Festive-Not-Fussy In Winter White

Style blogger Susan B wears a fringed cardigan, gold jewelry from Chicos. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Here we are in the Holiday Home Stretch…Hanukkah starts Sunday night and Christmas is just a week away. Are you ready?

Many thanks to Chico’s for their sponsorship of this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

I remember as a kid, really enjoying that delicious sense of anticipation as we reached the second half of December. As an adult, I’ve often been so caught up in (and stressed out by) all of the “to-do’s” that I’ve missed it.

Over the years I’ve found that a lot of the things I felt I “should” do weren’t really necessary at all, and just added to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve tried to simplify wherever I can, so I can have time to relax and enjoy the season.

Most of our friends and family have gradually let go of elaborate gatherings and traditions. We’re a relaxed and impromptu bunch, even for the holidays. So I try to have a couple of Festive-Not-Fussy casual holiday party outfits ready to go. (Which makes one less thing to stress about!)

Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age wears a casual holiday party outfit with a fringed cardigan and gold jewelry.

Winter White: A Casual Holiday Party Outfit

Cardigan (c/o) | Top | Necklace (c/o) | Jeans | Bracelet (c/o) | Bracelet (c/o)

A neutral holiday outfit doesn’t have to be black! I love the elegance of a tonal look, here in Winter white and taupe. The gold jewelry adds a festive touch.

I really like this cardigan (gifted)! It’s lightweight but warm (and a wool-free cotton blend!) and moves nicely when I walk. I’m wearing size 0 Petite. (Chico’s has their own sizing system, see charts here.) The bateau neck top is a nice lightweight knit that isn’t clingy and layers well, also 0P.

Many of you have recommended the Chico’s So Slimming jeans, so I decided to try them for myself. These are the Straight Leg style, and I’m wearing size 0 Short. (Had hemmed an additional inch.) I really like these and will be trying more styles. The fit in my usual size is relaxed; if you prefer a more fitted look I’d advise sizing down.

Detail: a gold and pearl tassel necklace worn by Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age.

I love a bold necklace, and this one (c/o) creates a nice focal point and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Detail: style blogger Susan B. wears gold bracelets and a textured cotton cardigan. Info at une femme d'un certain age.

These gold-tone bracelets (c/o, here and here) can be worn on their own or layered.

(Cardigan and jewelry were gifted from Chico’s.)

Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age wears a casual holiday party outfit with a fringed sweater and gold jewelry.

Chico’s has a fantastic selection of styles that are easy to dress up or down for all of your holiday celebrations, and carries a wide range of sizes (including Petites, yay!). And if you’re still looking for some last-minute gift ideas, Chico’s has gifts for every budget

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  1. Nice looking outfit – without black, red or green.
    I like Winter Whites for the long January-April season. These look like good starters for what’s coming up.

  2. I do love Chico’s! The jeans do “grow” as you wear them, sizing down is a must! Whenever I wear a Chico’s outfit my husband compliments me- never fails

  3. This look is fantastic. I am not big on festive sweaters etc. so usually wear jewel tones or such for Christmas time. The fringe on the cardigan is the fun touch for your style and must feel great when you move. Chico’s outfits are great!

  4. Winter white is so flattering! I like the color of those pants. Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration. Have a happy holiday!

    1. Yes, you do, but it isn’t flattering for all. I prefer cool grey, and of course, colours that are deep without being muddy. I’d have to carry a cat-fur brush everywhere in winter white (she is solid black and VERY cuddly). Climate is also an important factor.

  5. You look great! Happy holidays to you and your family. I love Chicos and the cut and sizing works for my body type.

  6. This is such a classy look on you, Susan! As much as I like your new colour palette, these soft neutrals really exude elegance. I adore your bracelets and would also wear them, but in silver because I’m a classic winter-very suitable for where I live in freezing snowy Canada!

  7. Love this outfit on you, not just the color combination, but the brighter textures and the “movement” of the sweater. Very flattering!

    1. Simple and chic, love it!! (I’m thinking, shouldn’t we be pronouncing Chico’s as ‘Sheecos?’) We’re going to a holiday party this Saturday, so I’ll keep your expert advice in mind as I shop my closet. If I lived near a Chico’s, I’d be on my way to get this outfit!

  8. Ah, your signature look — sweater/coat, long necklace and all. I’ve really enjoyed your wanderings in other directions this past year, but I guess we all come home — in one sense or another — for the holidays! May they be happy ones for you and your family.

  9. You look fabulous in this outfit! Fresh and glowing. I have always liked winter white as a holiday color choice. Especially since the traditional red and green aren’t in my soft autumn color palette. I also like blue for the holidays but would prefer softer blues then the jewel tones usually seen at this time of year. Your outfit is a fresh look for the season. I hope you enjoy a happy holiday!

  10. Hi Sue, what a beautiful & chic Winter look. It looks especially pretty with your skin tone & hair color. p.s. your hair looks great!

  11. Sorry but I think this outfit makes you look larger than you are. The top under the fringed jacket is certainly not flattering. I love the colour of the jeans but the winter white on white doesn’t work.

  12. That’s a beautiful outfit.

    Many young people tie themselves in knots over the holidays — working so hard at it that the occasion becomes depressing rather than happy. That’s sad. I’m with you — we should enjoy ourselves this time of year, not get too wrapped up in chores and duties.

    Merry Christmas, Susan.

  13. Susan,
    You look fantastic in this outfit.I have watching your style transition after
    your Red Leopard consultation very closely.It was a great investment.
    Your new colors just make you so much lighter and younger.
    I am in the “ black trap “ for a myriad of reasons- it makes you look slimmer,elegant ,easy for travel etc but as I watch your metamorphoses
    I realize that black really makes one disappear and does no ones coloring any favors ,especially as we get older.
    Thank you!

  14. Good reminder to enjoy the holiday instead of trying to make it perfect. The comment about looking larger than you are in the white on white top and sweater made me shake my head. You look adorable in that outfit…thought we women were past criticizing our sisters on their size…Have worn Chico’s jeans for a long time. Have some still in circulation from at least 10 years ago. I wear them with the entire gamut of tops from hoodies to beautiful tailored designer jackets, rolling the cuffs up or down depending on the sandals, shoes, or boots. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you magnificent women out there!!!

  15. What a flattering and festive look! I love the fringed cardigan, the understated elegance of tone on tone winter white, the accessories and the proportions. The palette is gorgeous and highlights your coloring perfectly. Other than their travel line, and a few exceptions, I tend to think of Chico’s in terms of dated and unflattering patterns for women a generation older than me, but your post has inspired me to give them another try.

  16. What a chic combination. I disagree with your reader Pam that this outfit makes you look larger. The long lines of the cardigan and the long line of the fun necklace create a tall image. I think it is a very nice combination which suits you.

  17. I love this outfit on you! And thank you for your 12/21 post about wearing what makes you happy not just what makes you look smaller. Like Janet said In the above comment, I’m also stuck in the “black trap.” I would love to wear winter white or cream or a lighter color near my face, but I’m always self-conscious about the attention it brings to my upper body. I’m going to try hard in the new year to get out of the black trap!

    While I’m not a fan of Chicos more over-the-top styles, I love a lot of their basics and their long necklaces. This fringe-y cardigan is really cute! And I swear by their microfiber tanks in many colors…I wear one of those almost every day!

  18. You GLOW in this outfit. I think the proportions are just right for you. And agree with your other readers that the colors in no way make you look “large”. To the contrary, I think these colors are very flattering and let me see YOU.

  19. At the last minute as I was dressing for a party, instead of my skinny black jeans and spangly sweater I wore a fringed white knit poncho and white trousers. a massive silver and turquoise bracelet was my only adornment. I have never had so many compliments! Where the same outfit a week later and got the same reaction.

  20. I’m late to reading this post. But damn, girl, I love you in these colors! It’s like you turned all the stage lights on yourself. 🙂 Great choice and pairing of colors and lengths.

    BTW, you look pleased as punch in this photo. I’ll have what you’re having. 🙂

    Happy New Year!