Friday Blog-o-Rama

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Audi’s guide to shopping in San Francisco!

Tabitha shares her very well edited makeup stash.

The Vivienne Files shows us how to get six weeks of travel out of a capsule wardrobe.

Sal asks, do you “treat” yourself with shopping or food when feeling overwhelmed?

Imogen shares her six top tips for posting for photographs. (These are GREAT!) – note: link fixed!

Tish at A Femme gets ready to shop les soldes, here and here.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Semi Expat
    | Reply

    And you dear Femme enjoy your weekend and sorry but I think the comment regarding the scarf – previous post, (“old lady”) is basically downright rude!! Yes, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but really…..! XX

  2. Thanks for the links, cher Femme. That makeup collection is my ideal of pristine organization, sigh.

    Watch for the last Shuttle launch today at 11:26AM EST, if you can!

  3. une femme
    | Reply

    turtle – thanks! Fixed the link, should be working now.

  4. Sal
    | Reply

    Thanks for the shout-out, beautiful!

  5. turtue
    | Reply

    Love the post, however the link to Imogen takes me to Sal. Sal’s post is great, and I bet Imogen’s is too!

  6. bonnie-ann black
    | Reply

    i like imogen’s suggestions for photos but i now have to convince my friends to wait until i do all the suggested things before they snap my picture. usually it’s all unawares that my photo is taken.

  7. materfamilias
    | Reply

    Looks like a good round-up. Now just to find a few minutes to visit . . .

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