)

    1. Hi Sarah, welcome! Thanks so much; I’m so glad you’ve found some helpful tips here! Enjoy your new look…

  22. Hi, I am a huge fan. I have dreamed of traveling since college, but family responsibilities, work commitments and finances prevented it. So I planned a trip if a lifetime to Ireland the month after I retired…which I had to cancel it after being sidelined by sciatica – never even had a hint I had an issue.

    So a year and a half later – I’m planning to take that trip to Ireland and I’m adding Scotland.

    Do you recommend a first time international solo traveler (of a certain age) whose done some travel but not a lot to use a packaged commercial tour or can she manage to arrange a successful and enjoyable trip on her own?

    Thanks for being inspiration! T

    1. Hi Teresa, how exciting for you! I think anyone can arrange the kind of travel they like best with just a little bit of research and planning. What you may want to consider are some short (2-3 hour) guided tours in some of your destinations. Minimal committment, and your entire schedule is still up to you. They can help provide some local history and context that increase appreciation of the places visited.

  23. Hi Susan! Love your blog, I live in Southern CA, wear a ton of black, and also love to travel! I wanted to ask what your thoughts are on a day trip to Paris from London. I’ve been to Paris twice but my husband has not and I wanted to give him a taste (to lure him back!) for the day. I saw that you have taken the Eurostar over for the day, how was it? We have 10 full days in London so I think we can take one day for Paris. I wouldn’t plan on any museums really, more walking around, eating, shopping, etc. We’re going to be there in December. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michele, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Taking a day trip to Paris from London is certainly do-able. I’d suggest that you try to get the earliest train to Paris that you can and then the latest returning to London. Have some sense of where you’d like to wander so when you get into Gare du Nord you can hop the Metro and get right to exploring.

  24. Thank you so much for your blog – it’s my favorite! Would you please consider a post about summer dressing for the South of France? Bermuda shorts okay? For women of a certain age….

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks, and I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll check with a friend of mine who has a place in the South of France, but my inclination would be to go with skirts, dresses, or capri pants rather than Bermuda shorts.

  25. Hi, Susan. I’d love your thoughts on the subscription clothing services that seem to be so popular, like Stitch Fix and Wantable. I find I’m obsessed with watching people’s “unboxing” videos on YouTube but I can’t imagine actually subscribing to this.

  26. Ciao Susan! In a recent post you mentioned that you will soon be traveling to Italy. It sounds as if you are great planners and your ideas on traveling are spot on. I understand that for the latter part of your trip you will be in Venice, and I wanted to tell you that Verona is a 40-minute train ride away. Although I am biased (my relatives are from Verona) the city of Romeo and Juliet is truly magnificent. It’s a beautiful city with the Adige River as its backdrop. Also, Italy is home to L’Arena — an outdoor Roman amphitheater that hosts an opera festival every summer. Listening to an opera outdoors, at night, under the stars is the most magical experience. I don’t know your travel dates, but the opera season begins June 23 with a performance of Nabucco, and Aida on June 24 (Rogoletto and Madame Butterfly will be performed in July). Here is a link to their web site in case you are interested …

    Buon Viaggio!
    Maria Novajosky

  27. I love your blog, initially started reading with regard to travelling wardrobes. I will be travelling the opposite way to you on a two week trip Starting in Phoenix and taking in various places including Monument Valley, Taos and Santa Fe, travelling on 8th May. I guess your blog is aimed at US visitors coming to Europe, but it would be good to hear your suggestions for us Europeans visiting the US. My main concern is ensuring I’ve suitable clothes for some fairly rugged sightseeing with the occasional dinner out in SAnt Fe or Albuquerque. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  28. Love the blog! Can you give specific details for the green jacket you are wearing in the recent Rome trip?

  29. Hi Susan,
    I love your style because I too am short and I aim for a similar look although I usually fall short. However I wonder if you have ever written a post on summer dresses and what you would wear during hot weather, such as to graduation or wedding reception in the south. Not formal but classy and cool.
    I am 72 and although I love the swishy and flowery dresses I see I now feel that they are too “young” looking for me.
    What do you do when headed to that kind of affair?

  30. within the last week May25-31-ish, there was info on a woman giving information on jeans – it was called in-jean-ous, I think. Did not have time to read and now I can’t find it. Saw it in a box at the bottom of a post. Help.

  31. I was wondering if you could do a post on having to wear glasses? I’m never sure how to style my specs when I have to go more formal.

  32. Hi,

    I have been following your blog for several months and am writing to say how helpful your ‘what to pack’ posts have been. I always pack thing I never wear. No more – I have just come back from 10 days in Italy. Husband and I managed perfectly well with one suitcase (15KG) and one carry on.

    I’m now wondering if our next trip could be just two carry on cases?

    Biggest problem is not being able to take full size toiletries as hand luggage. A friend suggested buy in the airport. How do you deal with this?

    I enjoy reading all your posts. Just wish here in England we had your warm weather.

  33. Hi Susan, I have the worst problem buying cotton tees, All my JCrew tees, linen, cotton, you name it, develop tiny holes in the front/ bottom of my shirt! I’ve tried other tees, JJill and Vince, really frustrating with Vince as they’re very expensive, with the same result. I hand wash them and air dry them but inevitably they all end up with the dreaded HOLES. I do not tuck them in so wear is not the problem, So frustrating. My Talbot’s tees were the last to develop holes at the end of last summer but I think the fit is much too boxy and the tees are rather thick. Are all tees now manufactured to last a couple of wears and then dispose of them? Is that what it’s come to? I saw you did an article on tees in 2009. Do you think you could readdress the tee shirt conundrum again? Tee shirts that are fashionable, light weight but sturdy enough to last an entire season and, if really lucky, a second summer!

  34. Hi Susan! I feel a little sheepish to admit that I’ve just discovered your pinterest page & blog, LOVING them! You have come to my rescue in that I have been planning a trip to Switzerland in 2 weeks, my husband is attending a conference. I’m now asking for specific suggestions: the conference hotel is the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace and has been described “as elegant a resort hotel as you will ever visit”. OK, that is intimidating! Capsule packing while accommodating 2 receptions and a “ball” has me in a conundrum. Do you have any attire suggestions for conference functions and cruising around town, wineries, and lake tours? Can I ever wear jeans?? Your insight would be greatly appreciated!!

  35. Hi Susan, I see someone a month ago raised the topic I’ve been thinking about: How do you handle selecting and packing toiletries and sundries for your trips abroad? What do you find most useful to include? What’s the best way to minimize the space they take up? You mentioned in your Italy vacation wardrobe post last spring that you were planning on broaching the topic. Maybe now is the time? Thank you!

  36. Hi Susan! I found your blog yesterday and I spent hours reading your posts. LOVE them and your style. I would love your opinion on something. I am retired now and living in Florida. When I worked I had gorgeous suits, silk shirts and stylish pumps. I guess my style was very “ANN TAYLOR”. Now that I am retired and have fewer places to go and be seen I have slumped into the jeans, shorts and t-shirt rut. What do you recommend for a casual and warmer weather? Where I am in Florida flip flops ARE dress shoes.

    I am going to Buenos Aires in December and I have planned my packing wardrobe around your Spring / Summer blog posts. Thank you!

    1. Hi Diana, thanks so much! I’ll admit, warm and humid weather can be difficult to dress for if you’re not a “sundress” person. I’ve started wearing more of what Alyson Walsh refers to as “pull on and go” tops, usually cotton, linen, silk, or a silk blend. This summer I lived in linen shirts. Now that It’s cooler I’m wearing soft silky tops. I just found this one from Chico’s and really like it: Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful time in Buenos Aires!

  37. How’s the remodel going? Would love to see updates and the completed project. Also would love to see your closet and how you organize your wardrobe. Thank you.

  38. Hi Susan,
    I can use your help with a “shoe” issue. I am visiting Oaxaca, Mexico, in early March. I was told that I will need some good walking shoes. (lots of cobblestone, lots of walking) Do you think espadrilles would work? They need to look good, too, with jeans and skirts.
    I have never been.


  39. Susan, I will be making my first trip abroad in mid-September, beginning with five nights in Paris and continuing to Nice and London. Have you any experience with September weather in Paris? I find that I am struggling to finalize my packing list, especially when it comes to footwear. Your blog posts are always enjoyable and informative and I would appreciate any feedback from you or your readers.

  40. Hi Sue! You might recognize me as a long time reader. Anyway, I’m wondering what type or brand of luggage you currently as using. My current 22” Tumi is just not going to work for longer trips. We just returned from a cruise and a post cruise extension in Spain. Altogether almost two weeks. The range of clothes and shoes I needed for cool to warm temps was a struggle to pack. I’m just going to have to invest in a larger check in size. Thoughts? Thanks, Marguerite Krenek

    1. Hi Marguerite, of course I recognize you! 🙂 I’ve been very happy with my Briggs & Riley Medium “Sympatico” bag for checked luggage. (Mine’s an earlier version that’s not expandable.) It’s plenty big enough to pack for an extended trip, but still easy to handle and maneuver. Here’s a link: It’s not an inexpensive bag, but we’ve been very happy with our B&R products, find them durable and functional. And I love that the company offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

  41. Hi Susan, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your blog. I discovered it a few months ago and love your posts and style! My work clothes are sweats (I’m an artist) so it’s especially nice to get tips to look put together when I’m out for lunch, dinner, etc.

  42. Just made plans for a rip to London and Paris in early May 2020. It will be brief – 3 days in each city – but very excited. Looking for wardrobe suggestions – mostly sightseeing and shopping – nothing requiring cocktail or dress attire. Appreicate it!

  43. If I remember correctly in one of your posts you showed the converter that you use in France but I can’t seem to find it by using the search function. I’m buying a mini Conair curling iron with dual voltage but I’ll still need a converter. I thought I had saved it – can you help me find it?
    Thank you – Mary

  44. Susan – thank you replying and the link to the converter. I have not traveled and I tend to rely on those who have for their recommendations. Looking forward to learning more from your blogs.

  45. Hi Susan,
    I am in desperate need of a makeup mirror at home and wondered if you could recommend one? I am using my bathroom mirror and can barely see to put my eyeliner in the correct place. You have always been spot on with your recommendations for everything else.

    1. Hi Judy, this is the one I have at home and am very happy with: It’s spendy, but had strong enough magnification that I can see clearly without my glasses, is rechargeable (so doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time) and the light has a motion sensor, so turns on when you get close. Hope that helps!

  46. I have the same lighted magnifying mirror that Susan just mentioned – it works great and I like the high quality of the glass.

    Now I’m looking for recommendations for a small magnifying mirror for travel. I just returned from a cruise and while our cabin was nicely furnished it lacked a shaving/make-up mirror. And it’s definitely difficult to apply eyeliner and mascara with a tiny purse compact.

  47. Dear Susan,

    I am a 58 year old living in northern California- love your style and recommendations. I recently purchased a velvet blazer in a deep plum, I am a warm autumn. Recommendations on what colors I could pair with the blazer. I am a fair skinned redhead and black is not my best color.

    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks so much! While I can’t suggest something specific without being able to see the color of the blazer, my first suggestion would be try different browns with it.

  48. Hi Susan,
    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and get so much from it, ideas, inspiration
    and encouragement. I am going to be sixty next week and feel right at home in the company of you and your other followers.
    Where did you find the pajamas you are wearing in the recent instagram post, I think they are really pretty and would love to find some similar.
    Many thanks, Sue.

  49. Happy New Year Susan! I have been following your style transformation this year with great interest, and I relate to the feelings of being “stuck” that you described before your visit with Red Leopard. As a Christmas/50th birthday present, my husband and I will be visiting London and Red Leopard ourselves in July for style and color consultations. I’d greatly appreciate any insight you could share about what to expect, and if you have any suggestions for anything we should do to prepare for our visit. Thank you, and thank you for your blog – it’s the first website I read with my breakfast every morning.

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you, and I’m so excited for you! Expect that you’ll be there a few hours, so dress comfortably. You’ll probably want to skip the makeup, as an important part of the process is seeing the impact of different color drapes on your skin tone. And…expect to have a lot of fun!!

  50. Hi Susan,
    So enjoy your blog!
    My husband is doing a lot of international travel for business. I suggested he use packing cubes. Are guys packing cubes the same as for women? Can you recommend any particular brands/groups for him?
    I had some of my own packing cubes and for some reason they get misplaced when I return home. Perhaps, you can recommend a brand/style to replace them.

    1. Hi Judy, thanks! Yes, the packing cubes are the same for either men or women; it’s more dependent on the garments you’re packing. For clothing that can be rolled or folded (t-shirts, light sweaters, casual pants, underwear) I’d suggest using packing cubes. I like this type as the top is a see-through mesh so you can quickly identify what’s inside: For dress shirts and pants, I like these packing folders: They really do help keep clothes from wrinkling!

      Happy travels!

  51. You sent me a lovely response to an email about the sadnesses that have overwhelmed me this spring concerning my husband’s amputation, etc., , which I did not want to go unacknowledged. You shared with me that you had lost your husband, that was very kind, and I am so sorry.

    I admire you, your spirit, what you share in terms of making us our best selves, inspiring us to keep going, and you hit upon so many things that were on my mind (that part is kind of spooky!). Since I am new to your site, it sounded like you also have a disabled child? I do as well and know the layers that adds to your life. And we do keep going! Thank you for answering me!! my best to you in these challenging times,

    1. Hi susan, thank you for your kind words, but I’m afraid I’m not the person you may have corresponded with by email. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband and hope he is recovering.

  52. Hi Susan,
    Thanks to you I have also fallen in love with Lo & Sons Pearl handbags. But, I am wondering your thoughts on the OG2 medium for travel… or even a weekend when there is a need to carry more? I believe all I’ve read on your website is about the Pearl. Do you own one of the OGs?

    1. Hi Judy, I’ve used the O.G. as my “Personal Item” piece on several trips and find it holds a lot while keeping everything organized. I purchased the OG2 last year, and have traveled once with it. What I like about the newer design is that the laptop compartment has a separate zipped opening, so it’s easier to remove it needed going through security. It could easily work for a weekend getaway too if you pack light.

  53. Thank you for your reply. What is the difference between the OG and the OG2? Do you find the newer OG2 heavy without anything in it…. given its 2.6 lb? Once you add all your stuff, how is the OG2 to carry?

  54. Watched your video with Castanohel and they mentioned a color consultant in San Diego and I didn’t catch that name. Any chance you can find it and send it to me?


  55. Loved, loved, loved the recent session with the Red Leopard Ladies. Ever since having my “colors done” in California years ago, I’m a firm believer! Now that I’m older and grayer, I really appreciated the comments they had about style and color choices for this stage of my life. I look forward to more sessions with them.

  56. Hi Susan,
    I have been reading your travel posts for years, and hope I will get the chance to put them to use in next fall when I want to resume traveling to Europe. In anticipation of that, I’m starting to fill in some gaps in my current travel wardrobe and have been contemplating purchasing a pair of Eileen Fisher washable System silk crepe black pants, of which I know you’re a big fan. My question is, if you were buying them now, would you still go for the slim ankle pants, or the slightly fuller straight leg ones? As a curvy woman with full hips and thighs (size 14 usually) the straight legs seem more versatile, but the slim ones, even though pant shapes seem to be changing, seem really good for European travel. Any input would be appreciated. Also, do you have any thoughts on the System washable crepe pants, versus the pull-on crepe pants? Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Joan, thanks! I’d still buy the slim ankle pants, but that’s because they suit my style better. If you normally wear a silhouette with longer, straight leg pants, you might find those work better for you. I’d avoid any really full or flowy clothing, as it can get caught in turnstiles, etc. The only EF pants I’ve traveled with are the ponte knit and washable stretch crepe.

  57. Hi Susan,
    I was looking forward to your interview today with Annie Castano on Instagram. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I missed it. Do you plan to post the interview?

  58. Love your blog! I recently received a catalog from the Peruvian Connection – – and there were some velveteen jeans in some of the gorgeous colors you now wear. Thought you might like the tip.

  59. Hello Susan: Due to your recent couple of Instagram sessions focusing on how identifying your personal best colors and style, I am now (frantically) trying to set up a color and style consult with a trusted consultant. I won’t be in London until the earliest next fall…looks like Castanohel are booked…and I am wondering if you’ve yet established yourself as a consultant. I would appreciate hearing any thoughts or recommendations you have. I am 100% convinced this is a way to stop endlessly buying items for some idea of myself I want to support (that I end up returning or consigning and never wear) and focus on who I am. Thanking you in advance for your response.

  60. I discovered your blog this summer and love the travel wardrobes and suggestions (plus all your other posts). I’ve been a terrible packer all my life, taking far too much. Your winter travel wardrobes show a number of v-neck sweaters. Can you tell me, what do you wear with those? I don’t see enough blouses or other shirts that could go under those in your pictures or descriptions, but it seems a v-neck sweater would need something underneath (perhaps one of your silk tops?), but also something in the neck. Apologies if I am down in the weeds with this question, but I’ve been really inspired to try many of your suggestions.

    1. Hi Christine, I’m glad you’ve found my suggestions helpful! In cold weather, I usually wore a long-sleeve tee underneath the v-necks, plus a scarf on top. Hope this helps!

  61. Hi Susan,
    I’ve followed your blog for a while now and enjoy reading it despite not being in a position to purchase or wear most of what you show. However, I wanted to thank you for your post about Revitabrow. More than a year after chemo, my eyebrows still hadn’t returned and had no idea what to do. Then I read your post about Revitabrow and I figured I’d give it a try. To my great delight, the stuff worked! As you wrote, it took about a month before I started noticing growth, but then it took off. I once again have eyebrows and am thrilled. Thank you for the recommendation.

  62. Good news! My son is getting married to a wonderful woman!
    Bad news, I haven’t worn a dress in years and I will need a long formal gown for the very fancy event they have planned. The bride has told me that her mother will be wearing a gown that “sparkles” and she’d love to see me “sparkle” also… so not only a long formal dress, but a long formal sparkly dress. I have social anxiety and would prefer to wear something that doesn’t call attention, but I also want my future daughter in law (and her lovely mother who is just as invested as the bride in this party) to be happy and I want to look appropriate. It will be an evening wedding in October in New York City. I am not plus size but I’m not thin either. I’m 66 yrs old so I want something with sleeves.

    I love your style choices for the way they are appropriate for an older woman but not dowdy. You almost never do any posts with dresses, so that’s just my style, but I can’t be the only jeans wearing grandma who is dreading “Wedding season”. Would you consider doing another wedding/party attire post?

  63. Hi Susan – lovey our blog as always – thanks for the huge commitment you make to it!

    I’m also a knitter – and Modern Daily Knitting features this professional photographer/knitter who recently moved to Paris. His writing is great- and observations of Paris life/fashion, so spot-on. I thought you might enjoy this observation on Paris fashion.

  64. Susan on Feb 4 you refer to le Monsieur as “hubby.” I may be mistaken but in the years I have followed you I do not believe you have ever referred to him as such. You are “une femme,” le Monsieur is “le Monsieur,” and the jeune homme is the “jeune homme:” That is the charm of you and your website. Please do not bend to the naysayers and conform to some vanilla format to please everybody.
    I have never commented on your posts (only followed along with interest and admiration) but I feel so strongly about this I felt compelled to write.

  65. Hi, Susan……I am enjoying your color journey as I, too, am warm, though classic rather than gamin. I’m wondering if you can give me some assistance in finding an ivory shirt….just a plain button front shirt like so many are showing and wearing in white. This is a great classic style but, as best I can search, just not available for anyone but those with cool coloring. Thanks for your assistance.

  66. Hi Susan,
    If you ever come out to NY with your colour draping scarves, I bet you could get several clients booked for a weekend, and set yourself up in a hotel suite. Please do let us know if you can make that happen. I’d be interested. Thanks, Kat

  67. Hi Susan –

    I so appreciate your travel tips – and your goal to travel light, but well. I have a specific question — but it may concern many of your readers. We have been invited to a destination wedding in Croatia, and plan to take advantage of the location and travel by train through the region for several days on either side of the event. I would love travel tips for “special event” clothing for my monsieur and me. We are hoping to use carry-ons only, but wonder if that is even possible with a dressy event? Thank you for any suggestions you may have from your travel experiences.

  68. If I might make a comment, it seems in your photos you are leaning over more and more. Both your body and your head. Perhaps you do this to make yourself more “approachable” ( because as we’ve been conditioned, women always have to be nice and approachable) but it’s becoming distracting. It doesn’t show the clothes off as well as a more upright, front facing shot might. If there is a physical issue then of course, adjust as you must but if not, well you’ve been doing this now for many years now. Face the camera and own your hard work with pride. Best regards.

  69. Hi Susan,
    Love your blog and rely on you for my travel wardrobes! I have a question relating to colour seasons. What if you don’t really like the colour palette for your “season”? I am not really sure what I am, but all my life I have been attracted to the blue-red range, from lavender through purple and plum. These are the colours that I wear and i hope that they suit me! Do you think that the colours that we are naturally attracted to are the ones that usually work for us?
    Thanks and keep up the good work,
    P.S. I’m from Canada and we spell colour differently!

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks! I haven’t yet had a client who dislikes their entire seasonal palette. 😉 Many people are naturally attracted to colors that are somehow in harmony with their personal coloring. If you have found colors that you love and feel work for you, by all means wear them.

  70. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. The more color information you can provide, the better.

    However, when you post a sentence that says “Here are a few more whatevers……”, I can not find anything to open. I get a little whirling circle that I believe is supposed to settle down as a place to click to see your additional offerings, but it never does settle down.

    Can you explain what the problem might be? And help me find a way to see the items you have included.

    1. Hi Mary, I’m sorry about that. What should display is a widget with other products. It’s hard to pinpoint the cause, it might be an ad-blocker in your browser, or a slower internet connection. Are you reading on your phone, or a laptop/desktop? Are you in the US?

  71. Dear Susan,

    I’m also ‘one femme d’un certain age and I love the glasses you’re wearing in your profile picture. Can you please let me know the brand and the style of those fabulous specs? And I also love your website!

    Best regards,
    Marianne Thompson

  72. Hi Susan,
    First, and foremost, I am so sorry for your loss of your husband. I know you are strong and resilient—I hope you are pushing through this transition of your life, and I hope things get better day by day.
    I wanted to ask you a couple of questions:
    1. Have you found a toiletry bag similar to the EMME that we all loved a few years ago? Apparently, it has been discontinued and I am desperately in need of a new bag!
    2. I went to Red Leopard in July, 2019–was analyzed Blue Autumn. Now I am no longer a brunette, but salt and pepper—I find I look awful in khakis, mustards, olives, or oranges. I think I look better in charcoals/ navy —I have a very neutral skin tone as well—I know the conventional wisdom says once an autumn, always an autumn—but there are lots of autumn colors that are glaringly wrong on me now. Thoughts? Thanks!

  73. I am intrigued by your Color Analysis information and how you incorporate your knowledge into your posts. I would love to have mine done, but live in Massachusetts. Do you have colleagues across the country?

  74. Susan, I just wanted to thank you for all your posts and information on colour analysis. I vacationed in London in early September and had my colour analysis done by Rachel at Red Leopard. What an eye opener! I always thought I was “cool” but guess what – I am a Golden Paint Box Spring! I have changed my make up colours and have started to introduce the Spring Palette into my wardrobe – slowly. Your posts on wardrobe planning and colour have been integral to my closette editing as I determine what clothes are staying and what clothes are going. I have been rereading many of your older posts and they really help with the process of closet editing. I really look forward to your posts and I thank you for all the hard work that goes into them.

  75. Susan,

    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are thinking of you and your family during this trying time. We stand with Israel. God bless Israel.

    Christi & Mykle Stahl

  76. Hi, I wonder if that fuzzy yellow Madewell sweater is hand washable? It says Dry Clean only on site details.
    Love the outfits you post! Thank you. Maryanne

    1. Thanks, Maryanne! I haven’t had/worn the sweater enough that it’s needed laundering, so I don’t know firsthand how it would do. There’s nothing in the fiber composition that would lead me to think it couldn’t be hand washed, but you might need to gently brush it again afterward to get back the fluffy texture.

  77. Hello –

    I stumbled across your blog while surfing the internet for some pictures for a bob haircut – thank you, I took pictures of your cut and will see if my hairdresser can make my hair look like yours – LOL. That said, I was also interested in subscribing to your blog if you have such an email distribution system in place.

    Thank you – Heidi

  78. Question regarding EMME toiletry bag. I bought the one you mentioned a couple of years ago but cannot find them anymore. What are you using now or do you have any idea of still making them? Thank you

    1. Hi Beth, unfortunately I believe EMME is no longer in business. I’m still using mine, but have been looking for similar designs to recommend. I’ll be writing about travel gear and accessories soon, so “stay tuned.”

  79. I didn’t receive today’s blog post in my inbox. I resubscribed again in case I was accidentally taken off. Did you send it out today?

  80. Susan,
    Can you recommend a travel toiletry bag with different compartments? I was unable to locate the EMME bag that you have mentioned in previous posts.
    Thanks for all the great travel suggestions! I have used many in my travels to Europe. I especially love those packing cubes.

  81. Hi Susan: In your travel section (what you packed for your last London trip) it looks like the Hadley Platform sneakers. Did you get the ‘cashmere’ color? My palette is Vibrant Autumn (although I confess I wear mostly neutrals): would the cashmere be a good color–I’m also looking at the ‘cognac’ color. Thanks so much!

  82. I notice that you recommend Jane Iredale products. Do you know where they can be purchased in person? I know Nordstrom sells them online, but I need to be able to determine which color/shade I need. I live in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!