How to  PERFECT the  French Tuck

What Is a  French Tuck?

A French tuck is a great styling tool to “wrangle” tops that are too long or oversized, and to create some definition.

What Materials to use

Use fabric that’s not too stiff or bulky, and that has some drape.

This relaxed textured sweater adds visual interest.

If you’re going to layer underneath a jacket or cardigan, stick with a softer, lighter fabric.

When it comes to  Layering

Get Creative with the "tuck"

You can also do an asymmetrical tuck, more on one side than the other which creates a nice diagonal line.

Here's a Tip...

Think about your waist line.. Don't do on a high waist pant

"Tuck"-able Styles

I love everything you wear. You know just what touch to add to kick it up a notch.!



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