Vince leather moto jacket

That’s the sound I hear in my head when I find something that feels Just Right. It’s like a piece of a puzzle snapping into place.

While there is a science to style (proportions, textures, colors, etc.), for me it’s also about instinct and gut feelings. Though many of you expressed that you loved the pale blush jacket from last week’s post, I said later that it didn’t sing to me; though I did like it, it didn’t click. Some ineffable something just wasn’t there. While returning it, I spotted the same jacket in “Charcoal” (which is actually a dark taupe) and it was an immediate “oh YES.”

Vince paper leather jacket, taupe moto jacket

Here’s a closeup that better shows the color. For those who are interested, it’s a perfect match for the darkest brownish-grey on my Light Summer fan.

This goes with almost everything in my closet. The leather is super light, perfect for LA about 8 months out of the year (even in the summer, it gets cool in the evenings).

leather moto jacket

Scarf: J.Crew (I think) from prior year, similar // Earrings: Argento Vivo, no longer available, similar // Jacket: Vince // Sweater: Eileen Fisher, several years old, similar shape // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity // Boots: Aquatalia by Marvin K, no longer available, similar.

Do you have a similar recognition when a piece feels Just Right? Does it sometimes go against what you think you “should” wear or like?

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  1. Ding ding ding Yep- this outfit is pretty near perfection on you!! The jacket color is the best I have ever seen on you- sometimes straight out flay black is too heavy. The shape of this is also very nice. The entire profile is flattering to the max!!

  2. I usually look in the mirror and say OH YEAH…when I hit something that is ME. You hit it and it looks fabulous! Love the jacket and the jeans…you are rocking this style!

  3. One of my favorite outfits on you! Perfection! I love the jacket and the color is perfect for you. I agree that leather jackets are perfect for our climate almost all year so even if they are expensive, they get a lot more wear than a wool coat or a trench.


  4. My problem is that I never know what will prove to be a workhorse piece. My much-desired items sometimes languish, seldom-worn. And items I’m unsure about often are worn to pieces. I seldom have a “click”–and I don’t trust my clicks. You’re lucky!

  5. I agree. The best ensembles “click”, as you say. Our intuition is deeper than our conscious knowledge about fashion and almost everything else.

  6. Yes. It happened to me a couple of years ago, when I tried on a billowy, blousey top, something I wouldn’t normally wear because I thought it would make me look fat… but I was desperate to find something for an event; so I tried it on, and “click”. Lesson learned: Every once in a while, I need to just try things on, because I can’t always predict when the click will happen!

  7. Yes I do have the same experience when I like an outfit. It’s like a puzzle to get everything working. Lovely jacket and a interesting design especially in leather. Wonderful choice!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. You look wonderful – great outfit. I have a similar dark “mushroom” leather jacket, that I’ve had for years, and I do wear it year round in LA. I can see why you heard the “click”.

  9. You look great in this softer colour, works really well with your hair. As for clicks, I’m not too sure. Sometime I just love a piece when I try it on, then it doesn’t work out all that well in real life.

  10. I can hear the click from here! That outfit does look like YOU. I love the flares. Everyone seems to be wearing flares lately – perfect for summer.

  11. Oh my! Darn you, It is beautiful and I have been looking and looking for a leather jacket that I liked. This is it. Too expensive for me right now. Looks incredible on you!

  12. Oh definitely. That gut reaction, or click, what I strive for. If I go for what others think looks good, or I know looks good but doesn’t fit that inner sweet spot, it never really works. I don’t feel like myself. This jacket is perfect on you, as this outfit. It seems that is what we all strive for.

  13. I think it is the right shade for you and it took the colour to hear that affirmative Click! It is interesting that after years of dressing that we have the confidence to know what is right and what we love. Bravo!

  14. Love the jacket, too – I didn’t care for the blush jacket with the sand-coloured pieces. And isn’t this one a bit similar to the EF moto jacket (faux leather) from last fall?

  15. I love this outfit! This would be a “click” for me as well. And I absolutely love the way you’ve tied your scarf–it completes the ensemble perfectly. Would you mind sharing how you managed that scarf tie? I would love to try it.

  16. I love when I feel that click! Great color for you. I’m always on the hunt for that perfect dark taupe. The flared jean knocks it out of the park on your silhouette. Perfect balance!! Love them on you!

  17. The color of the jacket and the scarf are fantastic!

    I’m trying to pay more attention to the “click” when I try something on, make sure that if I buy something, it’s truly something that I love, that I don’t have twenty other versions of. I’ve noticed myself buying things sometimes because they’re on sale, a brand a like, and a piece that’s nice and “useful,” but nothing special, and am working to curb that. J. Crew sales and Vince items at Marshall’s tend to bring that tendency out.

    And then there are times I’ve passed up a beautiful, special piece because I didn’t feel like I had a real “need” and wish I’d gotten it, just because it looked great and made me happy.

  18. The jacket is great, as is the outfit, and I’m glad you found something that speaks to you. Admit I’m still astonished that anyone would spend a thousand dollars on a jacket. Or any article of clothing, really.

    1. I hear you. I’m obsessed with cost per wear, and I mean actual cost per wear – I calculate it. However, a jacket or coat is the one garment that many of us would actually wear for ten years or more.

  19. I know the feeling that you describe. An outfit that makes me feel strong and confident. Just like you look in your photos.

  20. CLICK. The jacket color is soft enough for your coloring but still has edge. In Northern California you could dress that way 3 days out of 4. Thank you for your blog — as an almost 60 petite, I appreciate seeing someone else who has style, femininity and edge. (And looks mighty comfortable in her clothes!)

  21. Oh my dear … I hope you can hear me clapping for this ensemble … sheer chic perfection in it’s styling! Bravo … Bravo!!!


  22. Oh, yay! I was one of the folks extolling the blush jacket, but this color is even better. I think I was wondering, too, how the jacket would look with these jeans, and, wow, it looks terrific.

    I’ve heard the click recently, and, in large part, thanks to you. I’ve added a couple of Eileen Fisher pieces to my wardrobe, and they each made quite a loud click.

  23. Oh yes, I know that feeling when a piece or a look is really “me” – I just feel good and it shows!
    I would always buy a leather jacket in a classic or neutral colour and I think you made a great choice.
    I also love your bootcut jeans – I am wearing the same style on my current post.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  24. I love this jacket so much … I linked to this post in mine today! Kudos again my dear for such a marvelous choice!


  25. When I saw this I was reminded of the coloured leather jacket you bought in Paris. Did it turn out to serve you as you thought? Asking because I am often taken with the unusual colour and then find the neutral is the one I should have chosen. This is lovely, a motoish cut but without the tough details.

    1. Duchesse, I wore it for a while but after last year’s weight loss, it’s just too big now. And with that color, I did have to pay close attention to my other accessories. I’m debating on whether to keep it and see if it can be altered or sell on ebay. This jacket has a more flattering cut, and the color will be more versatile.

  26. I love the charcoal on you. It’s softer but the fabric and cut are bold. Your legs look super long with your pantlegs extending over your heels like that.
    Pieces will sometimes speak to me in the store but when I get home they start laughing madly because I look hideous. What was I thinking? Ha ha!

  27. Well, of course! You have this ability to look incredibly romantic in the edgiest of menswear inspired stuff.
    Love your color choice … these dusty, low saturation colors are so good on you. Love it, and for good reasons! So happy to see you wearing it so well.

  28. I LOVE leather jackets but unfortunately they are not Dubai weather friendly. I have a couple of Balenciagas that I spent arms and legs on but can only use them 3 -4 months in a year. Wish I live in LA, not only because of this but because I truly think it is the best city in the world! Lucky you 🙂 The jacket looks light enough and the leather, I can tell it must fell wonderful!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  29. It’s a great outfit, love the moto jacket, I’m going straight to my closet to dig mine out from hibernation. Love the “bell bottoms” or ” bootleg” jeans as they are called these days. In my hey days they were quite a hit. I love the fit of the jeans!

  30. You look fantasic! While I love my trusty blazers always waiting in the closet like little soldiers, I am afraid they are jealous because I live in my leather jackets. Three jackets three different cuts, versatile enough to go with anything. Though I’ve had them for many years, I still have a sense of adventure every time I leave the house in one of them….Cat