Color me happy: a vibrant outfit idea for spring

I think some of the prettiest days in Southern California are those right after a rainstorm. There’s nothing like that mix of clouds and sun, bright blue skies, and a fresh breeze to clear the air. A recent day like this put me in the mood to go bold & bright with this colorful spring outfit.

Susan B wears a colorful spring outfit: bright tangerine sweater jacket, brown and gold silk scarf, ivory shell, barrel leg jeans and gold fisherman sandals.
My sizes: jacket S, cashmere shell S, jeans 1 (8)

While wearing a bright color like this one is definitely a commitment, it’s also a wonderful mood lifter, especially when the weather’s been dreary. This sweater jacket/cardigan is available in several colors and neutrals too. I have collected a few over the last couple of years, and find them some of the most wearable pieces in my wardrobe.

Sis volunteered for photographer duty, so I was able to move around a bit more than when I’m taking photos myself with a remote. 😉

Susan B. walks along a sidewalk wearing a brown silk scarf, bright orange jacket, ivory top, barrel leg jeans, and gold mules. Carries a brown leather handbag with drawstring ties.
Detail: Susan B. wears a brown and gold silk scarf, bright coral sweater jacket, ivory shell, bead bracelets, gold ring, carries a Loewe flamenco bag.

A silk scarf is perfect for transitional season wear. It keeps the chill off my neck without the bulk of a heavy winter scarf. This one’s a few years old, and one of my favorites. Here’s another style I’ve had my eye on

Susan B. carries a brown leather bag, wears a brown silk scarf, orange jacket, ivory top, blue barrel leg jeans, gold sandals.

I promised Sis I’d post these outtakes. (She kept telling me to “move around more” so I did my goofy best…) 🤪

Susan gets goofy during a photo shoot.

What color(s) do you like to wear to lift your mood?

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  1. How fun to be goofy with your sis! Wish I was that close with mine. Alas…. Love the color, love the scarves and jackets!

  2. Love the outfit. The colour of your jacket is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the link to the scarf you have your eye on is not working, which means I’m now consumed with curiosity to find out about the scarf! Outtakes are GREAT!!

      1. Susan, I find your links don’t work for me about 30% of the time — no idea why. However, I refresh the page or go to your homepage and re-enter the post. Either way seems to reset everything just fine. Just some weird network interaction …

  3. I’m sorry, but I consider barrel jeans a fashion industry ploy to convince us to buy something we don’t need. This new jean silhouette is unflattering to almost everyone and creates a dilemma about what to wear on top to balance the large, clown-pants legs. It’s the antithesis of a classic piece of clothing. Your sweater jacket would have looked so much better with a classic, straight leg jean.

      1. I take your point and agree with others who echo you – that we all should wear what makes us happy. I am 75 and am trying to unburden myself of “stuff” in all areas of my life. Being thoughtful about clothing purchases is a big part of that. What makes me happy is restyling what is already in my closet and filling holes in my wardrobe with things I hope to wear a long, long time.

      2. I love seeing your joyful spirit shine through in these pics. I think the pants shape is interesting, and you are brave to try new styles and share them with us. Thank you.

      3. You look like a breath of fresh air 🙂 Also, I LOVE the barrel jeans on you. I absolutely love your point of view about ‘flattering’. We all tied ourselves in knots for years trying to look like models and 99% of us are NOT 6’ and weigh 100 pounds and we aren’t fooling ANYONE when we try. Wear what makes you happy and you’ll look amazing.

    1. Agree about the barrel jeans, definitely not my style. But I suppose the world would be less interesting if everyone dressed like I do! Also agree with Susan that we should wear what makes us happy.

    2. I agree. Barrel jeans would never work for me. I’d look enormous. But they’re fun in this outfit with that wonderful jacket!

  4. Great jacket/cardigan. I love the colour. I think I would choose this colour cor spring too. Or yellow.
    Have fun with your sister.

  5. Love this jacket. You’ve featured it several times and I finally followed the link to the website. So many colors!!!!!!
    Will definitely order one for the spring…now to choose the best one,
    Love the post..and your “goofy” poses!

  6. I love this post. The outfit of course, but also seeing the fun side of you. Sisters bring that out in us!

    1. Thanks very much! Sis is an accomplished hobby nature photographer, but did a great job here too.

  7. Love the outfit and the pictures! Green is my favourite pick me up color. I really need to get that sweater!

  8. Susan, your outfit and these photos capture the spirit of Spring for me. Love the jacket, pants, the smiles…well, the whole package. Sparking joy for me!

  9. I love today’s post. I think you should hire your sister as your photographer! So fun & unexpected.

  10. I see I am not alone in absolutely loving this jacket, the coral color, and the sense of fun your sister captured in the photos. Just reading your post made me feel cheerful. Thank you!

  11. Fun post! Love the outtakes! You asked what colors we wear to lift our mood. I’ve never shied from color and love deep pinks and purples. Turns out I’m a summer, so I had it right all along. I just ordered the cardigan in pink.

  12. Hi Susan
    Sadly I see a 404 error. It might be because I’m trying to access it from the UK. Perhaps you could buy the scarf and model it for us 😀
    PS I tried to reply to your reply to my original post, which failed, apparently because I’m probably not a human!!!
    PPS My husband might agree with the computer at times 😀

  13. Love the photo shoot! I doubt the barrel jeans would look good on me BUT I always appreciate you trying out new things so I can consider whether or not to try it. I’m open and I’m built a lot like you so I imagine myself in that outfit. Many of the fashion bloggers I follow show the back of their outfit which is super helpful in seeing how the pants fit – pocket placement, slim or loose fit in the thighs…especially when it’s a new silhouette like these pants . I’m curious why you never show the back? It would be so helpful!

    1. Usually I’m taking photos myself with a remote, so capturing the back is tough. But I’ll try to remember that next time I have a photographer.

  14. Hi Susan,
    Wonderful color jacket and I really like the way you styled it. I am off to Sezane !
    Your sister did a amazing job too! Have fun together.

  15. LOVE the outfit,Susan, the colors are just YUM, and the outtakes are fabulous! Thank you for such a happy post. xx

  16. Susan, you look fantastic and authentic wearing the barrel jean and tangerine sweater. And you are so correct – we have been brainwashed for years that we have to look as slim as possible and if we are petite as tall as possible all the time. Clothing is an expression of who we are and your styling really shows that. Love it!

  17. I wear a lot of color, so I don’t know that any single color lifts my mood, but I do find myself reaching for teal pieces a lot. There’s also one cashmere cardigan I have that is a bright orange-red that I really love.
    The Betty cardigan looks great on you, and you’re right, the structure really makes the outfit.
    Enjoy your sister’s visit, and the outtakes were lovely.

  18. What a great post, you look smashing as the Brits say. It is fun to step out and try different styles. Great pictures, and can tell you are having well deserved fun. I have fun with my sister too. enjoy.

  19. I love the colour of your sweater jacket and the action photos are so much fun! How nice to have your sister join us behind the scenes.

  20. I don’t love your jeans either but I love your comments about this comment. I do love your colors and especially that great purse! Most of all I love your gamin and peppy attitude . Having met you in person you radiate what this post is about.

  21. Wonderful “outtakes” ! Put a big smile on my face : )) You must be diligent at doing your exercises because that kick was pretty impressive !!
    Thank you ! (and your “Sis” )

  22. I love your “goofy” moves! And I love your attitude and philosophy on life. I don’t usually comment, but I always read your blog, and have an affinity for your taste and values. I LOVE the coral sweater (a bit spendy and I am stealing that description from you! but I am tempted) and I am a self-admitted scarf-a-holic.

  23. You are so lucky to have a sister! You can tell the two of you are having such a great time together. I’m a winter, but I think the color is absolutely gorgeous on you, and it shouts spring. I seem to be drawn to green this year, but pinks are putting up a spirited competition. I’m trying not to purchase flowers for eco reasons, but I could really go for a bunch of tulips to chase away our dreary RI weather this week.