A Spring Outfit in Light Neutrals & Mellow Yellow

It may be spring per the calendar, though most days it’s still cool enough that you’ll find me in sweaters. But I’m already planning some warm weather outfits. This spring outfit in light neutrals includes some pieces I’ve had for a while, with one new addition…

A mellow yellow 💛

Light neutral outfit for spring: Susan B. wears a Banana Republic shirt jacket in light yellow, crochet vest, linen pants, metallic sandals.

Pale or “butter” yellow is one of this season’s big color trends, and is good one for many Springs. (When pale yellow leans cooler, it’s closer to Summer’s “Primrose.”) This one (“Vanilla Custard“) is an almost perfect match to the Banana color in my Spring palette. But it’s subtle enough that it can play either as a neutral or a color, depending on what I pair it with. Here it’s taking on the color role.

Susan B. wears sunglasses, a crochet tank, linen jacket with drawstring hem, yellow bead bracelets.

I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t seen that shirt jacket in the store, I never would have bothered with it. It’s much better in person than in the online images. It’s also available in Tan and a “Warm Clay” brown (both great for Autumns!)

A lightweight linen shirt jacket like this is a great piece for some arm coverage on a warm day, or for air-conditioned interiors. The fabric is a tencel-linen blend, and machine washable. Sizes XS-XXL. I’m wearing size XS. There’s a drawstring around the bottom so it can be worn flat or gathered. I’ve gathered just a little bit here.

A tonal outfit in light neutrals

Susan B. adjusts her sunglasses wearing a light yellow linen blend jacket, crochet tank, linen wide leg pants, metallic sandals, yellow bead bracelets.

Shop the look

The Eileen Fisher linen pants are from last year. Here’s the current season version. They’re available in several colors, sizes XXS-3X, and in Petite lengths. I’m wearing Petite Small.

My crochet tank/vest is from Everlane, and a couple of years old. Similar styles here, here and here.

👉 Style tip: when wearing a tonal or monochromatic look, try varying the textures to add dimension and visual interest.

Susan B. wears a light neutral outfit with a butter yellow jacket, crochet vest, linen pants, copper metallic Birkenstocks.

Are there any particular colors you tend to wear more often in spring?

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  1. What a lovely colour the shirt jacket is. The whole outfit works so well together and I especially like the way the texture of the tank top adds a special dimension to the overall look. However, an interesting thing that I discovered from reading this post is that, on a personal note, I realised I have to have everything in an outfit neat. The slightly gathered hem on the jacket drove me nuts! So thank you Susan for helping me discover one of my three style words, I wonder what the other two are 😀

  2. Yes i wear pale beige (color of your linen pants), navy/ white or navy/vibrant pink. I have added a great green ( I call it spring grass). I don’t know the actual shade name.
    I’m still wearing wintery clothes as we are quite chilly here (ha/ its cold!).

  3. I’m really struggling with the looser pant fits. My back view is so unfortunate…diaper bottom no matter how I size down. Partially my body shape (flat bottom), but tighter jeans and pants minimized that problem somewhat. Now, however…ugh.

    1. Hi Grace, I love wide leg pants, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. 😉 The good news is that both wide and slim pants are widely available now, and both styles can look current.

      1. Yes, glad there are lots of options right now….although I’d love to find barrel leg pants that work for me. Haven’t yet, however.

    1. Hi Pat, I think the jacket is probably just a little too warm in tone for a Summer. But I have seen a lot of different yellows in various collections, including some cooler ones that could work for Summers.

  4. your outfit as always looks wonderful. I love Primrose (I am a summer) but almost never find it. Maybe it will be more available this season since it’s trending.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I have seen some pieces that look close to Primrose, so you might have luck finding something.

  5. The outfit looks lovely and makes me yearn for spring. We are absolutely not that far here in the Netherlands. Hailstones is the weather forecast for this weekend.

  6. Hi Susan,
    What a lovely light tonal look for you. I like how you added texture. Thanks for mentioning the autumn colours. It’s a versatile piece.
    Best wishes,
    Julie x

  7. I bought this blouse, too! I got the warm clay and to my eyeballs it’s a dead ringer for copper which has a star in my color wallet. It’s super cute on you (and me lol.)

  8. I’m loving the new pale yellow shades. As a fellow Spring, there are several right in my palette. Thanks for sharing.

  9. For some reason, since college (many years ago), summer was red, white, and navy and winter was black, burgundy, emerald green, and navy. With white hair I have pretty much dropped the red but navy and white are still my summer staples. The combination (adding some linen in natural), never seems to get old…only I do!

    1. Hi Kathy, I don’t think it is. It can always work as a neutral when styled with a brighter color, too.

  10. I am leaving on a trip to Amsterdam and Bruges on April 18th and am working on my travel capsule in multiple shades of blue, off white and peach with a touch of orange and a mix of colors in a couple of floral blouses. When will you be posting your travel wardrobe? I hope to see it before I leave for further inspiration!

      1. Susan, I have followed your style and color progression with great interest over the years. I am inspired by both as well as your packing prowess. I hope to put a lovely Spring travel capsule together despite the winter like weather we continue to have here in NH.

  11. What a nice outfit Susan!
    If you see anything that would work for a tonal outfit for a “winter” other than all white, please let us know. Would love to find something in a silver gray but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

  12. I do so hope it will be nice weather here as well. So far it is about 12 degrees Celsius with a lot of wind. Sunshine and bursts of rain. Very fickle. Then a forecast of 23 degrees on Saturday (we’ll see…) and temperatures going down again the following week. In the days you are here they forecast a max of 13.5 degrees.

  13. You look very nice in that outfit. yellow color suits you. How do you feel about longer tops worn with a shorter jacket? I have a lot of 26 inch tops which i like to wear, and the jackets lately are only 23/24 inches. I would value your opinion

    1. Hi Linda, I think a shorter jacket can definitely work with longer tops. Try it with a column of color, or play with proportions.

  14. I have a Norwegian Fjords Cruise scheduled for the end of May and the first part of June. I’m planning to take a capsule wardrobe of black, navy and gray. I might use a Breton stripe to add some interest, but everyone says to bring layers (and most of mine are dark). I love lavender and I’m glad it’s back this year. I plan to live in it this summer.