The one accessory I never travel without…🧳

I’ve begun planning some travel for the coming months, and am really looking forward to it! Fall is my favorite season to travel, and I have two trips scheduled in October and November. Details to come, but here are a few hints…😉

Eastern Sierras in fall. Details at une femme d'un certain age.
Convict Lake in the Eastern Sierras. Details at une femme d'un certain age.
Cafe on Ile St. Louis in Paris with red chairs.
Susan B. in an orange jacket next to a London phone booth with a red bus in the background.

Whether I’m taking a short road trip or longer voyage, there’s one accessory I always pack:

Women’s scarves for travel

This cashmere-silk leopard print scarf from BLACK Luxury Accessories, has been with me on all of my travels over the last few years. It’s lightweight but warm, and looks great with all of my travel outfits.

It’s also available in navy, and a black & white colorway for those of you with cooler palettes.

These cashmere-silk scarves are gossamer light and take up next to NO space in your carry-on bag. They’re perfect to have on hand for fluctuating cabin temperatures. They’re also washable (in a lingerie bag, cold water, gentle cycle, line dry) .

For a limited time, everything at BLACK Luxury Accessories is 15% off. So if you’ve had your eye on one of these, or other accessories, now’s your chance to save before your next trip! Shipping is fast and free on all orders over $175.

And stay tuned…for those of you who love color, I’ve been working with BLACK on a collection of leopard print 🐆 scarves for each seasonal color palette! Look for details soon. 👀

If leopard print isn’t your thing, there are lots of other gorgeous colors and prints to choose from.

For more travel wardrobe ideas and packing tips, be sure to visit my Travel Wardrobe Resource Hub!

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  1. I just thought I’d check in and say again that I love your casual, comfortable style. I too like scarves, especially when I am traveling. They make me feel cozy when there is a breeze that makes me just a little too cool. Since I live in Florida, that happens in most of the rest of the not-hot parts of the world. The variety of colors and patterns in scarves allow me to experiment endlessly in small ways. Have a great traveling fall. We will have to wait, since my husband is a teacher and must stay in town now, but in December we will have almost a month in New Zealand and Australia, and I will no doubt have a few scarves tucked in the corners of my suitcase! Bon voyage!

  2. Clearly, you’re headed for Paris. Perhaps the mountain trip is to Telluride or Taos? (I lived in Taos for ten years, and these aspen trees remind me of Northern New Mexico.)

    I’m very happy for you that you’re getting out again.


    P.S. You are so right about scarves. And Paris is where I always splurge on another scarf or shawl from you-know-where!

  3. Oh Susan, how wonderful you will resume traveling again. So good for the soul and heart healing, after the loss of your husband. So, Paris and London and…? Will be enjoying your pre travel planning. I find the planning as much fun as the trip!

  4. Do you have a suggestion for a lightweight raincoat? I live in northern CA and would rarely need one, but we’re going to Scotland next Fall. I am about 5 ft 7” and would prefer something that came to my knees.

    Thank you!

    1. We were in Scotland in June and my raincoat was invaluable. Sometimes for rain, but often for wind protection and just an added layer in slightly chilly weather. I bought mine online from a New Zealand company called Moke.

    2. I can recommend Rains as a good lightweight raincoat for travel. Mine is their hooded, belted trench coat style in olive, which I can dress up or down. I am 5 ft 2” and it is mid-calf on me.
      Best wishes,

  5. Very timely! I’ve gotten back into scarves lately. I hadn’t heard of this brand and they sound lovely, so I’ll definitely be checking them out!

  6. I love the scarves, but do they come in a smaller size? I’m broad shouldered and big busted. I don’t need to add bulk to my upper body.

  7. I absolutely agree with the scarf. I bought it last year after I saw you wearing it. It’s perfect, very lightweight ,warm , and lots of compliments when I wear it

  8. More than anything–even Paris!–I associate you with beautiful scarves. And these scarves (and shawls) from Black are exquisite. Last year I purchased one of the seasonal color ones you helped create and fell in love. (So much so that I ended up giving Black scarves for most of my holiday gifts! And, uh, kept a few more for myself, yikes.) The cashmere-silk version is so light, as you said, yet so warm. The size is indeed phenomenal for travel. The all-cashmere ring shawls are true works of art. And the basketweave cashmere shawls/scarves are so soft and warm. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan–for cuddling up at home as well as for travel. Thanks so much for introducing us to Black! Enjoy your travels this fall.

  9. How exciting to do a fall trip in the Eastern Sierras…I believe that was Convict Lake in the second image, and a trip to France!! Two of my favorite places as well.
    I’ll be looking forward to your “what I’m packing” posts, and images from each place.

  10. So glad that you’ll be traveling again! When I saw today’s title and photos, I assumed that you’d be writing about cross-body bags… something I never travel without. Scarves are also a travel essential though.

  11. It looks like Paris, London and…..? I don’t know. The mountain photo reminded me of my family’s trip to Colorado this summer. We loved it.
    I grabbed a scarf to wear to work today because of this post!
    Hope your scarf collection turns out great. Give the autumns something interesting!
    Most of our vacations are not dressy and I under accessorize. I do like to buy accessories while traveling, though. I bought a pair of inexpensive earrings at a shop in Boulder, CO. I like hearing about the things you bought while traveling, too.

  12. I very happy to see you will be traveling soon. I know it has been a difficult time for you.
    looks like you will be visiting Paris and England on one of your trips. I always read your post and always learn something. I appreciate all the time you spend helping and suggesting things so we look our best without a lot of fuss. Enjoy your travels and please take us with you by sending updates while traveling

  13. Ha! I went to the website for the scarf—and what do I find there but YOU as one of the models for the scarf! What a fun discovery. It’s a good choice for the brand to have both models and real customers who wear their scarves. The blue and white toile would make a good throw for the living room… hmmm

  14. Obviously, your upcoming destinations include Paris and London. I’m not sure about one of the photos…it could be a number of places.

    This fall and winter will be good times to visit Paris. I read that hotel rates in Paris will increase by 80% in the immediate lead up to and during the 2024 Summer Olympics. Reportedly, rates will triple for AirBnb-type accommodations. I lived/worked abroad for many years, and I know that there are differences in living vs. visiting a place. That said, have you ever considered moving to Paris? It certainly is a grand city. Most of all, I’m happy for you that you will once again travel to your favorite place/s.

    If I can figure out a good color (winter/jewel), I may purchase a cashmere silk scarf. 🙂

  15. Susan, I am interested in your travel now that you tragically lost le monsieur. I too was widowed in January this year. Curious to see where you’re going.

    But I have wanderlust – three years mostly without travel due to the pandemic and his illness, and only driving trips. I moved temporarily to Arizona from my normal Seattle and I’ve done solo road trips to Vegas and Flagstaff, with Tucson and Albuquerque next month. Visiting LA in November and I’m taking my kids to Mexico in February.

    But, my daughter is worried about me traveling alone to Europe, so I’ve booked a British Isles cruise in 2024. I’ve been to England but have always wanted to see Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Cruising isn’t my favorite thing but the stops in Edinburgh and Inverness were key for me. And it leaves from Southampton, where a good friend lives.

    Happy travels to you and all.

  16. Hi Susan, Looks like you have some wonderful fall travels ahead. When I saw today’s title I had a feeling you were going to feed my scarf addiction and I was right! I wish we could wear them more often down here in our San Diego weather, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. I’m hoping for some chilly weather once we leave October behind..

  17. Scarves are the perfect travel accessory! I forgot to pack on for our recent river cruise in Portugal, but really didn’t need it (beautiful fall weather – not too hot, not too cool). However, I did purchase one while there (one of favorite “souvenirs”). Very happy that you are traveling again. It’s what your dear late husband would want since you both enjoyed travel so much. Enjoy Paris, London and I’m guessing somewhere in Colorado. Can’t wait to hear the details. Safe and happy travels!

  18. Glad to see you are headed back out to travel especially to Paris! I agree about the #1 accessory for travel! Enjoy!

  19. Paris, London, Yay!!! Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to seeing how yo get ready for these trips and what new things you discover and share with us.

  20. I bought the blue leopard scarf on your recommendation last year- best purchase ever! Warm when double-wrapped around my neck on cool spring nights, and also was a great cover up over a black t shirt dress in the summer. Thank you!

  21. Dear Susan,
    Wonderful news to hear that you’ll be travelling again soon!
    I enjoy following along, thank you for sharing your trips and tips.
    Best wishes,
    Julie xx
    P.s. Come to NZ!

  22. Thank You Susan! Do you use a hanging toiletry bag? If so, do you like it and do you have a recommendation?