Out & About in London, (Part 1)

I only had a couple of days in London before heading off to Amsterdam. The weather was exceptionally nice for this leg, so I took advantage of it!

A lovely lane in Chelsea, London on a spring day. Couple walks along a lane in front of row houses with trees in bloom and streetlamp.
Lovely lane in Chelsea

I’ve found that spending as much time outdoors and moving is the best way to get past any jet lag. Fortunately, the weather was cooperative!

Afternoon light in Hyde Park: trees on grass with Serpentine in background
Afternoon light in Hyde Park
Hand holding a soft-serve ice cream cone in front of park path

It was even warm enough that I gave into temptation for a soft-serve ice cream. 🍦

Swan nesting next to Serpentine lake in Hyde Park London

This swan was building a nest just a few yards from a busy walkway, and seemed to be undisturbed by the attention of passers-by.

Bright green leaves and tiny red flowers

Such pretty foliage. I’m always curious about plants and trees. Do any of you know what this one is called? I’m going to find one of those apps to be able to identify plants on my phone.

Brown Hart Square in Mayfair, London
London is such an interesting mix of old and modern architecture…
Window with "commit no nuisance" sign

I’m always amused by English expressions and signage.

Tulips blooming in front of Battersea house in Battersea Park

Tulips blooming in Battersea Park.

What I wore

You’ve seen my in-flight outfit. Here’s what I wore for the next two days:

Susan B. stands in Duke of York Square in London, carrying a shopping bag.

For shopping and lunch in Chelsea.

Susan B. wears a striped top with a sweater tied over the shoulders, shiny cargo pants, metallic sneakers.

It was quite warm on day 2, at least until the wind picked up in the afternoon. The striped tee is a few years old and was one of my Wild Card picks.

Susan B. wears a light green sweater, brown belt, brown coated denim trousers, brown suede boots.
(Sorry this one’s a little blurry)

And out to dinner with friends in the evening.

Next up…Amsterdam!

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  1. Your outfits look great! I love the British sign to Commit No Nuisance. We often say, “Mind the gap!” (as they do on the Tube when you exit) when we need to step over something. I listen to a couple British podcasts and I often find myself laughing at their colloquial phrases! Enjoy your time in Europe!

  2. It looks like you’re having a fun trip so far! Enjoy your time in Amsterdam. I’m a Californian who retired & moved to the Netherlands 2 years ago. I live in the East– in Enschede–it’s very different than Amsterdam & I love it!

  3. The tree shown is a Cutleaf Japanese Maple- Acer japonicus dissectum. This is possibly a “Virdis” variety which has green leaves- not red. A lovely, graceful plant. Thanks for all the travel posts!

  4. Looks wonderful! Use the Google app to identify plants and flowers. It will search using your camera. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Amsterdam!

  5. Susan- great pictures from London… I’m going in late September.
    You don’t need a special app for plant lookup If you have an iphone. Just press the picture and a drop down pops up. The last option is “Lookup”. Tada!
    The tree is a Japaneses maple. ( they come in different colors).
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. You looked fabulous in London! In addition to fashion, I would love to know where to walk around – you could add that to your list of skills, travel agent fashionista! I was noticing (without judgement, just a note) the two women in black leggings and puffer coats behind you and you looking so stylish. The point being, with just a bit of intention, one can look so good! Your “out to dinner” look was just the right amount of dressy!

  7. I love your photos of beautiful and quirky London in April. How lucky for you to have such good weather!
    We’re going in September and your photos have whetted my appetite. Thanks for taking us along on your travels! I’m looking forward to seeing Amsterdam with you and Greetje:-)

  8. Love these photos! Your outfits are the perfect blend of comfortable but put-together. Looking forward to Amsterdam — we’re going in September, so hope to glean some tips.

  9. Your pictures are so lovely. I’m glad you had nice weather. The tree looks like my Fern Leaf Japanese Maple. Mine is still in the bud stage, it’s cooler here in Canada yet. Looking forward to following you on the rest of your trip.

  10. Great pics Sue! Have a wonderful time abroad. I love the ‘Picture This’ app. It’s pretty accurate most of the time. lol

  11. Hi Susan, wonderful photos, just the spirit lift I needed today and as always, you look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you❤️

  12. First of all, have a great fun vacation. Your outfits are funky and cool and represent your spirit. The tree is a Japanese maple. Hold your finger on the picture and the name will pop up.

  13. Hi Susan, the wonderful APP I use to identify plants and flowers on all my walks is called PICTURE THIS.
    I love it and have learned so much about names of trees and flowers from it! Enjoy your trip !

  14. Hi Susan,
    Gorgeous pictures of my old stomping ground! I don’t know Chelsea that well so it’s lovely to see. Love your outfits so chic.
    The Van Gogh Museum is incredible in Amsterdam and the cafe there is lovely too. Have a wonderful time!

  15. I’m loving your post here and must ask, how do you feel about traveling solo? Or are you?
    I too am widowed and without a travel partner, am having to figure out how to circumnavigate the world of going it out alone. I do know I can always go with a girlfriend, but they’re not always available to go on a whim like I do.
    I would be really interested in tips on traveling alone as I’m sure there are quite a few readers who are adventurous but are a little unsure as to how to figure this out.
    I’d love to hear your take on this!

  16. love these combinations Susan! You look fab. Your style personality is shining through! Have a wonderful time. Loving the photos. Thank you!

  17. If you have an Apple phone, you don’t need a special App to identify plants. Just take a photo, tap on the photo. At the bottom, there is a symbol of an “I” for information, or a plant icon or an insect icon tap on to identify what is in the photo. Sometimes it just says plant which links to wiki, but often the plant name comes up immediately. Works pretty well.
    I love reading your emails!

  18. I see that you are having a lovely time! I am anxious to see what your shopping expedition provided! I love London!

  19. I love London too and I’m obsessed with plants. I one you took is a type of maple tree maybe a Japanese maple.
    I use the Seek app on my iPhone for plant identification.
    Safe travels.

  20. HI, Susan, it looks as if you are having a good time. I used to travel solo for business a lot and just loved having time to be on my own in London. I think your swan looks so comfortable because it knows it’s protected by the King (apparently). You can get into serious trouble if you bother them. I also read a while a back that the govt. is trying to figure out why the swan population is decreasing. Great style! You must have fit right in.

  21. Thank you for posting the lovely photos of the scenery, you and your outfits! You look beautiful and your choices are perfect for each occasion; each look exhibits a polished, comfortable, and sophisticated style.

  22. I think that green and brown outfit is stellar. Really beautiful. The rest is nice too of course, but the green and brown one is my personal taste.

  23. Susan, you look wonderful and are such a help with my upcoming travel plans. Just FYI, the bracelets link goes to the jeans! I would love the bracelets source when you can link up.


    Nancy K