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mid-winter pick-me-ups

Rouge Coco lipstick

Sometimes a girl just needs a little Chanel…this one’s Rouge Coco “Arthur”

This is the time of year when it can begin to feel as though winter is going to drag on forever. Even if your climate is relatively mild, the days are still short, and trees often still bare. (Even last week’s warm spell in Southern California didn’t feel spring-like, just…odd.) And for many of you, this winter has been especially cold and brutal. So aside from wearing your favorite sandals around the house, here are a few mid-February mood-lifters I’ve practiced lately.

A new lippie. Over the weekend I tried one of the new Chanel Rouge Coco shades, “Arthur” which in the tube looks orangey-red, but on me looks like a warm, bright, slightly pinkish red. There’s a little shine to the finish, and the formula is relatively moisturizing (not as much as the Chantecaille Lip Chic, but it’s also more pigmented and the color really stays on, especially if you use a liner). If you prefer a softer, more natural rosy shade try “Vera.” I’d also been wanting to try the Chanel Les Beiges “Healthy Glow Fluid” (which is basically a tinted moisturizer/illuminator with a bit of sunscreen). This is another nice, lightweight option for those who don’t need or want heavy coverage. It blends easily, doesn’t collect in lines or pores, and looks/feels very natural.

A good book. On Tish’s recommendation, I’ve been reading Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities Are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers by Teri Agins. It’s a very informative and entertaining read, even for those who are aren’t in the fashion business.

Two of my friends have books coming out soon! The Next Happy: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find a New Way Forward is by Tracey Cleantis, whom you may know from her blog La Belette Rouge. I’m so excited for Tracey, and think this is such a needed book in our “you can get  whatever you want if just try hard enough” culture.

Style Forever: How to Look Fabulous Every Age is written by Alyson Walsh, of the always fabulous blog, That’s Not My Age. Alyson is knowledgeable, stylish, witty, very sharp and a lovely person, and I’m SO looking forward to reading this.

A happy closet. Clean, organize, purge your closet, especially those “winter” items you haven’t worn yet this winter. (At the very least, pull them out and store.) Get rid of those yellowed or stretched out tee shirts. Replace missing buttons on blouses, jackets and sweaters. Give your shoes a good polish and check if heels are worn down, or if there’s anything else that needs a cobbler’s attention. Toss underwear and socks that are stretched out, worn through or well past their prime. Have your wardrobe ready to hit the ground running once spring arrives.

How do you beat the mid-winter blah’s?

On another topic: I’ve been made aware that at least one ebay seller has used at least one of my outfit photos in their item listing. I do not currently have any items listed on ebay and have not given permission for my photos to be used. I’ve contacted the seller and asked them to remove. If you see any images from this site used in ebay listings, they are used without permission and are not my listings.


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  1. February 16, 2015 / 3:49 am

    I’m also looking forward to Alyson’s book! And I spend five hours yesterday organizing my closet…so worth it…I just stood there for awhile enjoying the fruits of my labor. It was time to get rid of clothes not fitting well! The lipstick color is lovely.

  2. February 16, 2015 / 6:08 am

    Let’s see …closet organizing done late in the fall, can’t even think about buying new lipstick until I get my dry chapped lips in some kind of shape… not to mention dry skin. Grump, grump, grump. Can you tell I’ve a major case of winter blahs? We’re into our second week of frigid temperatures. It’s even too cold for Hubby to ski. Temperature with the wind chill is -40 this morning. And as my grandmother used to say…”more snow than you can shake a stick at!” I am officially SICK of winter.
    But there’s a lot of that “sickness” going around this winter. I’m thinking of Boston, or Buffalo NY…so I shouldn’t complain. And that bright red lipstick IS cheering. And I DO have a good book to read. And Paris coming up in May:)

  3. February 16, 2015 / 6:44 am

    A good book, a new lipstick, a newly-found TV show (Justified) – all of these are a treat any time of the year. I have to try the Chanel “Arthur” as believe it or not, I’m still seeking the One Perfect Red. xox

  4. Janice
    February 16, 2015 / 6:58 am

    I knew that wasn’t you on ebay… Glad to know my instincts were correct!

  5. February 16, 2015 / 7:21 am

    I was so proud of myself. I started cleaning out my closet by removing around 5 huge old shirts. Folded them neatly, waiting to add more items. Two days lter I fell and broke my wrist and smashed my face. What could I wear over this arm in a cast? The shirts i was planing on giving away. Oh well. I’m nterested inthat new Chanel makeup. Must try it out.

  6. sybes1
    February 16, 2015 / 8:26 am

    Susan I’m always interested in your lipstick and tinted moisturizer shades. Which Chantecaille lip color do you like? I’ve made a list of things to try at the counter at Nordy’s when I’m there with my girlfriends in 2 weeks. I really love your posts!

    • une femme
      February 16, 2015 / 10:27 am

      Hi S, the color I wear most is “amour” which is a nice rosy pink.

  7. Lady of Style
    February 16, 2015 / 9:26 am

    Can you believe it, I’ve never owned a red lipstick, I mean really red… and I still don’t know whether I’d feel comfortable with this fabulous, classic colour. I think it’s time to try it 😉

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. February 16, 2015 / 9:48 am

    I had a go at my wardrobe last Saturday but it is still a work in progress.

  9. dottoressa croatia
    February 16, 2015 / 11:12 am

    I’ve been reading “Hijacking” too,very interesting book. Last week I read A Femme’s book,so sparkling and fun. Your suggestion for” I’ll drink to that” was very good,thank you. Like your blog,so happy to find it.
    As for lipstick,my favourite was Dior serum rouge 760,pigmented and moisturizing,but they don’t have it any more,still have one and a half!. Chanel Coco Rouge is very good,too,didn’t try it in red. Chantechaille is something new for me,I’ll try it when I find it somewhere outside Croatia,thanks for a hint

  10. February 16, 2015 / 11:34 am

    I’ve just finished Hijacking the Runway, too. Very readable and interesting. I did a makeup inventory the other day. As far as lipsticks go, I seem to gravitate to neutral plum-rose shades. My current favourite: #66 Gracia Rouge G by Guerlain. Such a splurge, but so beautiful! I used to have a couple of red lipsticks, but never felt too comfortable in them.

  11. February 16, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    I have one real Chanel product, black nail polish, and I love it. In fact, at the time it was the only brand that carried a fine opaque black. And I have some fake Chanel pieces. Both the real and the fake make me feel good. A pick-me-up is definitely in order at this time of year. DEFINITELY. I’m working on the happy closet part, trying to rinse off my pissed off face! Heh. I’m happy for your friends with their books coming out. Obviously, they contain valuable advice that I could probably use.

  12. February 16, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    You might not necessarily want to put your crap t-shirts in the recycling bin – does that exist for fabric where you live? – I boxed several up because I knew I had to repaint my interior (with friends). After painting, their last life is cut up in cloths for painting and cleaning. So they do eventually leave the house, but with a last hurrah.

  13. Rebecca L
    February 17, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    I adore winter! But when spring is around the corner, I always buy new bedding. Fresh colours, and a fresh quilt cover to ring in the warmer weather. New bathroom towels, too. PS: I do love the colour of the lipstick you mention here.

  14. Babette
    February 17, 2015 / 8:29 pm

    I just finished Betty Halbreich’s “I’ll Drink To That – A Life In Style, With A Twist. I really enjoyed her story. She must be a hoot to shop with and a kind soul. In my looking forward to spring I recently purchased Talbot’s side-zip jeans. In Betty’s book she was highly critical of what zip front jeans did to women’s bodies(actually critical of all jeans) Now I’m looking to replace all my front zip trouser s over time with the more flattering side-zip.

  15. Tracey Cleantis
    February 18, 2015 / 3:34 pm

    Thank you so much, sweet you! I so appreciate making it onto your reading list, and I am even more appreciative of you recommending it to your dear readers!! Thank you!!!! I can’t wait to read Alyson’s book. And I can’t wait for us to lunch soon.xo

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