Friday, November 9th, 2012

Scarf Weather!!

Last April, in Paris

I awoke yesterday morning to the sound of rain, and did a little mental happy dance. The weather is now delightfully cool, and I’m busting out the scarves, including the super lightweight cashmere scarf shown above.

I’ll admit that I really miss my scarves during the warmer months. They’re such a great way to add a bit of color or pattern to an outfit. I often plan my ensemble around a particular scarf. I also believe that our grandmothers were right about keeping cold drafts off the neck; I find I get sick far less often when I wear a scarf regularly during the cooler months.

Cashmere scarves are a fabulous option, especially when the weather starts getting chilly. They provide warmth without weight or bulk, and the long versions are easy to style and arrange. If you haven’t yet checked out L’Affaire Cashmere, now is a great time, as they’ve recently added some new stock and are offering a pre-Thanksgiving gift with purchase. For any purchase over $200 USD, you may choose any scarf on the website valued between $40 USD and $55 USD as a free gift! Just indicate your choice in the Personalized Message box during checkout, or in a separate email to .

Scarves make wonderful gifts too, no worry about getting the size right! And who wouldn’t be pleased to receive something Cashmere?

Aubergine & Paprika Pure Cashmere Stole
Light Purple Knitted 100% Cashmere Stole
Animal Spirit Pure Cashmere Stole
Heirloom Hand-Embroidered Cashmere Shawl

Are you wearing a scarf today?

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24 thoughts on “Scarf Weather!!

  1. Marla

    I love scarves but most of mine are made out of deconstructed men’s ties. You can find men’s ties in such amazing colors. I can usually find one to match every outfit I have. I just take them apart, do a stitch around the edges to prevent any fraying, and tie them like a long necklace-bow around my neck. I like them because they are thinner than most women’s scarves.

  2. French Girl in Seattle

    Ma chère, I may live in Seattle, but I remain a French Girl, and wearing scarves year right is practically a pre-requisite :-) I wear beautiful, warm scarves like the ones you displayed above in the winter months; and lighter, fun ones in the warmer months. For special occasions, of course, I pull out “le grand jeu” (the big game:) a luxurious silk scarf “à la Hermès…” tied in artful ways — My American friends often notice what scarf I am wearing. I guess I help feed some clichés about French women, but… c’est la vie! :-) — Veronique

  3. Kathy Leeds

    It’s true about keeping your neck warm, and getting less colds. So happy it’s chilly in LA, and I can wear sweaters, boots, and scarves. Hope it continues. Dreading the idea of a heat wave for Thanksgiving.

  4. Anonymous

    Combining your last two posts…is it possible to wear scarves with brooches? or necklaces? I have always favored necklaces over scarves but recently I’ve begun to appreciate the color and extra pizzaz that scarves bring and I’ve started wearing mine more. But I don’t want to give up my necklaces? Any way to combine…or is it a take turns issue?

  5. hostess of the humble bungalow

    There is frost on the ground here this morning. I have been wearing my scarves for weeks now…loving the newest Tilo wool grey one which is super soft and luxe. You might like to explore their line Susan as I know you love scarves as much as I do.

  6. BigLittleWolf

    I am wearing a scarf – one of my most “everyday” favorites. I admit I should change it up more often (I have enough scarves to do so), but that leopard you’re showing is verrrrry enticing!

  7. Kristien62

    I love scarves and wear them almost every day from September to May. Today, I have a new infinity scarf with teal, black, gold and a few silver threads tossed in. Even in a casual jeans and turtleneck, I feel “finished” when I top it off with a pretty scarf. And with the morning temperature of 30, it keeps me warmer.

  8. Anonymous

    Wish I could wear a scarf, but it’s 11:30 am and already 81 degrees. Did some sorting in my closet yesterday, evaluating the sweaters, trying things on and culling some. But then I put them all back in the storage bags; not sweater weather yet! Sadly. Wish I could wear my new boots, too, but too warm. Sigh…….

    —Jill Ann

  9. Mila

    I usually wear a scarf every day from September to May, and sometimes even in the summer months, as they can be not very hot here. I think I have approx. 50 scarves – and I love them all :-) But in Europe you see a lot of people wearing scarves, nothing special here.

  10. Veshoevius

    I’ve been wearing a scarf for about two months now! I have a lilac cashmere one just like in your photo and I had a hand embroidiered one like the last one in your photos I bought from India, it was so beautiful and I wore it EVERYWHERE – unfortunately I lost it :( Still miss it to this day

  11. MJ

    You look fabulous in that picture. As for your question, I am not an “inside” scarf wearer – it just seems like too much most of the time – but I definitely am an “outside” scarf wearer. Yesterday I was pleased that the snow in NYC gave me an excuse to wear my fabulous new boots, but then they got even more expensive when I decided that I needed a new hat and scarf to make them look good with my coat. I ended up with a beautiful lightweight cashmere that is perfect, and it didn’t hurt that Saks had its lovely but very pricey scarves on sale.

  12. Women Who Run It

    Love scarves. The perfect fall accessory and they are missed when it gets too warm out. We also love that, as women of a certain age as well, you can keep nice and toasty outside and then ditch the scarf the minute you’re inside, before a hot flash hits!


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