time for a break…

Musée d'Orsay Paris

Whatever happened to summer as a quieter time to relax, take stock, kick back a little bit? I feel as though I’m still trying to catch up with myself after returning from our travels in June.

Between work, dog emergencies, dental “stuff” (after my last cleaning I’ve been having some severe sensitivities–e.g. “pain”– which my dentist told me yesterday is a normal side effect of routine cleaning when one has receding gums and bone loss, but I digress), and some changes on the horizon with Jeune Homme who turns 18 in a few days, it’s been a challenging few weeks.

And in the last week I’ve encountered some technical glitches with the blog, which though now mostly resolved have required a lot of time to straighten out. I would like to thank you all for your patience. I’ve had to disable one “plug-in” that handled blog subscriptions, so if you’ve not been receiving blog posts in your email the last few days that’s probably why and I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m hoping I may be able to turn this back on in the near future, but in the meantime you can subscribe using the widget in the right sidebar. Just enter your email address and click the “subscribe” button. You’ll then receive an email requesting confirmation; once you do that you’ll begin receiving new posts in your email inbox. If you change your mind, it’s quite easy to un-subscribe.

All this is a preamble to say that I’m giving myself a little blogging break. I’ll have some “encores” of my favorite posts scheduled in case you missed them first time around, and may post if anything particularly inspiring appears on my radar, but otherwise for the next two weeks, blogging will be light. I’ll be using the time to work on future posts and to answer backlogged emails.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer, and that you’ll enjoy the posts I’ll be working on for mid-August and beyond.

Bon weekend!

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  1. Susan I hope you enjoy a well-deserved break. You are very generous in your sharing of tips and a delightful writer, I’ll miss your posts but but I’m glad you are re-energising.

  2. Renew! Rest! Don’t forget to breathe deeply and enjoy the next few weeks. I’m enjoying all of the info you have passed along and look forward to your return. Be well, Dear One.

  3. Well-deserved! Hope you are feeling tip-top again soon– dental glitches are a big bummer, as we all know. Hope you have time to have fun as well as work during your summer ‘sabbatical’. Looking forward to the exciting things you’ll bring this fall…

  4. I’ll miss your posts, of course, but I’m so glad you’re giving yourself a well-earned break, at least in this one small part of your life. Take it easy!

  5. Enjoy your break, you deserve it! And thank you for all your efforts – your blog is one of my daily morning pleasures.

  6. A well deserved break! Thank you so much for all your beautiful posts. I especially appreciated your review of clothing and accessories on sale at Nordy’s. Yesterday I picked up the EF pants that you reviewed. They are true to size and comfortable: keepers! I’m still deciding about the EF booties…
    Take good care of yourself and your family. I look forward to your future posts. XO Sally

  7. Ah, if there is anyone who deserves a good break it’s you. I often wonder how you manage to do all that you do, and still write such an extraordinarily well-done blog. In every aspect. Have a wonderful time, and my thoughts are with you for the changes ahead.

  8. Echoing the thoughts above for a well-deserved, restful time off for you. We’ll miss you, but look forward to the encore posts. Please, can you repost re: hot weather travel wardrobe recommendations? Hope you feel better, and have some good information on the next steps for Jeune Homme. The big hurdles are there–have been there, too. I wish you a gentle, refreshing break.

  9. Take good care of yourself. The first time I read your blog your post mentioned Jeune Homme and I knew perhaps we share something/someone/experiences in common. It can be difficult when you child ages out of the system and/or gets to make his own decisions. Been there. You are a delight every morning. So breathe and take time for yourself as you have taken care of us readers.

  10. Life is never without glitches and it is then that we need to take a break and catch our breath before we can get back to “normal”. Take your time, we’ll be here waiting….

  11. Yours is the first blog I read each day so will miss you. Enjoy your break. I marvel at how you work, look after Monsieur and Jeune Homme and still manage to provide your followers with such an interesting and informative blog. Hopefully when you return I will be in the South of France (Eurostar problems permitting) but will have a backlog of your blogs to catch up on on my return. Have a refreshing break. SusanD

  12. Good for you, recognizing the need for a break. Blogging should be an enjoyable hobby and not feel like another job. Hugs.

  13. As someone who now orders drinks with “no ice” I have great sympathy for your dental issues. It’s very frustrating to me because I have not neglected my dental care at all, and these issues seem to have no end. Try the special toothpaste and give it time, for me it’s taken months, not weeks to get my mouth calmed down. Ignore all the new hype about the cardic dangers of advil, how about the dangers of women with large handbags in constant discomfort from their teeth?

  14. Oooh, technical glitches make me swear. I’m glad things are getting sorted out.
    Clearly, some relaxation is called for and I hope you are able to get some soul-restoring rest during your down time.

  15. Have a wonderful break, well-deserved. I am so honored by your nominating me for your Blogging Hero. It meant so much to me as I have such respect for your work. Thank you and enjoy your break.

  16. This is a well-deserved respite! Your attention to your blog is tireless–even posting when on vacation. I end up taking it for granted that you’re going to have something to share pretty much ALL the time, and spare no thought to the challenges you face in your daily life that are no different from those of the rest of us! The least I can tell you is how much I appreciate the effort, the elegance of your writing style, and your heart.

  17. Congratulations on taking a well deserved break. I can relate to computer glitches, which can make one feel as though everything is out of control. Take care and look forward to your return!

  18. Sometimes all the little “nigglies” add up to one overwhelming “I give up!” with accompanying throwing up of the hands. enjoy your time off, we are with you in spirit!