Just. So. Wrong.

Jelly–oui, jelly!!–oxford, $100.

These are the footwear equivalent of Tofurky. My feet start to sweat just contemplating these.

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  1. Yeah, I’m a little baffled by this sudden popularity of the petroleum-based shoes. These Melissa things are showing up everywhere. Some of the designs are genuinely cute, but I’m with you — if they aren’t galoshes, why on earth would you wear rubber shoes?

  2. Ha ha ha…I once yelled at a friend’s teen daughter for wearing shoes like this with a cute dress. She looked like a hot mess but at least those were real, leather shoes. Imagine what I would have said to her if she had been wearing these.

  3. StyleSpy, because they are terrific for beachy/pooly places- just rinse off. For that matter they are impervious to tequila too. They should never be shoes, just sandals, slides, etc.

  4. Just the thing to wear if you also own that Jeff Koons gold-painted porcelain Michael Jackson and Bubbles sculpture. Just the thing to wear to visit that scupture if someone else owns it…

  5. When I saw the picture and hadn’t read your post I thought it was something you were throwing away. (No offense intended — they might have had a moment, non. . .?)

    It’s hard to believe a retailer could imagine selling them and for $100. Shocking.

  6. Keep on looking at stuff like this and you´ll find it easy to stay on the shopping ban ! P.S I have survived through my first day.

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