More Color, Please!

A Spring travel wardrobe capsule based on navy with lilac color accents. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A Spring Travel Wardrobe Capsule With (More) Color And Pattern…

While a predominantly neutral capsule is my personal preference for travel, many of you have asked for capsules with more color. So I’ve created this 12-piece capsule, a “starter kit” if you like.

First row: Tee (similar) | Blouse (similar) | Shirt (similar) | Tee
Second row: Cardigan (similar) | Tee | Cardigan | Jacket (similar)
Third row: Skirt (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Pants | Pants
Fourth row: Boots | Sneakers (similar)| Loafers (similar) | SandalsPlus options: Tee | Blouse (similar) | Shirt (similar) | Tee
Cardigan | Tee | Cardigan (similar) | Jacket (similar)
Skirt (similar) | Jeans |
Pants | Pants

I’ve kept a similar format to my Neutral Travel Wardrobe, but replaced black with navy, and added Lilac as a Spring accent color. I chose that color because it’s everywhere this Spring, and can be combined with either cool or warm colors. You can always select a different color, depending on your wardrobe and preferences.

If you want to add a second accent color, my suggestion is to choose one that complements the first to provide more styling options. Look to a favorite scarf or print and use those color combinations as a starting point. (For example, the striped shirt in the top row combines lilac, fuchsia, and soft coral tones. The scarf below incorporates some burgundy.)

Travel outfit with navy and lilac. Details and more travel wardrobe ideas at une femme d'un certain age.

Scarf | Earrings | Bracelet | Bag

As with the Neutral Travel Wardrobe, I’ve kept to my ratio of two tops for one bottom. And I’ve kept the bottoms themselves neutral, again going with the concept of “tabletop” dressing. These simple styles should be able to layer well. I’ve also shifted to some lighter fabrics and pieces that may be able to transition from Spring to Summer. But I always suggest being prepared for temperatures 20F/6C over or below averages.

Spring travel outfit with floral top and tan pants. Details and more travel wardrobe tips at une femme d'un certain age.

Earrings (similar) | Bracelet (similar) | Bag

I’ve learned that when the weather is too warm for scarves or layering, a top with some color and/or pattern adds visual interest. Even a simple striped top like the one below can create an outfit focal point.

Travel outfit with navy base and color accents. Details and the full 12-piece travel wardrobe capsule at une femme d'un certain age.

Earrings | Scarf | Watch | Bag

Scarves are an easy way to add color and pattern to a travel wardrobe, too.

Scarf It Up…

How much color do you usually include in your travel wardrobe?

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  1. I recall that some years ago, all the shop windows in Paris were filled with khaki and lilac. A wonderful combo. Glad that palette is back.
    Your selections are nice, in that the lilac is in the tops, so a person could get a few lilac or a few of something else, for variety, while still feeling minimalist with neutral bottoms.

  2. Blondo boots were my salvation earlier this month in Ireland. City chic, comfort and durability all rolled into one!

  3. I’m one who wanted more color shown( and for you to wear more too!) This travel capsule hits it out of the park!

  4. I love the color combinations!! Great inspiration for a re-fresh of my spring wardrobe…just in case spring ever really comes to Wisconsin.

  5. Perfect! Thanks Susan, love your travel wardrobes, gives me a couple new ideas for what I am wearing in Parisin a couple weeks, pink instead of the lavender. Merci!

  6. Thank you for showing some color. I wish I could wear an all neutral color palette, but I just look bland. So a pop of color is really important. I like how you have kept the sophistication of the neutrals as a base. As always, I really enjoy your blog.

  7. Thanks for another great travel wardrobe – by the way, I discovered Reset Clothing through your mention some months ago – I wrote to them and suggested that they use you as an influencer for their clothing as you have such great style, consistent with this brand. They have referred my suggestion to their marketing department, so I really hope they follow up with you!

  8. I love these ideas and I love lilac. But…I always feel like lilac makes me look old. Like grandma old. (For the record, I’m 57.) Is that just me? I’m hoping it is because then I can buy lilac clothing.

    1. Hi MJ, I’ve felt the same way, but have really decided it depends on the piece and how it’s styled. I think a lilac twin set might skew a bit older/more conservative. But as an accent piece, I think it works.

  9. Brilliant — prepare for 20 degrees above or below the average! That’s some great travel advice there. A pop of color is a great idea. My goal is to pack a bit more variety than just my black travel slacks. A gray or a khaki pair would be a welcome change.