Quelle heure est-il?

Casual watches for women, watches with leather straps. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

My Dad taught me to tell time when I was four years old, and for my next birthday, gave me my first wristwatch, a Timex. I’ve been a Watch Girl ever since. Call me Old School, but it’s easier to glance at my wrist than pull out my phone to check the time.

I’ve mostly worn my secondhand Cartier Tank Française the last few years, but it’s stopped working again (despite the recently replaced battery). It’s always been a little temperamental, and I’m thinking it might be time to find something more casual for every day wear. Looking for:

  • Gold hardware
  • Adjustable band
  • Colors compatible with my Spring palette

Keeping Time…

A few of my friends love their Apple watches, but I think most of the capabilities would be wasted on me. Even with standard watches, I prefer simple details, and avoid those styles that seem more complicated than the dashboard of a Formula I car. But that doesn’t rule out something fun…

Gucci Timeless 38mm with bee and star motif. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I do love a bee motif! If money were no object, I’d be all over this one

Olivia Burton bee watch in gold with beige band. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

But practicality demands a more budget-friendly option. This one’s in my shopping cart.

Citizen Eco Drive with quilted band. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch many years ago, and loved never having to replace a battery. The quilted band and textured watch face add some interest to a more minimalist style.

Citizen Eco-drive watch with brown croc band. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Of course it’s hard to go wrong with a classic. Roman numerals get me every time.

Once I start looking at watches, it’s hard to stop. 😉 So here are a few more that caught my eye.

Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden 38mm watch blue grey. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

If you’re more a fan of florals than bees, here’s a pretty one.

Michele Deco Sport watch in navy. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’ve included this watch in some prior collages. I think it’s such a good looking piece, interesting without being over the top. (Also available in a Rose Gold and Blush Pink combo.)

Coach silver watch with red leather strap. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Here’s another “simple, with interest” option.

kate spade new york Morningside with interchangeable rings. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Maximize your options: this simple style comes with three interchangeable rings to create different looks.

Do you wear a watch? What style(s) do you prefer?

Time Will Tell: More Casual Watches For Women

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  1. I got a Shinola “The Birdy” watch a few years ago and it is my everyday favorite. I love the combination of a large face and a more delicate bracelet. Mine is silver but it comes in different metals.

  2. I love watches and have several, each one holds some sentimental value. The fob watch my grandmother gave me when I started nursing, a black leather Raymond Weil (a going away present from work colleagues), a leather band Longines with soft gold (my first wedding anniversary), an antique, delicate gold bracelet watch (my mother’s) and for my 40th birthday, a beautiful Rolex with diamonds for the time pieces and a Cartier tank watch (bought on a whim). The thought of an Apple watch leaves me cold.

    1. I alternate two different watches which are an Australian label called The Horse. Weird name huh but they are simple yet very classy. They do free shipping to the USA but sadly not over the ditch to New Zealand where I live

  3. I love that Citizen Eco-Drive with the quilted band! What a handsome watch. It’s minimalist without being boring. Very classy.

  4. My current favorite is a Mondaine Railways watch with a red band that DH gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. That said, I do wear my Apple watch a lot, because I’m kinda hooked on closing my circles. 🙂

  5. Although I have a couple of watches to choose from (and yes, I’d rather wear a watch, too), I actually prefer my old Timex with large numbers and a black leather band which I always wear like a nurse. It has a small date block and a second hand, but the thing I love the most about it–especially for travel–is that I can push the button on the side to light up the face at night or when on a darkened plane. Doing so also provides just enough illumination for me to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning on a light when staying in hotels. Obviously, not a dressy watch, but it works for most days of my retired lifestyle.

  6. Yes … me, too for an actual watch! Years ago my sweetheart gave me a Rolex (stainless steel/gold, no jewels) to match the watch I’d given him a few years earlier as a prize for NOT DYING! after a medical emergency. I’ve worn it every day since then and prize it for its classic simplicity. Plus, I’ve loved having matching watches. 🙂

  7. When I was working I always wore a watch because it was necessary to be aware of time. When I was on vacation regardless if I was actually traveling or staying home, I didn’t wear a watch—my time was my own.
    Once I retired I decided I wasn’t going to wear a watch on a daily basis. Unless I’m going somewhere that requires me to be aware of time, there’s no need and it’s so “freeing”. I don’t have the same pressure of life revolving around work and it’s time restraints. It’s been wonderful!

  8. I much prefer a watch to hunting down my phone to check the time. I wear the Ladies’ Citizen Eco-Drive L Sunrise LS Stainless Steel Watch EM0510-53D and absolutely LOVE it! I like that the diamonds move and catch the light and yet the watch isn’t too over the top as to not work with casual clothing. It’s wonderful to not worry about a battery, too.

    1. Hi Kim, my 27-year old Omega Constellation watch packed up just around the time I read this post and your comment. I was intrigued by your description of the L Sunrise – long story short, I’m now the proud owner of one in two-tone gold and steel. It is so beautiful! Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. Love all the watches. But mostly I loved the title “Quelle heure est-il? Many, many years ago I took French in high school and this past year when flying home from France, without a watch on, I asked the steward, late at night “Quelle heure est-il?”. I know my French teacher was smiling down at me happy that I remembered something she taught me.
    Thanks for the memory.

  10. I am a watch girl for sure. I have quite a collection. One of my favorites is my Lady Citizen Sunrise as Kim mentioned above. The moving diamonds just catch the light wherever you are. This is special because my husband surprised me with it and we usually don’t spend that much on gifts as we travel together for our gifts. I have a few eco drive watches and they are so easy, never catch you without a battery. I have a couple Steurling ones I love as well and they wind themselves. Watches…. oh yes.

  11. Love watches. Of these, I love the classic Timex with the Arabic numerals and the brown leather strap in the last row. I’ve worn the same mid-size Rolex Datejust with a stainless steel jubilee strap and a white gold bezel (the bezel quietly sparkles when the watch moves) for over thirty years. In my thirties, I traded in a small-size stainless-steel and gold Rolex gifted to me in my twenties, and have worn it since. Sometimes I wish I’d opted for the large full-size face, but I have small wrists, so I think this looks best on me. I have it cleaned and adjusted regularly, and it has never had a problem. I love that I can wear it in the shower and wash it as I wash myself, and that it winds on my wrist. No batteries. I own a Hermes Cape Cod double- leather strap watch and a Panerai Radiomir from days when I adored beautiful watches and had a selection, but now those are put away and I intend to sell them. For their sentimental value I have my GGGF Otis Franklin Badger’s pocket watch and my mom’s breast watch with a rose gold scene on the case of a rabbit looking in consternation at the time.

  12. I remember watching my mother put on her watch and rings every time she went out. When she returned she would remove them and put them in the exact same place. A good habit to develop! I wear a pretty little silver and gold Bulova watch my husband gave me. My wrists are small so larger watches don’t fit well or look right. Being a soft autumn color palette I can wear both silver and gold metals and love the look of combining them. I do prefer wearing a watch over glancing at my phone. Fun post, Susan!

  13. I have a small collection that includes 2 Rolex, a vintage Cartier, a vintage Hamilton that came from my husbands family , a Timex that has a turquoise second hand and added white lizard strap and a Fossil for travel. Currently looking at Shinola that will match the one I got for my husband. I love their story. I was thrilled to complete a bucket list item this year in Paris that was a visit to ABP for a custom red alligator strap for my Cartier. So fun picking out the actual skin and choosing the exact area for the strap. When I see Younger folks who are working say, as a grocery checker and they pull their phone out to check the time , I always think they are looking at their messages! But sometimes when I run out quick on an errand with no makeup, or jewelry, I do check on my phone. Nothing takes the place of a classic watch no matter the price.

  14. I have a Rolex Lady Date-Just I’m the steel and gold. It was a 10th wedding anniversary gift
    And I’ve had it for 25 years. I wear it almost every day but if I go a couple of days without wearing it I have to readjust the date and time. It’s a bit annoying. When I was working as a nurse I had a reliable inexpensive Timex that was waterproof and, like the ad said, “Took a Licking but Keeps on Ticking.”

  15. I love watches and have worn one ever since my 5th birthday when my dad gave me a Raggedy Ann watch. Her arms were the hands of the clock. I feel panicky when I’m not wearing a watch. I like knowing the time all the time. One of my little quirks. I never had an expensive watch, and don’t typically trade out watches. I had a Pulsar moon phase watch with a leather band I wore every day for 25 years. A few years ago my vision deteriorated to the point that I could no longer see the time with a quick glance. I needed a bigger watch face. I decided to upgrade a little and ended up with the Shinola Birdy. I love it. It can be casual or dressy, and I can read the time easily. I have the stainless steel band, but there are a variety of band styles to choose from.

  16. You might want to check out the watches from MVMT. I think they’re lovely and timeless. I love mine!

  17. I loved reading all the comments of those who depend on and love their watches: me too!! I enjoy the Skagen watches for their modern simplicity (I know the brand was bought by Fossil, but it seems to stay true to Scandi design roots). I’d love to add a Shinola to my watch wardrobe.

  18. I loved this post and comments of all us watch lovers! I too love watches and am lost without one on.
    I have a Rolex stainless steel and gold with a diamond face that I bought for myself when I got
    a big promotion. I still love it, but I also have a Timex, a couple Michael Kors mens watches, Fossil and yes and Apple watch that I do wear when very casual or at the gym and when I don’t want to keep digging
    my phone out to get messages! They really are great accessories and such fun!

  19. I love wearing a watch. For the past ten years I have been wearing a steel Raymond Weil watch which is often mistaken for the Ronde Solo de Cartier watch. I tried wearing a Fitbit but I really missed seeing my watch on my wrist.

  20. I’m definitely a watch girl too. Though I have a couple of others that I wear occasionally, the Citizen Eco-Drive that I received from my employer as a retirement gift 12 years ago can be found on my wrist almost every day. It’s exactly like the one shown in the middle of the bottom row of watches above except that it has a black face instead of navy.

  21. I am a Total watch girl. At 60 my watches come close to rivalling my shoes. For my next big life event (I am reading the law, so when I pass the bar) I am getting myself a Rolex. Watches add panache and quirk to any outfit. I still have swatches from the 80’s. I am more into men’s watches now because they have larger print.

  22. I too love watches and at one time had almost as many as shoes! I even have the watch my grandfather gave my grandmother when my mother was born. That watch is now 93 years old. I wish it still worked. I got really annoyed at replacing batteries all the time, especially when I didn’t wear them often, so considered the price per wear made buying a Citizen Eco-Drive well worth the investment. I’ve had that watch for over 15 years and it still works great, but has a skinny band. I just recently bought a new one with a wide band, navy background and diamonds for numbers. It’s not over the top for everyday, yet just sparkly enough for dressing up. I love it! I love the quilted band one in your slide show and might consider getting that one, too!

  23. Unfortunately with the advent of the smart phone, watches have become less necessary, especially to the younger generation . I have a Cartier watch I got for a milestone birthday and I wear it whenever I can. I have an antique one which I wear as a necklace! I’ll always love watches.

  24. I enjoy wearing watches to keep time and as a fashion statement. My investment watch is an Omega De Ville that I bought in Switzerland over 20 years ago and I wear it regularly. I also have a few others, among them a Skagen that I purchased about 12 years ago and whenever I wear it I get loads of compliments. My complaint is that nowadays many of the watches for women look masculine. I have a hard time finding watches with a rectangular or square face; they are far outnumbered by the big round faces.

  25. I am also a watch lover! I have an Apple watch, which was a gift, but I usually only wear it for sports and very casual wear. My main watch is a Cartier Tank, but I also have an old, gold Raymond Weil, which I do like but it looks so small now. Most women’s watches have much bigger faces these days. Also have a casual Anne Klein with a mother of pearl face and a white strap (that’s my summer watch), and for fun, I have a set of five watches with different color bands (red, blue, green, orange, and yellow). Those were corporate giveaways, but I quite like them!

  26. I love watches. Have always worn one. My fave is a Swiss Army steel case and link band with a black clock face. I have had it for years and it has been a real trooper. Simple and classic. But boy howdy, that band is a pain to clean. Someday I will get an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

    I used to love the Timex watches with “Indiglo” back lighting at the touch of a button. And I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I once owned a Swatch back in the 80’s. In my defense, hey, it was the 80’s. ; )

  27. I am like you: I need a watch. I have a second-hand Cartier Tank (men) guilded, a very simple and beautiful flat black/white/gold watch, an antique brown one, a wooden one (won on Suzanne Carillio’s blog) and a big bulky green camouflage one. Oh and a very pretty antique golden watch (little).
    So I am with you. I wear the first two most of the times.

  28. While not as “glam” as many of the watches mentioned, I think Swatch watches are artsy, fun, wonderfully affordable, and very gamine:)