Classics With Cool

Wayfarer sunglasses.

Chuck Taylors.

Bold hoop earrings.

Frye harness boots.

Cartier tank watch.

YSL “Le smoking”.

The slim black pant.

Crossbody postman’s bag.

Chanel No.19 Eau de Parfum.

Vodka martini, straight up with olives.

“Classic” doesn’t have to mean conservative, stodgy, buttoned-up. Classic can be cool, and even edgy.

What are your favorite Cool Classics?

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  1. (What fun!)

    Emerald-cut diamonds
    Campari & soda
    Hot dogs (with everything)
    Handmade Italian sandals from Capri
    Duffle coats
    Red lipstick
    Fiat 500
    Ry Cooder
    Cashmere scarf

  2. High thread count white sheets.

    Caesar salad, made with the original recipe, at home.

    Pimm’s and fresh lemonade in summer.

    Tennessee Williams.

    Alfred Hitchcock films.

    Ella Fitzgerald.

    Mama’s pearls.

    A lovely black cotton shift.

  3. Some of my Cool Classics include:

    White jeans
    Black cashmere turtlenecks
    Pencil skirts
    Riding boots
    Glen plaid trousers
    Black stilleto pumps
    Scotch on the rocks!

    Tres chic, n’est ce pas?

  4. Ballet flats
    Hot dog with mustard from a cart in NYC
    MG convertible in BRG
    Leather blazer
    Silk scarf worn in the hair
    Red lipstick
    Nancy Wilson, “Something Cool”

  5. you’ve just listed some of my own “cool classics”:
    slim black pants
    chanel parfum…although i’ve forgotten how no. 19 smells…must revisit this classic scent.

  6. Simple pearl earrings.
    Chanel No. 5 (although I love it, No. 19 is a more edgy, recent choice!)
    Khaki pants
    Keds boat shoes in white
    After dinner mints
    white linen pants
    little black dress
    I’m with you on the Cartier tank watch, the wayfarers, and the martini.

  7. Hermès double-tour Cape Cod watch,
    Burberry trench,
    dark denim clean-lined jeans with white v-neck T,
    a Negroni,
    Bach Goldberg Variations, played by Glenn Gould muttering away to himself,
    my red ’70 Valiant, 4-on-the-floor std., slant-six engine (long gone to another lucky owner),
    Janis . . .

  8. YES to Liz in anything, anywhere.
    YES to Audrey, perhaps even more so.
    YES to that vodka martini, straight up, with (three) olives.

    Classics, all of them. And so glad some things never go out of style.

  9. Had to come back to add Cheerios, having just stolen a spoonful from the bowl I poured for my granddaughter. Clean simple design, right? Those perfect crispy o’s, just the proper colour.

  10. Hello:
    Our cool classics would most likely be:

    A sun umbrella on the Lido.

    Barefoot in the grass.

    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’

    Green Hunter wellington boots.

    Under the clock at Waterloo Station.

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    A Louis Vuitton trunk.

    Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum.

    Ice cold Limoncello.

    Happy Summer Days!!!

  11. My classics would include:
    gin & tonic with Bombay sapphire,
    linen/cotton blend shirt dress,
    silver bangle;
    satin clutch and a pair of espadrilles
    As for the surroundings, I found Bourbon & Pearl’s idea too good to pass

  12. Icy diamond studs
    French 75
    silk negligee
    Hermes scarf
    large sunglasses (brand not important)
    cashmere cardigan
    pearls, the more the merrier
    leather handbag in black
    polished toes
    ballet flats
    masses of silver bangles
    high thread count cotton sheets

    I could go on ad infinitum….

  13. Gold hoop earrings, crisp white shirt, silk pajamas, chain strap, quilted handbag in black kid. This is fun!

  14. Yes! to Chanel No. 19-been wearing it since 1971

    Pilot’s sunglasses (from the military-not avaiators).

    My old blue Mustang convertible (sadly long gone)

    Justin Roper boots

    Faded Levi cut-offs (oh if only I still had the legs for them!)

    Gold ram’s head hoop earrings

    Vintage Coach black shoulderbag with the skinny duoble strap

    Trish B

  15. This is fun….

    Driving BG Morgan car with silk scarf tied round head,huge tortoise sun specs.

    Sipping Pimms on an English terrace on a sunny day watching croquet on the lawn.

    The original Chanel Miss Dior scent.

    Chanel flatties.

    White linen pants + white linen shirt,gold knot studs,gold bangle & large black straw hat.

    Hot Summer days MMMMMMMM (where have they gone!) Ida

  16. Pearls
    Sidecar without the sugared rim
    Hepburn-ish wide legged trousers but with a great tee
    Tortoiseshell glasses
    Wrap dress
    Steaks and corn on the cob
    French vanilla ice cream
    A great book and a squishy chair
    Real lemonade

  17. Love this topic! I do already have the Ray-Bans, and many pairs of hoop earrings. I’ve been searching, for several years, for a pair of earrings like the ones Audrey wore at the train station in “Sabrina.” You know, with the grey suit, when she first came back from Paris.

    I agree with whoever suggested the Burberry trench….have to disagree about Liz Taylor in general, since I thought her to be a terrible dresser, especially in later years. VERY beautiful, but she wore some ghastly ensembles! Now Audrey, on the other hand…aside from the obvious tragedy of her untimely death, I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see her age further, and see how she dressed; I’m sure she would have continued to be a graceful-aging role model.

    Oh, and I’ve given my husband a picture of a Cartier tank watch, just for future reference in case he’s feeling exceptionally prosperous some day!

  18. I enjoyed reading your list and everyone else’s. Great ideas. I want the Chuck Taylors and the postman bag!

    It’s hard to come up anything cooler than all of the above but add this: being in love.

  19. Hmmm…so many classics mentioned here!

    My list would also include turquoise Native American jewelry, navy and white striped tee or pullover sweater, gin and tonic (not the sugar-free stuff) with lots of lime.

  20. Vince Guaraldi playing Cast Your Fate to the Wind

    Kind of Blue (Miles Davis)

    Black eyeliner on the top lid only, red lipstick

    Dark straight leg jeans

    Impeccable white t-shirt

    Black t-shirt

    Black turtleneck

    Striped muffler, especially University striped

    Distressed brown leather motorcycle jacket

    Navy pea coat

    Casually knotted silk scarf

    Burberry-type trench

    Heirloom jewelry worn with casual clothing

    A taffeta ball skirt worn with a casual style top–a tee or a turtleneck–but in whisper thin cashmere

  21. So many to from which to choose!

    1) black cashmere mock turtleneck sweater
    2) red fine gauge knit twin set with interesting buttons
    3) classic wrap dress with full skirt
    4) Burberry trench
    5) Chanel No.5 perfume

  22. Fun post! I’ll play. Cool Classic is:

    the Chanel quilted flap chain-handled bag

    straight-leg jeans

    tortoise shell anything

    navy blue

    the Hermes Kelly bag

    The Chanel slingback with a contrasting toe

    red nailpolish

    pearl ear studs

    a French sailor shirt

    Ivory soap

    a crisp white shirt

    a black pencil skirt

    (Actually, you could combine much of the above and have a pretty great outfit!)

  23. Gap “Favorite Tee” in white or gray
    Stan Smiths
    The perfect red lips – “Mon Rouge”
    2 Cartier Love bracelets – one each in yellow & white gold

  24. I love this topic. You have listed quite a few of my favorite classics, including the Chuck Taylors, which I have in a few colors.

    Pea coat
    White linen
    Loafers/no socks
    Black turtleneck, preferably merino
    Red lipstick (Laura Mercier Bing Cherry)
    Grandmother’s pearls
    Tennis sweater (white, of course)
    Ray-Bank Dekko sunglasses
    Wool scarf (too many to count!)
    Chemise, black or navy
    Crisp white tee shirts
    Merino twinset (not worn together)
    Chanel No.19
    Repp tie worn as belt
    Bangle bracelets
    Mason Pearson brush
    Oxford cloth button-down shirt
    Trench coat
    Structured handbag
    Navy blazer
    Nantucket Lightship handbag
    Love the Vince Guaraldi idea, but I choose Django.

  25. Pearl studs! even when they are not Mikimoto but are from Swarovski for 12 EUR. I am a sportive type and can wear them, too!

  26. Ooh the classics – well you have a few of mine already, champagne, grey marl, pumps, white shirts – definitely white shirts, black dresses, i think my list could really go on so i will leave it there – thanks so much for your lovely comment x

  27. One perfectly fitted pencil skirt
    One perfect Hermes scarf
    One pair of real pearl earrings
    A health dose of belle assurance!

  28. Obviously for me, a classic sit-up-and-beg bicycle, whether a Raleigh, a Peugot or a Dutch Omafiets. Wearing a pretty skirt, but fuller than a pencil skirt for obvious reasons. With a basket or panniers/saddlebags.


  29. LEVI’S – original “boyfriend” jeans…and some Rainbow flip flops – Gidget goes to the beach…