Casual vendredi

Quand il pleut...

A little rainy Paris fantasy…those boots are actually rain boots; aren’t they clever? The leopard-lined trench is from Talbots.

And here’s a video of an absolute deluge (not quite so “fantastic”!) from a few days ago in Paris (h/t ParisDailyPhoto):


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  1. That’s “my” old Metro station when I stayed in Montmartre!! It’s the Lamarck-Caulaincourt stop, always a challenge to haul your bag up those steps. And watching Parisiennes in their high heels skid down those steps in the rain and landing splat! at the bottom made me glad, for once, to be middle-aged and wearing sensible shoes.

  2. I was in that deluge and I just posted a video of it that my husband took – check it out!

    PS: Love those boots. Got some sort of like them in Amsterdam yesterday…

  3. A new Talbots catalog arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. I noticed that they have begun using one “curvy” model (in other words, not stick thin) in some photos. But, she is featured very sparingly, to my disappointment.

    We need rain badly in Texas–very badly. We haven’t been out to our farm in three weeks and I have heard that there are many dead trees and that many of my perennials have died in spite of our automatic sprinkler on the flowerbeds. I am steeling myself as we are going there tomorrow.

  4. Rain??? Come on…the sun has barely come out this summer. It is damp and dreary every morning where I live.
    Bring on the Santa Ana winds!

    I like the trenchcoat though…

  5. We have a Talbot’s outlet store in my small resort town. ditto Gap, JCrew, Banana Repub. What we do not have is a decent reliable shoe store. I miss that as I adore shoes. Our TJ MAXX, which has unbelievable purses (incl occasional Dooney & Burke, Adrienne Vittadini & others) no longer carries decent shoes. Well, they’re okay if you like a 4-5″ heel, gladiator sandals or appropriate for more temperate weather all year round. Fun to see your choices. Fun to hit the outlets during “off” season.

  6. Hi there, nice to meet you, Jody here came through Bourbon and pearls. I’m 50 next year so am looking forward to living as fabulously as yourself. Love that umbrella too!

  7. California Girl, I think the shoe store problem is everywhere now – when I complained to a saleswoman in the shoe department at Dillard’s about the lack of low and mid heel heights, she answered that she hears that many, many times from other customers. But, the Buyers don’t care! So now I mostly shop for shoes online.

  8. I do not think I remember what rain looks like…hopefully deluge will be our autumn word. We so need it. I want a trench really bad, but just cannot see needing one at this point…I hope that changes so much!!

  9. Hi Rita! thanks for your comment to my comment. hahahaha!

    I’m going through my emails and deleting and saw your response. You’re right. The buyers don’t care.

    I did my first online shoe buying this summer. ordered 3 pair. One fit. It’s very difficult to fit clothes or shoes without trying on first because the sizes are no longer consistent from manufacturer to manufacturer. But the options online are great. I’ve been a stickler for leather all my life but if someone could convince me to buy synthetics that will breathe and have some give, I’d go for them. Leather purses and shoes are gorgeous and wonderful but the sooner we all get away from killing animals for our fashions the better.