Outfit: Breton stripes and barrel legs

I love mixing trendy with timeless pieces to create both balance and tension in an outfit.

Here, I think the classic Breton striped sweater (though in a non-classic colorway) “grounds” the barrel-leg jeans, while the jeans keep the classic pieces from looking too staid.

How do you like to create balance in your outfits?

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  1. Hmm…I took a look at the barrel-leg jeans on the website. They give a weird distortion to the leg shape (like you just got off a horse) that would overwhelm my petite frame. I’ll stick to slightly wide-leg jeans.

    1. Hi, I’m 5’4 and love barrel leg jeans. I’ve had to try on a few pairs to get it right but once I did they’ve become my most worn jean. I have two pair of the Beat jeans from AYR. I have a V shape so the barrel leg balances me out.

  2. I looked up the link to these jeans, and they are in a 25″ inseam. I think you are about the same height as I am. Did you keep the length of these jeans as they were, or did you have it taken up more? I love your style! Thanks for these posts. They are getting me excited about style again 🙂

  3. The link to the sweater is taking me to the Style Personality Profiles page FYI. Would love a link to the actual sweater!

    Also, I LOVE barrel jeans. They remind me so much of my FAVORITE jeans in college – my “designer” Vidal Sassoon “baggy jeans.” They were the first “dressy” jean I recall ever seeing and were introduced around the same time as that (icky in retrospect!) Brooke Shields advertising campaign for Calvin Klein. (“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.”)

  4. I enjoy your posts, but you frequently have the same pose. Today’s post with barrel jeans does not show truly how they look. Would you consider changing it up a bit?Thanks.

  5. I love barrel-leg jeans. I bought a Pistola pair from Anthropologie and I love them. The length is perfect for all kinds of shoe options too. I’ve worn them with shorter sweaters or shirts tucked in. I am all in for the barrel-leg trend!

  6. As you can imagine, I love barrel jeans. I am on the look-out for a good pair. Although, I already bought so many pairs of jeans in the last months…perhaps I should wear those first? And my black jeans are barrel jeans after all.
    You styled it well. Great bag of course.

  7. I love the barrel jeans, just got to find the right ones! I think the pair I have is too short. Or maybe the wrong shoes? Lately I can’t seem to dress myself!!!
    I’d also like to ask for different poses if possible. Since all my shopping is done online, it’s so helpful to see items on you. A variety of poses would help see more of the garment and understand fit, drape, etc.
    Thx, Susan.

  8. what a lovely outfit. I’ll have to shop my closet to see if I can find something that is similar but not the same 😉 I’ve been liking the Breton sweaters with navy on beige (instead of white) but they’re all too expensive for me right now.

  9. It seems as if a heel is required with the barrel jeans style. Since entering my 50s over a decade ago, I have not been comfortable in a heel, as they pitch me forward and cause knee pain. I can wear some wedge styles and platform shoes. What shoes could work, other than heels?

    1. Hi Sheryl, I’m not wearing a heel here, and don’t think they require one. (The boots I’m wearing have less than a 1″ heel.) Try them with low boots, sneakers, ballet flats, oxfords & loafers.

  10. You have achieved a perfect balance between classic and edgy with that outfit! However, I would like to join in the comments of some other readers about encouraging you to mix up your poses for photos. I have long felt that your usual camera pose does not always showcase clearly the shape of your clothes, especially jeans. I do appreciate it must be difficult without a photographer, but would love to see you in some straight front view or even side view shots.
    Overall I love your blog – in particular because I am your age and height and I like to imagine I might look as stylish as you if I follow your tips!

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