Casual With a Chance of Stripes…

Susan B. wears a colorful striped sweater, green Tory Burch camera bag, brown cords and slip-on sneakers. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Right on schedule for this time of year in Southern California, Nature is turning up the heat for the next several days. So my sweaters are back on standby. But I did want to show you this one before it sells out.

Earrings | Sweater | Necklace | Rings (c/o) | Bag | Pants | Sneakers

I’ve rarely met a stripe I didn’t like, and the colorful stripes in this cotton-blend sweater are no exception. The fabric is very soft and lightweight, and it’s washable. I’m wearing Petite Small.

(Sadly, Petites seem to be sold out in all sizes except P. Misses sizes still available. Here’s a similar style with multicolored stripes that’s still available in Misses, Petite, and Plus Petite.)

Tory Burch quilted camera bag in Arugula. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I can’t picture myself using anything but a small crossbody bag for the foreseeable future, and have been looking for one in a bright color (other than red). Most of my bags are neutrals, and I wanted one that would work as an accent color. This camera bag is a nice size, big enough for a phone, wallet, keys, small bottle of hand sanitizer, and lippie or two. (Several colors available, this “Arugula” happened to be on sale.)

h/t to Karen who saw it first…

More colorful stripes…

Do you wear colorful bags or stick to neutrals?

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  1. I just love the pop of green… you look so ‘put together’, as my Grandma used to say. I still get a Talbots catalog and was thinking their fall collection was made for you! You just look fabulous!

  2. I just bought this sweater a week ago at my local Talbots, and a pair of corduroy jeggings in a similar color as yours, so I also obviously love your look. I think I will pass on the green purse though. I’m more of a neutral, one purse all season person. I’m too lazy to keep changing out everything in my purse all the time. You look fabulous in all your new colored clothing.

  3. I passed on this sweater when I tried it on in my local Talbots. On you it looks absolutely perfect- just love the primary color stripes- but on me, there was something ‘off.’ I decided it must be the creamy base color – I’m a cool. But it’s a great piece! For bags, I recently dragged out of hibernation an older Longchamps red leather bag, loving the color it adds to the most mundane of outfits. It is on the smaller side, too. Trips out of the house are short ones still these days.

    1. Thanks Linda. It’s amazing how just a slight variation in color can “make or break” an item. Good for you for recognizing it!

  4. I’m a horizontal stripe lover myself, though my preference is for just two colors, but that’s a fabulous outfit on you. And, boy, do you look fit and trim – brava!

    I tend to gravitate to neutrals, but I love a bright bag to complement a neutral outfit or to match a brighter accent color. LOVE that bag you’re showing, both the style and the color.

  5. Hi Susan,
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you continuing on with Faster Way and doing the VIP section? I have just begun the journey. You look really fit and strong, well done!

  6. These colors look great on you! You were wise to have had a color consultation, everything goes together. I just wish I was in your same color palette because I really like the colors you wear most of the time.

    1. Thanks, Paula! Yes, that’s been one of the best things about knowing and sticking to my best colors: it helps me build a cohesive wardrobe that’s more than just neutrals!

  7. You look so happy and fun in that pic! Cute punch of green. I want you to know that I am having my Red Leopard consultation with Manina and Rachel tomorrow. We are diving in online! I will let you know how it goes. I am so excited. I hope I sleep tonight!

  8. Indeed, this is a very nice stripe. It makes a change to see the stripes in multi colours.
    Your sneakers are really good with this outfit. They are also different.
    And the camera bag… so lovely. I want one myself but I have a few particular ones in mind and they don’t come in the right colour(s). So I will wait.
    PS you got on onto Demellier London and that is bad. They are pretty expensive and I love them so much. This summer they had my favourite one in the sale (€ 100 less), but I was afraid my company had bought it as a farewell present. By the time I (sneakily) found out they hadn’t, Demellier was asking the regular price for it again. Rats.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! Yes, those Demellier London bags are so nice! I hope you’re able to get your bag next time it’s marked down.

  9. I have a primary blue bag which I have been enjoying all summer. It makes me feel happy. Also, it is small and so easy to use when doing errands or just walking around at a farmers market.

  10. You look great! I don’t feel comfortable wearing a bright color purse. More of a noticeable target. I stick with neutrals.

    1. Thanks, Virginia! I probably wouldn’t travel to some locales with a bright bag, but I’m comfortable with it closer to home.

  11. Hi Susan, I’m so grateful for you! Your thoughtful and fun blogs help me get through these trying days.
    Wishing you and yours health and safety.

  12. Love the stripes! Now I am thinking I need to be carrying a smaller purse. I like the look of a small crossbody bag and the lighter weight would be welcome. Maybe I don’t need so many necessities for every day. You look great, too!

    1. Thanks Rondi! I switched to mostly smaller bags a couple of years ago when my neck and shoulders were constantly stiff and sore. It really did help!

  13. I love cross body bags because I’m small and short and they just are a better fit. I do have a red and a snakeskin but I’d like a few in lots of color and fabrics too. Not just leather.
    I love your colors and the change they made for you. You look so great in this sweater and pants. Acessiories just icing on cake.

  14. I bought a Lo & Sons Pearl bag in Navy during a recent sale and they had take an additional 10% off promo. The compartments are kind of narrow though I don’t need to carry a makeup bag these days, other than one sheer lip color or balm and a mask.

  15. “Do you wear colorful bags or stick to neutrals?”

    Both! I’ll wear bags that give a pop of color to an outfit, especially when the rest of the outfit is mostly neutral. If I’m wearing anything in a bold color, I’ll usually go with a neutral bag, or sometimes a coordinating shade of that color.