What We Need Now: Lightweight & Stylish Wool-Free Sweaters

There’s an expression, “don’t like the weather? Just wait 15 minutes,” that could apply to many climates in spring. Conditions can swing from chilly to warm and back in a matter of hours. I find it’s always good to have a lightweight sweater or two at the ready. Many of you have asked for some non-wool sweater options, and I’m happy to oblige!

Whether you are sensitive to animal fibers or find them too warm at this time of year, it’s a good time to find stylish alternatives. Cotton, silk, and linen fibers (and blends) are breathable, often washable, and durable. Whether you’re looking for cardigans or pullovers, I’ve found some good-looking and easy-to-wear styles.

Non-wool sweaters for your spring wardrobe


Susan B. wears a butter yellow cotton/silk blend crewneck sweater, boyfriend jeans, and yellow buckle loafers.
My sizes: sweater – Petite Small, jeans 27

I recently shared this cotton-silk-blend crewneck sweater, and it’s one I’ve been wearing on repeat. There are several colors available, including this lovely blue…

This color’s a good one for you Summers. (Autumns, you might go for the Frosty Green, which is close to Sage in your palette.) Regular sizes XXS-XXL and Petites.

This “Peacock” color 🦚 is one that almost all Autumns look amazing in. This ribbed organic cotton crewneck is available in sizes X-Small to X-Large. (I find most Eileen Fisher sweaters run large, so suggest sizing down if you’re unsure.)

Well-reviewed and budget-friendly, this organic cotton fisherman sweater is offered in a bunch of colors and neutrals, in sizes XS-XL.

This linen-cotton “slub” blend adds some nice textural interest, and is available in several colors, sizes XXS-3X. (Winters, “Geranium” and “Atlantis” are good for you, as well as black and white. Springs, take a look at “Flame.” Autumns, check out “River.” And Summers, this “Pearl” shown above is a good neutral for you.)

For those who prefer a v-neck, here’s a nice one in organic cotton. This Rhapsody color is great for you Winters!

If you prefer a more classic fit, this cotton-blend sweater is available in several colors, sizes XS-XL.


A cardigan is such a handy piece to have during transitional seasons and for travel. I’ve been finding loads of really great cardigans this season, and as with the pullover sweaters, many are available in non-wool fabrications.

Susan B. wears a rag & bone striped cardigan, silk bandana scarf, off-white tee, boyfriend jeans, pointed toe flats, wears a Loewe Flamenco bag over the shoulder.
My sizes: Cardigan – XS, Tee – XS, Jeans – 27

This little striped cotton-blend cardigan is just so good! It’s lightweight, has a nice drape, and also looks good tied over the shoulders. It’s available in sizes XX-Small to X-Large. (Here’s a cute polo shirt in the same fabric.)

This one from Banana Republic is a bit less spendy, and has a v-neck. It’s a cotton-silk blend, same fabric as the crewneck I’m wearing at the top of the post. Also available in several solid shades, in Regular sizes XXS-XXL, also in Petite!

Springs, our greens can sometimes be hard to find, but this apple green is right on the nose! It’s an organic cotton blend, and available in Regular length XS-4X, also in Petite and Tall lengths. Other neutral colors too.

Autumns, this soft sage color is in your palette. I think the color adds a fresh take to a classic cable cardigan in 100% cotton. In Regular, Petite, and Plus sizes.

This linen-blend cardigan is offered in several colors, but here’s a green for you Winters (and maybe some Blue Autumns). In sizes XX-Small to XX-Large, and in Plus.

Like a little more drama? Here’s an even longer style in a pretty seafoam color (some Springs & Summers). Sizes XXS-3X and in Petites.

On the other end of the length spectrum, this cropped style will work beautifully with dresses, skirts, or wide leg pants. This bright pink looks to be close to “Cranberry” in the Winter palette. (Autumns, check out “River,” “Flame,” and “Bronze” colors. Summers, “Steel” should work for you.)

And this open stitch cotton-blend cardigan has a relaxed, beachy vibe. In sizes XS-XXL.

Lightweight non-wool sweaters can be a great way to add some layering interest to your spring outfits. Natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk) will be most comfortable in a range of temperatures. And when it warms up, you can always tie over your shoulders for a chic look!

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  1. I’ve been following your recent sweater posts with great interest and appreciate the many options you’ve reviewed! In light of the post on online shopping and returns, which clearly spoke to many of your followers, when I followed the link to look more closely at the Eileen Fisher pullover, there is a choice of 8 real life models to view wearing the clothing, along with multiple photos of the garment. I do prefer v-neck options when possible, and I might just add that Garnet Hill(although rating low for me on return policy, grr) has a lovely linen v-neck cardigan with set-in sleeves, and not too-short length. Thanks for all your advice, and safe travels!

  2. Good roundup as always. I appreciate your comments on what color works for which season. As a newly typed light spring, who is just trying to warm up to color in my wardrobe, I find it really helpful to ‘train my eye’ to those in my range as it’s challenging finding the right shades. Thank you!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Can you help differentiating between the bright greens. I am an Autumn and have a hard time nailing “leaf green”.Any examples would be helpful. I’ve been specifically looking for a leaf green sweater. Thanks

      1. Thank you
        This link did not open. I have Sezanne app if you are able to tell me what you were referring to and color name. Thanks again

      2. I’m sorry-I meant grass green. I cannot quite tell the differences. If you can resend link I would appreciate it as this one I could not open. Thank you

  4. I adore the sweaters you showed here!! BUT, here in the Arizona desert we are already having mid to high 80 degree days. It will shortly be in the mid 90 degree weather!! Sweaters can only be worn from sometimes Halloween to Late January!! Have a blessed day!!

  5. I’m a bit confused about how to interpret prints and stripes in terms of their color families. I find I’m drawn to (and feel l look best in) combos like the natural/black of the two cardigans you’re featuring. (Or is the one you’re wearing a navy stripe?) I’ve never been color-typed, but I’d always felt like I’m someone who fell more into the “Deep” category (Deep Autumn/Deep Winter), so who exactly is that BR striped cardigan best suited for? I’ve never felt great in stark white, but I’ve always felt I could wear black. I know the Red Leopard ladies say it’s all about undertones in one’s skin, but I can’t get past how the color of one’s eyes/eyebrows and hair impact what a color looks like on someone. I’ve recently let my hair go natural (it was a warm chestnut brown before I started coloring it to cover the gray) and now I’m solidly salt & pepper, so brighter colors look better on me now than they did when I was younger. I know none of this should affect the fixed undertones of one’s skin, but it seems crazy to me to fight one’s natural hair and eye color. Thanks for any insights you can offer!

    1. Hi Lee, the cardigan I’m wearing is navy stripe, and I believe the BR one is natural/black. I think what changes when we let our hair go gray is contrast levels. So we may be in the same seasonal palette, but the sub-category may shift. As an example, a Winter won’t become a Summer when they go gray, but may find some of the lighter or brighter colors in the palette work better for them than previously. Or wearing different combinations within their palette.

      1. Thank you, Susan – that makes sense. Which season(s) do you think would look best in the BR cardigan?