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Style blogging in uncertain times…

A few people have asked me if I plan to continue blogging over the next few weeks or months. Quite honestly, I always assumed I would, though realized I’d have to be sensitive and responsive to the changing landscape.

It can be tricky to write about “trivial” topics (like style, beauty, travel, and lifestyle) without worrying that it will be perceived as trivializing the larger, more serious situation. I never want to be insensitive to the hardships that anyone is facing now or in the future.

Yet, I feel as though a thread of normalcy can be comforting when we’re inundated with worrisome news. We need some relief, and thinking/ reading/ writing about what we find enjoyable is one way to find it. It’s not about sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that everything is fine. It’s about giving ourselves a break, and believing that life goes on, and that yes, we can still like pretty clothes and look forward to sandal weather.

Life usually is not all one thing or another; it’s a mixed bag.

Daffodils and a vintage French travel poster. More at une femme d'un certain age.

And a little beauty is good for the soul.

A social space…

With so many of us practicing social distancing IRL, I’m hopeful that blogs like this one can provide an outlet for positive and constructive social interaction. We need each other, and a sense of connection, especially now.

So yes, I’m still planning to continue blogging. I’ll be putting the travel-related content on hold for a while, but otherwise will continue to write about:

  • style (what catches my eye, building a cohesive wardrobe, cute & comfortable shoes, scarf tying ideas)
  • beauty (products, routines, new finds)
  • and lifestyle

If there are any specific topics you’d be interested in reading more about, please let me know and I’ll do my best.

BTW, this Washington Post article by Robin Givhan is a great read, and echoes many of my thoughts about why style matters, even at home.

So as we isolate ourselves at home, our clothes can be our pep talk, an impassioned soliloquy. As we scurry along the street, dutiful in our social distancing, our clothes become glancing waves — reminders that at some point we will speak to each other again.

Robin Givhan

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  1. Please please go on blogging, Susan. Your blogs are always a pleasure to read and very cheering when life isn’t great.

    1. I heartily agree. People have written about art (including fashion) in wartime, and women in Nazi camps have compiled cookbooks from the past while starving. It is very important to human resiliance. The only caveat is not to seem above it all among suffering people. I thank the cat goddess (Bastet) for my tiny black Livia. Even my next-door neighbour is in protective isolation, as he may have met a carrier in his work.

      We have a neighbourhood committee helping people here.

  2. Keep up what with your doing. Pleasant , healthy and positive diversions are mentally and physically healthy. It’s even more important now to seek out the positive. Think of it as a mental health service.

  3. Please continue. The more “distractions” the better and I have more time than ever to read right now. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I’m a long time reader and don’t usually comment but love to read what other people have to say. So Susan I am so pleased that you will be continuing to blog and getting conversations going.

    Here in the UK the over 70s have not yet been told to completely isolate, but we are expecting it, so blogs and the conversations they stimulate will become much more important and it is also interesting to hear how we are all dealing with this unprecedented situation.

    We need fun and uncomplicated things to read about such as fashion (did I really say that fashion was uncomplicated?).

    Anyway thank you for all the hard work you put in to provide such pleasure.

    Susan D

  5. Please do keep it up. We need other things to talk about. Looking good and feeling good about yourself still matters. Thanks for what you do. I enjoy reading it.

  6. Thank you for posting the link to the Robin Givhan article—it really resonated. And thank you for continuing to blog and provide something for us to look forward each day!

  7. Susan, and all: I heartily agree. As of today, I will be continuing to go to work in an office that will be at half-staffing: we will work on alternate workdays to maintain social distancing but also to keep a vital mission going. At work I am trying to maintain a routine and focus. On the days that I will be at home, I will also try to maintain my routine, which includes eating well, working out, trying to get a normal night’s sleep, and enjoying Susan’s and others’ positive outlook and everyday joys. We will get through this together, and although we have to physically distance ourselves, we will be together here, virtually, and in spirit.

    I would have been departing for London one week from today for a week of museums and enjoying one of my favorite cities in early spring. We have postponed until later in the year. London has been there for 2,000 years and it will be there for us when this crisis abates. Thinking of you all.
    Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

  8. I for one am glad you will continue writing during this period. Watching the news does nothing but make me more anxious. Many of us need distraction. So thank you

    1. I agree. It’s great to hear what you and others are reading or watching and what they think about it. I’m especially looking for some light-hearted entertainment to balance out Babylon Berlin and the real-life crisis.

  9. Please continue to blog! There is nothing trivial about joy which your writing gives me, especially when most of what I read is so anxiety producing.

  10. If at all possible… please continue? Your blog is such a happy addition, always, to my day – and would be a reminder of the more normal days ahead….Thank you the feeling of hope and possibilities that your messages bring us all!

  11. I look forward to your posts so much! How else would I have discovered that adorable rose quartz utility jacket from Madewell that I ordered?! Don’t stop the blog, please…

    1. I am usually very averse to pink, but somehow I crave that jacket. I think it would suit my decidedly winter (with a bit of autumn) palette. And the style is splendid. Pockets!

  12. I support your decision 100% and look forward to reading your smart, well written blog! Isn’t it important to keep up with our routines when everything around us is uncertain?

  13. Agree with everyone else – so nice to see nice things. I love that picture of the daffodils, and as you have a good eye, maybe a bit more on interiors, lifestyle, street or other scenes (as perhaps it is true that it’s hard to feel excited about clothes when you feel doom-y and your pension has been halved…). As you say, a little beauty is good for the soul.

  14. Thank you Susan for your thoughtfulness. Please continue your blog. Nothing else seems normal right now. Be well.

  15. Susan, I never thought you would not continue to blog during the pandemic. Your thoughts are very much appreciated as I look for positive thoughts among so much craziness.

    As retailers are limiting store hours or closing for a period of time, we all need to continue to support them (even though our investments may be tanking!).

    How about curating topics like favorite books, favorite movies, what you are having for dinner, what’s good on NetFlix, etc. Besides work, what are people doing to keep busy…

    Just some thoughts. Keep up the great work!!

  16. I am sharing the Robin Givhan article with my very good friends. Thank you and look forward to your new approach. I have been enjoying your blog with my morning coffee for 8 years and have helped me in my travel planning so much. In regard to Givhan’s article, I thought the comments were as interesting as the article itself. After I retired from teaching, I only owned teacher clothes- which were corporate style suits, sweater sets and trousers. I have developed a happy medium in my style of dress, my gym/workout clothes, cotton shirts, slacks and sweaters for errands, corporate casual clothing for meetings and one good suit for more important jobs. The suits I breakdown and rarely were all the pieces together, which works well.

  17. I’m glad you’ll continue blogging. While the virus is horrible (has your tv and email not been filled with virus news?) we can still read and dream and prepare ourselves not just for the next couple of weeks at home but for afterwards when we aren’t physically distanced anymore. I almost like this enforced distancing because I am at home and have time to regroup. How many times over the years I have thought “I wish I had to stay home so I could get things done”. Well, it’s here (not realizing a virus would be the reason!) Clean out the closet, clean up the yard, clean out the pantry, whatever was always on my mind but never had the time to do. For me, all of the above and to catch up on books, movies and blogs. So please keep writing. You were important to me before the distancing, so why not now when I really have time to sit down and read!

    1. Agreed! We can all benefit from this if we focus on these long delayed projects.
      Think about how well we will be prepared for the seasons to come!
      We will eventually be back to “normal”, it may be different, but what better motivation to move forward than with a clean slate.

  18. Hear hear, as they say in England. My thoughts exactly. My outfit shoots are back to Ron and our garden haha. And he swore he would never take my pictures again. Severe times call for severe measurements .

  19. When I woke this morning I thought of your blog and looked forward to it trying to find positive things to deal with. I was happy to read what you wrote about continuing. I even enjoy the links you send about other things to read. It’s great seeing some of the comments from people – like the gal in the UK. It’s interesting to read the personal comments of how people are doing instead of the TV stuff. I have a brother in Italy and his wife reports every morning – we enjoy the contact. She just shares about her daily routine in quarantine.

  20. Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you are continuing to blog; I look forward to your posts; they are a welcome diversion.

  21. Glad to hear you’re continuing. Your blogs and readers’ comments will definitely be spirit raising events in the weeks to come. Our virtual community is a great joy. Thanks for all your hard work and insights!

  22. Thanks for continuing to write, I really enjoy your blog and being able to continue reading about pretty clothes, etc is a nice diversion now.

  23. Your posts are like a ray of sunshine. I have bought some of the items you have recommended and love them! I must have the J Crew cardigan/jacket in 7 colours now, and I must admit to more than one Brahmin handbag. We are the same age, and you recommend perfect choices for looking trendy and tasteful. As we are under lock down it is nice to get some news about how to look nice and how to spice up ourselves and our lives. Please keep up with these lovely posts, I look forward to them and I’m sure many other ladies love them as well. All the best.

  24. Keep in touch! We will all need a healthy diversion! Maybe you can talk about how to shop or rearrange one’s closet when stuck at home:)

  25. Thank you for your sensitive, thoughtful approach to the current crisis. I echo your other readers and look forward to your continued posts. You are so much more relatable than some other bloggers. The future is wildly uncertain and for many of us will not include high end designer items. Trying to stay current in not-so-current clothes would be a helpful post! Sending best wishes to you and all your followers.

  26. It’s very important to maintain a positive, future oriented mind set in these times. It’s NOT the end of the world. Be mindful of the elderly and closed off friends offer help shopping if needed or just check on them. Practice social responsibility as well as social distancing. Some of us are essential workers ( health care)and have to be out and about but if we get sick things could get grim.
    Stay calm and wash your hands.

  27. Please keep writing. We need to maintain whatever connections we can now. Such a strange time for all of us. I see neighbors out walking and in their yards, but we can’t make plans for dinner together. This, too, shall pass. Perhaps post on what long-delayed projects you’re tackling? To give the rest of us some motivation to use our time wisely.

  28. Susan, you said everything so beautifully. Of course, we must keep blogging, and we must be sensitive to the situation, but we all need an outlet. If you read the comments from my blog post yesterday you can sense the need we all have for our community.

  29. I’m glad you’re going to continue to blog and post. We need to maintain as much normalcy as we can during these times. xo

  30. Keep writing – I enjoy reading your posts. Just a suggestion – some of us will be cleaning out closets – some guidance on clothing to retire.
    Another thought – my hairstylist is making kits of touch -up because she is not sure when we will be back in her salon.

  31. Please keep posting your blog. At this time people really will appreciate it – any contact is good particularly if people are isolated,

  32. I am 80 years old with a chronic lung condition,; in everyone’s definition of a high risk group. I enjoy your blog very much so I respectfully ask that you keep writing. Our creator endowed all of us with the marvelous gift of free will. In the event that anyone is offended because they think you’re trivializing this dreadful situation I hope that they will exercise said free will and just stop reading. No harm, no foul.

  33. Oh, please keep writing your blog! it is one of the high spots of my day! we all need a little bit of sunshine in our days now. I am in that elderly group (hate to admit that) so we are hunkering down here in Florida and enjoying books, and more books, and lots of TV. At least here, I can sit outside on my patio in the nice weather! I wish you all well and be safe!

  34. Hi Susan, Just a thanks for your wonderful posts . I read your posts every morning with my coffee and appreciate them all the more during these uncertain times.

  35. YES!! please keep writing. I know I am not alone in reading your column each morning with coffee. We need some distraction form the news. I think I am planning a “pretend” trip to Scotland next week, and then maybe I can really do it next year….BE SAFE

  36. Just adding one more voice to the chorus…please keep blogging, as long as it is something you want to do. Don’t worry about the “triviality” of your subject matter. There are lots and lots of places I can get the serious information I need to help through this crisis. Your blog is one of the happy places I can go to help manage the stress. Please give your cute Coco a hug for me…I miss my cavalier so much right now.

  37. As always, your thoughtful assessment of this situation is insightful and resonates with your readers ( many comments ahead of mine) including me.
    As you said we need each other. Social distancing is tough and we need at least a little bit of relief from the concerns and difficulties of this time.
    Please keep writing.

  38. to agree with everyone — please don’t stop! I love your posts and am too trying to dress as usual even though I’m home — helps my mood and productivity!! Stay safe and calm.

  39. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ditto to all of the above – please keep blogging. We ALL need some normalcy in our lives, and yours is the first thing I read whilst I drink my coffee. Thanks for the WaPo article suggestion. I’ve always “dressed” for my day, whether the “day” be staying home and doing housework, going to a meeting, church, whatever the day brings. Now my days will be home, but I will still “dress”…I will dress in something that brings calm and comfort. Thank you for your calming blog – It’s so needed by so many!

  40. You and my morning coffee just go together. You are a friend and we need to stay in touch (even more so with this social distancing). We all need each other. Please keep writing. Nothing trivial about it!

  41. Thank you for continuing. Life is crazy enough right now and we all need our routines.Reading your blog each morning is part of my routine that I enjoy so much.

  42. Writing is also such a good way to reach out to people. I’m not teaching this week (setting up for online voice lessons to begin next week) so I suspect I may write more. And spend some time figuring out how to do my makeup for online lessons/videos because I did one and shrieked at it.

  43. Thanks for all you do for sanity. That Washington Post article is so on point. When I see a post from you in my inbox it makes me smile to get at it. You feel like a friend I have to connect with and it helps. Stay well and enjoy all the things you can. We will eventually get back to travel and it will mean so much more.

  44. Do continue please. We all need the normal threads of life to remain while everything around feels chaotic.
    As others have said I too will continue to put my make up on and dress appropriately for life. Standards need to be maintained.
    Here in the UK we are warned that London will soon be suffering greatly with the rest of the country a couple of weeks behind. I pray that you all stay safe and healthy xx

  45. Susan, do continue! I haven’t commented in years but I read daily and enjoy it as well as the other comments which make a connection with so many other women! A spring break with our grandson and our upcoming trip to France, church , luncheons and friends gatherings all canceled-so many disappointments! Any part of our daily routine that can remain normal is so important. Once the cold & rain go away I can work in the yard & take long walks-looking forward to that! Stay well & thanks for all you do!

  46. I seem to be in good company when I say, “Please keep blogging!” As we practice social distancing and live in relative isolation, we need rays of sunshine, such as your daily blog.
    You are a smart woman, and I enjoy your blog every day. Please don’t take that away from me, too!

  47. Ditto about keep blogging. I am up for spring interior ideas as well as tips on doing spring projects. Hope Coco is doing better. Happy St. Patrick’ s Day to everyone. ☘️☘️☘️

  48. Dear Susan, your blog is a joy, more so in stressful times. I wouldn’t mind hearing from you and others about favorite travel memories as a way to spark hope for future visits. Meanwhile, in serendipity I had just begun War and Peace so this Bay Area resident is ready for long-term inside activity, and thanks to your inspiration, becomingly dressed.

  49. Oh, Susan, don’t even think about stopping your blog! I can only echo what so many have been saying, your blog is excellent, fun, interesting and just great! Keep going we all look forward to reading it.

  50. Yes Susan, please keep posting. Your posts are always interesting, informational, concise and timely. I would be interested in what your “normal” daily schedule is like and how you make each day productive. Thanks.

  51. I echo everyone else’s comments and affirmations! At a time of extreme uncertainty, your blog is helping all of us by maintaining the community you’ve created. We need community more than ever! Not only do you bring us your wonderful perspective on everything from fashion to film, you bring your readers together (albeit virtually) through these comments.

  52. Susan I agree with everyone: please keep blogging. It’s good to have some beauty and normalcy to look forward to everyday. Be well.

  53. Susan, please continue to blog. I have been confined to my home for well over six months now as I recover from an illness that weakened my immune system and left me at risk if I needed more antibiotics or anti-virals. I’m doing well but will still be under “house arrest” another four months. I
    have found many ways to entertain myself as my busy life came to a screeching halt. One of those ways is to enjoy blogs, including yours. I have looked forward to new posts. I know I have needed these links to normal life and I know we will all need them as we ride out the pandemic. Our brains and our emotions need a respite from dealing with the danger of illness and the worries that it causes. Thank you for the pleasure and the information your posts give us.

  54. Please continue Susan. I look forward to your blog especially now . So after I check emails and reading the latest virus stories! I look forward to your pictures and comments about other stuff. Looking forward to going out again and wearing something else than old house clothes.

  55. So glad to hear you will continue to blog for all the reasons many have mentioned above but I also think you are striking the right note in acknowledging the dilemma, and the current social reality which is scary and tragic. Those who are merrily chattering on about the latest fab outfit with absolutely no acknowledgement of the current context seem to me insensitive and tone deaf. You are anything but so bring on the daffodils and the fashion musings with context.
    I think the landscape of our communities will be changed at the end of this time. We will lose many of the boutiques, cafes and restaurants we cherish so if possible I will find ways to support or patronize them from a distance.
    In the future, we will so appreciate those next trips. Our upcoming one in May (with an appoint at Red Leopard too! ) will surely be axed but am retaining some hope for September. We shall see.
    All best wishes to you and yours.

  56. Love your blog. We could add the books we are reading, the gardens we are planning or the artistic ventures we are creating to ease our stress.

  57. I look forward to your blog each day. I know it is incredibly hard work and I appreciate it so much. I hope everyone reacts to this virus in a way that makes sense to them. I hope everyone can keep the statistics and safety measures in perspective. As a former healthcare professional, I continue to use common sense, great hygiene, alerts from proper healthcare agencies, and perspective and ignore the media storm.
    Your blog is calming and sunny. Thank you and stay healthy! How about some thought on bathing suits and summer tops with sleeves for those of us like me who just aren’t comfortable anymore with so much skin exposure?

  58. Your blog today was sensitive and spot on. It is important to think of other things and look forward to an end to this mayhem. Many of us have cancelled plans and celebrations. But we must not forget the hardships that others are facing that go beyond that. This is a difficult time for all. I am glad we have your blog so we can stay in touch and be beautifully distracted.

  59. Thank you for your blog and for the daffodils! Please continue to blog as you are able and I think all of us who are doing our best to distance ourselves are grateful for word from the outside. Stay safe.

  60. I agree with the other comments. Please blog and share your perspective on the current trends, as you always have. No one is forcing others to read your blog but for many of us it is a source of joy and inspiration. Thank you! Now I’m going to wash my hands

  61. Of course you will keep blogging — you are a writer and that is what writers do.
    Here a topic: What is it like to be a blogger? Surely you did not expect to have such a large and dedicated following. How and why did you start and what have you learned along the way?

  62. Please continue to blog. It really doesn’t matter what you write about. Your blog is an anchor to our femininity, sense of self and normalcy.
    We must not forget our selves. We’re all in this together!

  63. There is nothing trivial about mental health, seeking joy and connection and diverting worry! Reading a well written and thoughtful blog is good for the mind and soul. This respite from the madness is appreciated. We will savour any topic you choose to reflect upon. Thank you.

  64. I’m just adding my voice along with all of your other followers – I enjoy reading your blog and your writing has always been thoughtful. I think that it helps us all to have this community!

  65. Please keep posting, I look forward to it every morning as part of my daily routine!! I enjoy reading your recommendations for fashion, books, beauty, shoes (Oh yes, shoes!!) and will continue to read as long as you feel comfortable and willing to post. Thank you, we are all in this together and need each other more than ever before!!

  66. Please keep blogging, I need you. I am self-quarantined and I need human contact – that’s you and your followers. I need to look at pretty things – that’s the photos on your blog. I need to think about something other than my health and the health of others (and how some people are hoarding toilet paper) – that’s your text. Keep it up, we need you.

  67. During this challenging period of social distancing, your blog is a welcome and enjoyable distraction from the serious issues that surround us. It’s not insensitive or unsympathetic to enjoy a few moments to yourself, reading about things that give you pleasure and that you look forward to when this difficult time passes. Stress isn’t healthy either and “indulging” in stress relieveing activities – even while confined to our homes for the most part – will do us all good. Keep writing!

  68. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for continuing your blog. Here in Northern California we are beginning our shelter-in-place directive today. Staying in touch on our computers is the best and having a normal conversation about what to wear when we finally do get to go on that beach vacation or Europe vacation is fun. We’ll get back there, just not in the next few months.

  69. This morning I got up and put on my fanciest pair of earrings. No one will see except my husband, dogs and cats, but it makes me feel more like myself.

  70. Susan, I have been reading your blog for years–daily. I feel like we need this connection now more than ever. I’m trying to keep structure and normalcy in my life as well. These blogs and the community they create are not at all trivial, no matter what the content, and we can see that now. Thanks so much for continuing.

  71. I do agree with all those who are behind you 100% ! I would ask that you continue to do some travel articles because I plan to travel in the future and love to plan and research.
    Stay well

  72. Susan, thank you so very much for deciding to continue. The daily cheer of your blog is good medicine for all of us. Be well.

  73. Susan, I’ve been thinking about the frivolity of style blogs continuing in such an uncertain world, until I read yours that is. Thank you so much for setting me straight! Please do keep up your inspirational and totally caring blogs. I am certain they will be appreciated, especially in the weeks ahead.

  74. Susan,
    Yes, please keep blogging as you can. Yesterday I returned on possibly one of the last flights out of Paris to the States. Up until Saturday night, Paris was definitely quieter, but still somewhat normal. Last week, children were still going on last minute field trips before schools closed. Sunday, the emptiness was disquieting. I have never seen the city so empty. I could still walk and take in the windows, and enjoy some last few moments. I do not what travel will look like in the future, but have hope that I will be returning to France.
    For now, I am on a self-quarantine as I have returned from Europe. The school where I teach is closed for I do not know how long at this point. Like everyone else, I crave some normalcy. Your travel wardrobe capsules have always inspired and helped me, so even if your travel plans are changing, please keep the ideas coming!
    Every good wish,

  75. Yes, I agree with all the others. Please continue to write your blog as you see fit. Your insight and judgement is always spot on.
    Once again, thank you for all you do – I really appreciate it.
    Suz from Vancouver

  76. Please keep writing your blog for us. Need to have that little pleasure available during this horrible time. Love reading your thoughts, not just about fashion & colors but everything else too.

  77. Susan, thanks for soldiering on during this unsettling time. I started to wonder how people made it through WW2 worn torn Europe & the UK, how people survived the Spanish Flu after WW1 and how people coped during the 1930’s Depression. I remember my grandmother ( born in 1890’s ) telling me she always listened to the Fireside Chats given by Pres Roosevelt & how they comforted one. She told me how bleach was the saviour during the Spanish Flu and even in the 1980’s, she continued to boil tea towels in bleach on her stove despite having a washer & dryer. These stories may seem like downers, but if our ancestors survived those turbulent times, I believe we will too.

  78. I, like many of your readers, are very happy to read that you do plan to continue blogging. A little something to cheer us and take our minds off a very serious world-wide threat is certainly welcome. Planning for the future, when the world rights itself, is good for our souls. I live in the Deep South where it is hot and humid many months of the year. It has been in the mid80’s already and will continue to get warmer and stay that way for many months. Please consider giving those of us in our sixties and beyond some tips for dressing for the extreme heat and humidity while looking smart and staying comfortable. Long sleeves and long pants are definitely OUT!

    Also, while we are all staying in our homes, perhaps you could lead us in book talks and reading ideas.
    We could exchange book topics that we have enjoyed in the comments section. It is certainly a great time to improve our minds!

  79. I think your blog posts provide positivity and normalcy during this time. I look forward to each new post.

  80. This is the first time I have commented on here but I just want to say “keep on keeping on” from Melbourne,Australia.

  81. Yes Susan, please continue to post. I live by myself, and was diagnosed at the end of last year, with a very serious illness. I am definitely in the shelter in place mode. My mind is still going strong, so looking for outlets that provide a few minutes of pleasure. We all know how serious this pandemic is, but I believe we need moments of entertainment and joy. Thank you for helping to provide those.

  82. So happy you are continuing – it is such a joy to read something that does not bring more fear and sadness into our lives at the moment

  83. Thank you so much for soldiering on! Fashion is never out of style. Anyone who finds it trivial can simply take a break. I was hoping for more scarf tutorials. This is a good time to sift through and tweak a bit.

  84. Please keep blogging even if you slow down. As a librarian at our state library agency, I have spent the last two days working at a fever pitch supporting all the public libraries in my state as they slowly close their doors. Actually, not so slowly, it was pretty constant there yesterday as their library boards approved the closures and my heart dropped with each one. Libraries want to always be open and be there for their communities; it is painful for them to close. That said, there are many electronic resources that they provide, Ebooks and downloadable audio and video so that will be wonderful for those with library cards. They also offer wonderful electronic resources for children having to learn at home plus virtual storytimes! They are stepping up for their friends and neighbors.
    My point though is that after two days of crazy at home work plus so much stress that hit all of us like a ton of bricks, you were one of the first places I went today to touch base with my normal life and to feel like I was checking in with an online friend. So please keep blogging. We are going to need you.

  85. Susan, I agree. We all need a respite from the constant news. Keep blogging.

    I am trudging ahead with my blogging and have moved travel-related posts out a few weeks (maybe to be moved further?) continuing the trajectory I’ve been on to build up more lifestyle content. With people (hopefully) staying home there will need to be more content produced and I am excited to see what you bring us. Blogs are a great way to get a glimpse into another location, style, perspective, etc. Thanks for considering your readers!

  86. Definitely keep posting and thank you for doing so! I offer this quote from a favorite artist, Paul Madonna: “In hard times, beauty can seem frivolous-but take it away, and all you’re left with is hard times.”

  87. Perhaps a few ideas on self-pampering while confined in our homes. And not only the physical part but how to relax and soothe our anxieties during this time. Also, this is a good time to tackle some of those projects we have been putting off.

  88. Please continue posting! I think everyone is craving normalcy and contact with the wider world, and I’d appreciate you keeping that window open. Plus, I’m still going to get up and get dressed every day; makeup will probably fall by the wayside for me, but wearing pajamas all the time is not a good recipe for my mental health!

  89. As a recent widow, I was just starting to get out and about. I even bought a new bathing suit and was planing on starting aqua fit. Now everything has been canceled and I find myself confined with only my dog and blogs for company. Please please continue, the days are so long, and I really enjoy your blog. Keep safe Susan.

  90. Thank you so much, Susan, for keeping this community going. I live alone, I am now working from home, and communities like Une Femme now mean more to me than ever.

  91. Continue blogging, please. We really are all in this together, and online social community is ever more important as we move to social distancing in meatspace. And your advice and shopping suggestions are always welcome – we still need to dress, and love inspiration to dress well even if for ourselves, and online shopping abounds! Life doesn’t and can’t stop.

  92. Susan – definitely KEEP writing. Yes, these are challenging times, but if we simply focus on that, then we may as well give up. We need to remind ourselves that “this too shall pass” – which means continuing to discuss and enjoy life’s pleasures – and your blog truly fits into that category.
    Looking forward to more posts!!

  93. Yes, please do keep blogging. I’m guessing the majority of your readers have a closet full of clothes we very much want to wear again. On day 1 of our Social Isolation in CA, am already missing family and friends. This new situation has given me a reminder to appreciate and be thankful for what I do have. It’s a pleasure to see your sunny face three times a week.

  94. Please do keep blogging. While we all need to do our part to be good spouses/partners/relatives/friends/neighbours/socially-responsible citizens (people – stop hoarding food, toilet paper and cleaning products, please! What you overbuy deprives your friends and neighbours!), we also need to have hope and inspiration to carry us through this incredibly stressful time. Thank you for everything you do – you’re my favourite blogger!

  95. Yes, keep on blogging! Blog suggestion: things to do with your wardrobe while stuck at home: One of the things I did was to get a new overlock/coverstich sewing machine. I started to do simple, but more professional alterations (hemming and shortening). I have complained here before about my frustrations about not finding a good source for alterations.

    Using YouTube, I taught myself how to do these things. It took many hours and it was not easy, but what do I have now but a lot of time. I know this is not for everyone, but it may be fun to start something wardrobe-wise you have always wanted to do.

  96. At times like these there is a solace in observing our daily routines. Reading your blog is one one of my more enjoyable routines and long may it continue! Keep up your fantastic work

  97. I work with people who are genuinely struggling with everything from facing unemployment, homelessness and evictions to not knowing if they’re going to work or not on an hourly basis. I’m also in WA state which still has one of the highest death tolls in the country. You have no idea how important your blog is. After a long day, coming home and having the chance to look at some lovely things and read about your day – well it keeps me going. Thank you

  98. Susan, I agree with the above comments as we do need normalcy in our days! You provide a breath of spring time and fun!

    Here is a suggestion: post a sentence on your upcoming blogs referencing with your thoughts of concern for those with issues and provide a link back to this page showing how much your readers support you! You always offer compassion to others so well. Perhaps a heart shape would get the message across. We need to focus on the positives in life and support each other.

  99. Susan, please continue to write your blog. It’s something I look forward to reading and especially so right now.