Sheri, Sheri Baby

Yes, you can.

If you’ve been operating under the belief that you can’t wear skinny jeans, you really need to try the “Sheri Skinny” style from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. They’re not painted-on skinny, but are more narrow and tapered than straight-leg jeans. They’re very comfortable and flattering. (I’m wearing mine above, in Aubergine.)
NYDJ Sheri Skinny “Baltic”
They’re available in several denim washes, as well as colored twill and even prints.

NYDJ Sheri Skinny “Venetian Rose”
NYDJ Sheri Skinny “Python”

I love how these look and fit so much I’ve had to exercise severe restraint to keep from purchasing a multitude of colors and finishes. Yes, they even have a coated version…

NYDJ Sheri Coated “Elderberry”

And no “Butt Bling” on any of these!

I bought my first pair of NYDJ denim a few years ago, as they were one of the few brands I could find that didn’t have a very low rise. They were great for basic jeans, but mostly nothing to write home about style-wise. I also found the fits to be frustratingly inconsistent, and hems (especially on the bootcut styles) way too short. Recently though, I’ve really been impressed with how NYDJ has stepped up their style, and that they seemed to have addressed the issue of inconsistent sizing. (Though I find the sizes overall run a bit large, the fit now seems to be consistent from pair to pair.)  If you order from the NYDJ website, shipping within the US is free. They are made in the USA and pricing reflects that, though they are less expensive than most “premium” jeans and often can be found on sale at various retailers.

Have you tried Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, or do you have another go-to brand for jeans?

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  1. I am still having trouble with sizing. So I try on every pair I buy. I would hesitate buying online because of fit.

  2. I’ve heard good things about NYDJ – and I am still on the look out for a new pair of jeans, after an unsuccessful shopping expedition in NYC earlier this year. The aubergine colour is lovely, perfect for autumn.

  3. I’ve tried them, recently. I now own 2 pairs and I have to say the fit is superb. The rise is so well drafted, it really does flatter. You look great in yours!

  4. I love this brand, good fit and comfort without that teeny tiny rise the young girls like. I found the length to be a bit too long – but I am not a tall person. Lucky also has a style with a medium rise that fits me well – I am very short in the body so YMMV.

  5. Now if only they’d change the name!
    Yours look fabulous on you — I’ve found a J-Brand skinny with a medium-rise that I like, have bought 2 pairs of, but would definitely look out for the Sheri after seeing these on you.

  6. I just recently bought a pair. I bought 2 sizes smaller than what I’d normally buy. I do think they’ve improved the cuts– more modern than I remember from a few years ago.

    At first I didn’t think they really fit better than other cheap jeans I own, but I can’t believe how many people lately have asked me if I lost weight– and every time, I happen to be wearing these jeans. So I plan to buy more.

    The quality is not the best, though, in my opinion. I have to wear a belt to keep the waistband from rolling.

  7. I wear 7FAM usually but no skinnies so far. However, having bought a pair of moto boots, I now need something to tuck into them. And I’d been thinking AUBERGINE! Another sign we’re on a converging track? Thanks a million for the recommendation.

  8. I’ve worn NYDJ for years because I love the rise. They really are very comfortable. I also like CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans. They don’t have quite as much Lycra but still a decent rise.

    1. @cigalechanta, I’ve fixed the link. I find I get the best fit when I purchase one size smaller than what I consider my “normal” size. They’ll be snug when I first pull them on (not constricting, just snug) and seem to shape themselves to my body after a few minutes.

  9. These jeans fit you perfectly and I love the denim washes that you show. How could you possibly resist when they look so good on you? It’s difficult to find the fit, design and varying colors in a pair of jeans.

  10. I have a question for those of you thrilled with your NYDJ… Did you buy the size that matches your measurements on the website size chart or did you size down from the size your measurements suggest? Inquiring minds must know!


  11. I know this sounds implausible but it’s true. I am plus size so I wasn’t sure how skinny jeans would look good and wasn’t sure about finding things to cover my upper thighs, butt and tummy. The usual style bootcut seemed so frumpy. So I bought a very dark navy pair online from Old Navy and a black pair online from Target.

    In both cases I needed to go a size up. but the jeans have a higher lycra content than most other styles and are VERY comfortable. Give it a try; for well under under $40 you can be hip and happenin’!

  12. I have never tried them on, but I admit this post convinces me that I should. YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN THESE! I am the same way that when I find a jean that looks great, I want more of the same! I am glad I read the last quote though…now I know to seek them out locally and try them on!

  13. They are the only jeans I can wear. I have about 5 pairs in all. Unfortunately they do not do all the styles in the UK. I will check out the Sheri.

  14. Haven’t tried them, the name is clever, yet turned me off. But yours look so great, I may try them on, especially the Sheri.
    Right now, I’ve been wearing Adriano Goldschmidt (misspelled?) I like them because they don’t have a lot of lycra.

    1. I came back to look, because the first time, I really liked the python and thought I hadn’t had my coffee yet? But no, now I have and I still like them – a lot!

  15. NYDJs are a life-saver for me – I’m high waisted and cannot wear a low or even medium rise. And they are very tush flattering. Even for 63 year old fried egg buns. Alas, skinnies just emphasize how top heavy my body is – I need boot cuts to balance things out.

    I also can wear some Ralph Lauren or Miraclebody.

  16. Wondering if they’ve fixed the “baggy saggy” problem. I purchsed two pairs a couple of years ago and they were too tight when I put them on in the morning but were literally falling off my hips by bedtime. I complained to NYDJ, but didn’t get a response. Have you found these hold their shape through the day?

  17. The style is looks a lot better than the boot cut on you.
    Finding just the ” perfect ” jeans is s o difficult..
    I experimented on red pants, only to discover, that I can´t wear colored pants.

  18. I checked out the NYDJ in a local shop–or tried to. They said the co was sold a few years ago, so they no longer carried them. The sizing used to be very inconsistent. Maybe this is one of the rare times that the big company buy out improves things.

    I’ve been wearing skinny jeans and I think they are quite youthifying (????). My students even complemented me!

  19. I tried these on yesterday and they are not right for my shorter legs and bigger thighs. This gal can not wear skinnies in any shape or form. I think they look perfect on you and they definitely are a good purchase for you. I find Ralph Lauren Jeans in the classic fit to work well for me or Jones Of New York.

  20. Your post had me excited to go check out NYDJ’s website. But $110 for a pair of jeans?!?! Wow!!!! Oh, but they do look good. But I still have two teenaged eating machines (sons) and I could just see the look on their faces when I tell them I couldn’t afford food this week because mom got a new pair of jeans.

    Actually… that look might just be worth the price. 😉

    Have a great day!!!

  21. I have a pair of NYDJ and really like them. I also have a pair of French Dressing Jeans that I like even better. Very ,very comfortable and flattering.

  22. I bought the “Marilyn” in red from Nordstrom during their summer sale for a good price. I really love them, and had never tried the brand before! Thanks, Deja Pseu!

    I just scored a “Sheri Skinny” in Elderberry for $34.99 and a “Marilyn” sueded denim for $34.99 at ( They offer free shipping, too! (You have to pay for returns.) If you know your size, there are some great buys!!

  23. carries NYDJ at sale prices with free shipping. Payment may be made using PayPal. I do like the NYDJ denim…so comfortable!


  24. My absolute favorite NYDJ’s are the Sheri skinny. When you are plus size though, they really aren’t skinny, more slim leg. The bottom leg opening is 14″ so they aren’t too tight at the ankle. I have red, teal, cheetah print, and black coated. They have a new pair that looks like leather and I am dying for them, but alas, they have no plus size!
    I wear my usual size in them 18W. I find the smaller sizes too constricting, even though they do stretch out some, it is not enough for my comfort.
    They are expensive, but can be found on sale (Nordstrom and 6pm both have good sales) and to me they are worth it. It is very hard for a plus size woman to find jeans that fit nicely and these certainly do!

  25. my absolute pair of jean are gloria v.I dont need to try then because I know they are perfect for my body I use then sinse 1978 love the classic cut color evething I will never change por any other brand never I remember that I use to paid for gloria v.$100 o more but thet dont my to me becouse I adore this lane and my body too.