Style Hunt: White Jeans

White jeans have become a year-round staple. Two ways to style them for cool weather.

Classic White Jeans: Not Just For Summer Anymore…

Not everyone is a fan of white jeans, but I’ve found them to be great “pinch hitters” in my wardrobe. They can be an effective way to lighten/brighten up an outfit, and can look more polished than blue denim.

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And they no longer need to be limited to just spring and summer wear. I’ve worked mine into fall and even winter outfits.

This season I’m on the hunt for a pair of classic white jeans in a “slim straight” cut. Not too skinny, not too baggy. No distressing, or embellishment. Not too heavy, but still opaque. A little cropped is OK, but not a capri. And I’d prefer a finished hem. I’ve rounded up some contenders and have ordered a couple to try.

Citizens of Humanity Elsa crop slim jeans in white. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I like the general cut and length of these, and that they’re 98% organic cotton. A 10″ rise is borderline too high for me, though might be perfect for someone taller or longer-waisted.

Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans, classic white jeans. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I have this style in a dark wash and like the fit. I have these on order and am hoping the white will have the same cut.

Good Curve by Good American jeans in white. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

These “Good Curve” by Good American jeans are offered in Misses and Plus sizes. A nice straight leg, if you don’t mind a raw hem.

Talbots straight crop jeans in white. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

These straight crop jeans are offered in Misses, Petites, Plus, and Plus Petite sizes. They’re also offered in a warmer “vanilla” color for those who prefer. Under $100 too!

Liverpool cropped white jeans with button detail. Info at une femme d'un certain age.

Many of you have mentioned that you are fans of Liverpool jeans. The buttons are a fun detail on these cropped jeans. (Also a more budget-friendly option.)

AG ex-boyfriend slim jeans in white. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

These are a little more spendy, but are another style that I’ve found fit me well when I tried them in a darker wash. I also like that this wash is a softer white, not quite as stark. Also on order.

Everlane boyfriend jeans in Bone. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Everlane offers some great jeans at budget-friendly prices. These are described as “bone,” so might be more of an off-white.

Back to Basics: Go-Anywhere Jeans

A fit tip: I think white or off-while jeans look better when they aren’t skin-tight. Don’t be afraid to size up. (But be sure to account for stretch in some fabrics.)

Do you have a favorite pair or style of white jeans?

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  1. Have you tried Spanx jeans? wondering how they are….seem good for travel! Love you blog and so happy to have found you — my new favorite email of the day. We are traveling a lot this summer and have loved all your older posts too — I”m practically a stalker at this point! Thanks for all the great info and the links!!

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned the issue of “rise”. I’ve been shopping for jeans and got tired of trying on so many that didn’t have a high enough rise. I found a pair that fit me perfectly, but I didn’t like the way they were dyed. I took out my tape measure and found the front rise that works for me is 9.5″ . From that point on I measured every pair of jeans before trying them on. I check online numbers as well to avoid ordering a pair that won’t work for me.

  3. I have a pair of white jeans that are great. I also have a pair of white chinos from Banana Republic that I wear cuffed at the ankle which give the same effect as jeans, but in a more breathable summertime fabric.

  4. These all look great, esp. that first pair and then the raw edge. And, very timely as we leave for England in three weeks, for Penzance and Cowes. But, the price point is just more than I want to spend! I have found that The Loft has really nice jeans that fit me perfectly. Or I may try Gap. Yes, I love love wearing white jeans or pants of any kind.

  5. Nine West – Gramercy Skinny Ankle Jeans are my go to white jeans (and pink jeans). They are $17 at Sams Club. I never would have even tried them had a friend not been wearing a cute pink pair. I’ve now been wearing them for probably four years and I love them! They are the cheapest jeans I own and they are perfect! They also fit true to size.

  6. Not for those of us who are owned by a cuddly black cat! But you are showing very attractive styles. For those of us that don’t wear white, subtle colours other than indigo are also a bit dressier (for me, interpreting at a conference that didn’t require business wear). I had a grey pair I loved; now, forest green and a deep maroon colour. Agree about rise. I have short legs and a (relatively) long torso; at about the same height as yours. Builder’s cleavage is never a good look!

  7. I bought my first pair of white jeans about a month ago and I have worn them at least 3 times. What on earth did I do without them! I like Democracy brand as I am petite and they are not too heavy and have some stretch.

    1. Molly, I’m with you! I love Democracy brand jeans, and I’m wearing my white pair to threads! Democracy fit me and wear well … just enough stretch and heft.

  8. I just ordered the EF in white and black to try. I’ve never worn EF jeans but they look great – clean lines etc. Will report back.

  9. I purchased the Chico’s no-stain white girlfriend ankle jeans yesterday. I have never worn Chico’s jeans before, but these are a very comfortable fabric and a good weight for summer. The no-stain feature is a plus in my book for traveling. Don’t know how they wash or wear but the reviews are stellar.

  10. Have your tried the Authentic Fit Slim Ankle Jeans from JJill? They are my go-to summer uniform; I have three pairs.

  11. Lucky me. I have found a perfect jean for me. The Loft. They are affordable and excellent quality. Once you find your fit, every jean they have in that size/style should fit the same. At least that’s what I’ve found. They also have great sales on a regular basis, so these jeans are totally affordable.

      1. I too agree. Love the Loft and Ann Taylor. They will order from other stores too and mail to your home. And good sales as well. Sign up for texts and emails!

  12. White jeans are a great look. I appreciate your comments to make sure they are a little loose to be more flattering. Excellent tip. I will be checking the comments today for tips from readers on different brands. I am especially interested in more budget friendly options. I am also drawn to the vanilla shade. It’s a subtle difference but I prefer it. I’m pretty brave to wear them at all since I do enjoy red wine!

  13. Paige Denim has several I like-the Hoxton Straight Crop or Jacqueline Straight Crop. But in Paige I avoid the Transcend Fabric in white. I tried the EF jeans in the gray and they are indeed high rise, but flattering. The Everlane Bone is yellowish in tone. I wore them many times during the winter!

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with white jeans.
    They’re tricky, aren’t they?
    I finally found the perfect pair BUT they’re on their way out (the elastane is beginning to give up) and I’m struggling to replace them.
    The struggle is real!

  15. The only way I can wear white pants is with a tunic top. The last thing my bottom needs is an expanse of white (you might as well paste a “wide load” sticker on it to boot!). I wish I could wear them.

    1. Me too! I’ve also found that cellulite can be very visible in white jeans. I’d love a pair but it does a number on my ego to even try them on.

  16. I just bought the mid rise straight jean from Lands’ End. They fit well and are neither too light nor too heavy. I washed them and took them to the tailor for hemming. From now until fall, I will wear them rolled, and unrolled when it gets colder.

    Finding the right white jeans is so difficult that I often substitute the Eileen Fisher white crepe slim crop pants. They are not quite as casual but look great with my denim jacket and a simple tee.

  17. I just ordered the Talbot ones in Vanilla. I love that they have polyester in them – makes them lighter and more bag-proof. We’ll see if they work. I normally don’t order from Talbot’s. Their styles are too classic for me.

  18. I haven’t yet tried them on, but Athleta’s new Sculptek white jeans looked great on the hanger. They have a lot of five-star reviews, and they come in petite and tall sizes.

  19. I love my Authentic Fit Slim ankle jeans by J Jill. I order them in tall and they are ALMOST long enough. Seriously though—I like them because they ARE opaque and comfortable.

  20. If they are too tight, they will show every lump and bump….it’s why ballerinas must wear white tights in practice!

  21. I love white jeans! Totally agree with you that they elevate an outfit. Last year I bought a pair of JCrew fares secondhand from ThredUp.
    They’re so cool I wear them with my white blazer and it looks like a suit! Very retro, just my bag.