Casual vendredi…

Casual vendredi

SO very ready for le weekend…

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  1. I especially love the Mulberry bag and the Kelly Caleche perfume, which I tried in a sample and now love so much I am buying a bottle. I better get it from Sephora because if I step into an Hermes boutique, I know I will leave with something more than perfume! Have a great weekend. XO, Jill

    1. @jill815, be sure and try both the EDT and EDP versions. There’s a subtle difference. I prefer the EDP, a bit “deeper” and more complex, but some prefer the EDT. Enjoy!!

  2. Love the color combinations, but I must admit, my “casual” currently includes an addiction to the most gorgeous jewel-toned jeans, perfectly fitted, an ebullient teal, picked up for a song at Tar-gé.

    Perfect for casual that goes “up or down” – great for Fridays or the weekend.

  3. What a lovely outfit. I looked at the sweater on the website. I like how they call it an “earthy” color. Makes me think of fall. Ah, some cool air!