Un peu de Twist

Karen e-mailed me on Saturday morning, with subject “Twisted Jacket!’  “You have to go check out this Rachel Roy jacket at Macy’s!  It’s great!”   (Remember that I’ve been looking for a lightweight jacket for the warmer months.) She warned me not to let the image at the link deter me, that the jacket in person was much better than the picture.  I’ll admit, if I’d seen this jacket on the rack without looking for it, I would’ve walked right by.  But I’d promised Karen I’d try it, et voilà!  This is another example of a piece that looks much better worn than on the hanger.  I was also wary of the fact that it’s polyester, but it’s a nice light fabric that breathes and is quite comfortable.  And the colors remind me of a watercolor painting.

No, I didn’t buy the matching shorts. 

Here worn with my Gap Edition bootcut jeans (my last remaining piece from Forth & Towne…these are the best looking jeans and I’ll wear them until they fall apart!) a navy BR tee, my Gerard Darel faux pearls (also a bit twisted) and those fabulous Fluevog “Coffee Robusta” pumps (which are still on sale!).

(I think Karen bought this jacket for herself too; hopefully she’ll find her camera soon and show us how she’s styled it.)

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  1. What, you didn’t buy the matching shorts to wear with the jacket?!!!

    Damn, you’re no fun.

    This jacket is looking great with the new hair color, you know? Love the long length o’ navy paired with your little waist-emphasizing topper.

    How’s it feel to be twisty?

  2. This is my favorite outfit so far. The color is great and a cool change from your usual autumn tones. Somehow this is all fresher and sexier!

  3. Brava! You look like a long cool drink of water. I LOVE the necklace, especially since it was my idea 😉

    Keep on twisting!

  4. So slim and slender you look! Maybe some shoes with a heel could be an option? I´m so liking your necklace.

  5. Vix – thanks! I really do like this look.

    materfamilias – thank you. This jacket really is a fun piece to play with.

    Belle – thanks! It’s a really great color and goes with a lot of my other good colors.

  6. Semi-Expat – thanks so much!

    Anonymous – thanks! I’ve been slowly adding more dark blues to the mix, now that I’m over my navy aversion.

    Tiffany – thank you very much! the shorts were definitely twisted, but not a whit of classic there. 😉

  7. fmcgmcllc – thank you. Platforms, eh? I haven’t seen many that I could wear (heels usually too high) but will keep an eye out.

    metscan – thank you! Actually, these are 3″ heels; the angle doesn’t show them well. (Same heel as the L’obsession courant shoes.)

    Make Do Style – thanks so much!

  8. Tessa-Scoffs – she really does have a great eye and a sixth sense for this stuff. Thank you!

    SewingLibrarian – thanks so much! I’m liking these colors too.

    Miss Janey – merci beaucoup Miss J!

  9. L’age Moyen – Thank you. Hopefully those babies are with the UPS man on their way to me…

    Duchesse – thanks so much! I do think the change of hair color has made me want to make other changes and brighten up my look.

  10. Frugal Scholar – thanks! And yes you did. 🙂

    Karen – thank you so much!! Your assessment helped focus my intent, and your eagle eye spotted this great jacket. You’ve started me on a new path!

    LBR – Thanks and yes, I know who Twisted Sister is. 🙂 Karen has really got me going on the Twist!

  11. I could not be more pleased with this look for you. You get to stay classic and classy, but you show a fun side (the watercolor print) and a youthful casualness (the fabric). If you button that blazer under your bust you’ll be vavoom and a tad dressier. You can even add a chiffon scarf and keep your trademark. A hit of orange would be perfection!

    Fantastic work, Pseu!

    Your shape looks perfect. The underpinnings were perfect, and your classic jewelry keeps it ladylike. The shoes are perfect for the jacket. If only we could see those curved heels!

  12. That Karen is good. You and Karen are some “Twisted Fashion Sisters”( and I mean that in a good way. {Tell me that you know who Twisted Sister is.;-}) The jacket looks great on you and your hair continues to floor me. I LOVE it!

  13. The jacket is a terrific find. You are so lucky to have a friend like Karen to help you source the elusive summer jacket. It’s a perfect style for you. Small lapels, single button, soft print. Really uplifts the basic tee and jeans. The slim line of the entire outfit does not look tight at all and really balances your figure. Well done Pseu!.

  14. Faux Fuschia – wow, thank you so much. Coming from you that’s high praise indeed! 😀

    Laurie Ann – thank you! And yes, I’m fortunate that Karen thought of me when she spotted this jacket. It’s a keeper and so is she. She’s a peach!

    JEn – thanks so much!

  15. Wow, that is so good! Your twists on the classics are really shaping up nicely and the combination of the fabric with a classic cut and your lovely new hair has a very contemporary and chic allure.