Wednesday Arm Candy

If I weren’t on a self-imposed-post-vacation spending moratorium, I would be all over this bag. Cole Haan Triple Zip Satchel, $498
And this one:

m0851 Knot bag, $425. I looked at this one in the Vancouver store while shopping with materfamilias, and really liked the design. I was seriously considering it in grey, but I hesitated and they’d sold their only one by the time I broke down and called. 🙁 Probably for the best considering my Visa bill this month…

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  1. We must go shopping together. I’ll hold you back, if you hold me back….then we’ll both just buy it any way LOL!

  2. Sher – sounds fabulously dangerous!

    Arabella – I like the tassel (LOL @ Cardinal Wolsey!) but the nameplate would have to go. But I too have grown tired of excessive hardware and designs and obvious logos.

    Rita – me too!

  3. Duchesse – aaayyyyiiee, don’t tempt me! My shaking fingers keep moving toward the phone dial!

    Frugal – I find Cole Haan bags to be extremely functional, very well made. The leather is also exceptional. They’re not cheap, but considering what some will pay for designer bags, they seem to be a relatively good value for the money.

  4. materfamilias – well maybe. The store did think they might get more in later this month, so my battle with temptation may be extended. I may lose it.

    LBR – I have one grey bag (a Gerard Darel) and have found it to be the MOST versatile of colors. I can wear it with anything! This bag is particularly gorgeous in the grey.

  5. Miss Janey – oh yes!

    sisty – The m0851 bags are made in Montreal. I can’t say for sure about the Cole Haan, but I’ve come to the philosophy that I don’t care so much *where* it’s made (as long as we’re not talking sweatshops) as long as it’s *well* made. And the Cole Haan bags are VERY well made. Even many designer brands that claim to be made in Italy or France are actually made in China and may have a handle or nameplate attached in the supposed country of origin. An interesting book about this is Dana Thomas’ “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster.” A real eye opener!

    Sal – sumptuous is a great work to describe it! The bag is smooshy and the leather is a delight.

  6. Nice. These take care of all my handbag No-Nos: contrast stitching (unless it’s Western style), visible logo, great clunking bits of metal.
    I’d have to get rid of the tassel on bag # 1 though – a bit Cardinal Wolsey…..
    Can’t afford either of them of course but it’s fun to imagine!

  7. The Cole Haan bag has the detailing of a gorgeous dress. Lovely. And, ooh, bag two in grey would be fantastic.

  8. I can’t help it, call me a hopeless snob, but I can’t bear the idea of spending $400 for something that was made in China. The design and color are great, though, it’s just something about the manufacturing that holds me back.

  9. That knot bag looks positively sumptuous! Sorry you missed out on it … though it sounds like it was a financial stroke of luck.