Matters of Purse

This passage sums up perfectly une femme’s feelings about whether and when to pay retail:

…In truth, the only factor that should dictate your buying something is how much you adore it right then.

Take away such distractions as a magazine article telling that a bag is “essential this season,” any photo you have seen of Kate Moss carrying or wearing said item, or any brain-fogging hang-overs, boredom, or breakup pain, and ask yourself, Will the pleasure of owning this outweigh the guilt of paying for it? Will you actually be excited when you wake up tomorrow and see it in your wardrobe, or will it be like the morning after a bad one-night stand without the mitigating factor of being able to get it out of your flat before breakfast? If the answers are yes, yes, no, and if you can afford it without taking food out of your childrens’ mouths, losing the roof over your head, and inadvertently funding some hideous Chinese sweatshop, then, what the hell, just buy it. Life if too short to spend it in bankruptcy, yes; but it is also too short to spend the next decade regretting not having bought that Cacharel dress which would have worked for every single party you have attended since.

All of this in the way of an introduction to my new cross-body bag, which I spotted and immediately went to head-over-heels territory. It’s a smaller version of the Miu Miu Coffer. I am dizzily infatuated with this bag. The size is perfect, it has outside pockets, it can be worn either on the arm or cross body, the leather is baby-bottom soft, and it’s visually a knockout. And yes, it was more than I had originally intended to spend.

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  1. That’s a great looking handbag and practical too with the shoulder strap. And, you should be able to carry that bag for a few seasons.

    Every once in a while I have to buck up and pay retail for something….which almost kills me.

  2. Great post. Yes, love is the only way to make the decision and for me that is irrespective of what the magazines say. I was shopping this weekend and a sales associate was trying to sell me a Botegga Venetta by telling me how everyone has it and everyone wants it. I kept thinking, “who cares?” And, the truth is, I did not love this bag. So they can keep there $2200.00 bag and I can keep my money.
    I am tagging you! I just remebered, I owe you a meme that you tagged me for. I will get it up soon. I promise!!:-)

  3. That bag looks beautiful and practical as well. Seems really well-designed to be worn cross-body rather than simply having a long strap added.
    And what a great quotation — these are brilliant guidelines to shop by — I’ve never regretted purchases based on that mix of conviction and love, altho’ I’ve regretted many based simply on supposed practicality or frugality.

  4. Loved the quote AND your new bag. IMO buy the unique piece retail and remember there will always be basics like black pants or a white shirt on sale.sofya