The spring color trend I’m ready to wear now

Susan B. wears an Eileen Fisher coral sweater, rag & bone jeans, gold link necklace, Clare V. woven leather bag, beige Franco Sarto mules.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All ideas and opinions are my own.

If I had to choose only one Color color to wear the rest of my life (neutrals and denim don’t count), it would probably be coral. It’s such a happy color. Slipping on this coral sweater instantly brightened my outlook!

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Adding color to an outfit can positively impact the wearer’s mood (also known as “Dopamine dressing”). And wearing the right colors can make us appear more energized and vibrant. (Who wouldn’t want that?)

Whether your best colors are cool or warm, I’m encouraged to see more options this season. Though not on the list of Pantone’s picks for 2022, coral (and peach) are making a good showing in spring collections.

A polished casual look with a coral sweater

The v-neck coral sweater is from Eileen Fisher (Plus here). It’s a cotton-tencel blend, so will be comfortable here well into summer. The fit is relaxed and oversized (I’m wearing the XX-Small.)

I’ve doubled up the gold link necklace here, but would also wear it full length. The bracelet is a double strand with freshwater pearls and gold tone beads. It has a toggle clasp with two length options, and fits my small wrists nicely.

A cream or white bag can really pop and freshen an outfit. (I no longer save my lighter colored bags for summer, but wear them year-round.) This woven leather bag is small and lightweight, but holds the essentials (wallet, keys, phone, lotion, masks, lipstick.)

Straight leg jeans in a medium wash are one of my go-to’s, and I absolutely love the fit and comfort of this rag & bone “dre” style. I’m wearing size 26, as they run a little large/relaxed.

The 90’s vibe of these asymmetrical vamp mules caught my eye from across the shoe department. They’re available in several colors, and run a little large. I’m wearing the 7.

Nordstrom is always my first stop for style. They carry my favorite brands, as well as new-to-me labels. Shipping and returns are always free, and if you’re in a hurry, you can often order online and pick up at your nearest Nordstrom store.

If you had to choose just one color to wear, what would it be?

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  1. You look beautiful in this outfit, Susan. If I had to limit myself to one color, it would be anything on the violet spectrum.

  2. I agree, I have always loved this beautiful colour. If I’m searching the rails for something and this colour is there then I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame! I don’t often comment on your colour pictures, but this one I just had to, it instantly grabbed me because you look so good in this jumper! We Brits tend to call sweaters ‘jumpers ‘ but I’ve noticed recently that I’ve started calling my wardrobe my closet! That must be the influence of reading your posts Susan

  3. That coral is a uch a beautiful color. I had my colors analyzed last year and discovered I’m an Autumn, not a Winter as I’d thought. It’s been a real struggle to learn to like my new colors. I have seen how Autumn colors are more flattering on me, but I don’t naturally gravitate to them. I wonder if others have had the same experience?

    1. I was said to be a spring but most of its colors seem too bright even though becoming. I gravitated to autumn. As my hair went from red to white black looked good. I do admire Susan’s colors on her but end up discarding Items like this beautiful coral sweater for army green…..yet this past winter some reds are finding a home with me.

    2. I “thought” I was a winter and once assessed by a pro, I agree that “autumn” is my “true” palette…It was definitely a challenge to embrace my “new” colors – took a few seasons! But, I’ll never slide back…it seems as though basic pieces come in “winter” colors and my autumnal gems take more of a hunt to suss out…but it’s worth it! Find yourself a scarf, or something you could wear each day as you get used to your new, fabulous palette…especially when you stroll by a mirror – I bet you’ll be pleased!

    3. Hi LeeAnn, it can take some getting used to if you’ve always worn a certain range of colors. I like Téa’s suggestion to start with scarves, and I’d add looking for neutrals in your palette first. (It’s a good time to find browns!) There are some colors in my palette that I’m not crazy about wearing, so I just focus on the ones that I do prefer.

  4. I love grey! It dominates my closet and dresser drawers. But coral, indeed, always catches my eye. It’s a happy hue! Your coral sweater, this entire outfit is a keeper! Also, I’ve noticed you are nixing the cellphone from your photos. Yippee!

  5. I gravitate toward cobalt blue mixed with black, gray and white. It goes well with my now silver hair. Red is also good.

  6. I want to comment about Nordstrom. It’s always been a favorite of mine as well; but post-pandemic, I’ve been really disappointed in my local store (Houston Galleria). I guess I understand why the merchandise seems so sparse, with a lot of open space. But it seems the quality has dropped significantly as well, with a lot of TopShop type stuff prominently displayed and much less of the beautifully designed clothes that I’m interested in. Even the restrooms, which were always pristine, aren’t kept up very well (and that’s pre-pandemic, too). Since this is a sponsored post, I hoped maybe a Nordstrom rep would read this comment! Please bring back the Nordstrom that was a joy to visit!

    Oh, and my Color? Probably shades of aqua/turquoise.

    1. I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper since 1983 (at least that’s what my credit card says!) and I, too have noticed a steep drop in quality. The last two items I bought (a blazer and a blouse, both costing over $100) I had to return because they were literally unwearable ( twisted collar, crooked seams)

  7. I like coral, periwinkle and aqua and we are told they are universally flattering. I do think pearls and gold jewelry were made to be worn with this coral color. Beachy colors always appeal to me in the spring and summer. I keep my neutrals white, sand, straw color etc. everything lighter. I can’t wait to see your spring and particularly your summer posts.

  8. I love the Dre jeans on you. I normally wear AG Prima cigarette jeans in size 27, would you stay in the same size for the Dre or size down? I am afraid of the thigh area being too tight, however I do not really like jeans that are too loose.

    1. Hi Inge, I’m usually a 28 in the Primas, and sized all the way down to 26 in the dre’s. They do stretch out a bit with wear.

  9. I love coral! I just purchased that exact color fabric for a quilt I’m making. Such a happy color!

    I suspect Leeann’s color analysis quandary is not the colors, per se, but the intensity. She likes vivid colors and Autumn presents her with muted ones. I have the opposite problem. I am a true Light Summer. I’ve tried and discarded, Light Summer’s pure, princess colors. I’m drawn to the impossibly soft, muted, colors of a Soft Autumn. Sometimes one can’t force the matter.

  10. I too love coral, salmon and peach tones- and aqua too. One question re the EF sweater: do you find that her tops in misses rather than petite sizes fit you well? I have given up on them as the shoulders always feel enormous and the sleeve placement ill-fitting. Just returned an otherwise lovely EF soft aqua ss linen T for that very reason. Wish she offered everything in P sizes!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, it really varies from piece to piece. I do find a lot of her regular size tops are a bit too roomy, and even some of the Petite ones with a drop shoulder and boxy fit. I took a chance on this one because it had a raglan sleeve and sized down, and am happy with the fit.

  11. Same for me…happy, I really must try to find some upcoming winter items in that shade. If shipping to New Zealand wasn’t so prohibitively expensive my wardrobe could be full of all my favourite colours.

  12. My go too happy colour? Pure orange! Not burnt, not pumpkin but equal doses of red/yellow. It works well with every neutral except gray which I never wear. I have a cashmere sweater and a long sleeveless tunic top in this colour and I get so many compliments when I wear them. I am always careful of choosing colours that look good on others….Susan’s coral is lovely but would not suit my colouring nor my personality. . I would need a more intense coral with more pink than yellow undertone and that is difficult to find. I would go with Schiaparelli pink (or fuchsia). Colour has been so lacking in our lives it’s a joy to see Susan bringing it out and…those shoes!!!! Love!!!

  13. Love the coral sweater as it is my great color also. But I must comment on the cost of your entire outfit…it is truly not possible for me to purchase it (and I am sure many others)…not even the Eileen Fisher sweater (her clothes run quite big). The shoes are the most reasonable cost. Yet good ideas that I will find at a much lower price.

  14. Hi Susan,

    I love your blog and have been inspired to improve my fashion choices because of your insights and experiences. Thank you!

    I’m also trying to clean out my closet and would like advice on how long to hang on to old favorites. Are there guidelines that would help me determine when items are past their prime and need to be retired?

    Is this something you have addressed in the past? If so please let me know where I can read your advice.

    Thanks again for all you are and do!

  15. Great idea to use lighter colored bags year round! I have one that I’m going to start using today. If we can wear white or ivory jeans year round, why not accessories too?