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White House Black Market denim statement jacket

A few things for your Friday…

  1. Run, don’t walk. If a lightweight denim jacket is on your wish list, do NOT miss out on this one from White House/Black Market. I received it a couple of days ago and am very impressed with it. It has curved princess seaming, so is very curve-friendly.The front facings extend all the way to the side seams, and are tacked down! (Can I get a “hallelujah”?) The armholes are cut high enough to be flattering, but not so tight that the fit is uncomfortable. According to the care tags, it’s machine washable. I’m not crazy about the buttons, and may replace them, but this is one of the best jackets I’ve seen in this price range in some time. Seems to run true-to-size. Look for an outfit post soon. Other items shown above:
    left: necklace | top | pants | bag | boots
    right: earrings | top | bracelet | bag | jeans | sandals
    lip pencil | fragrance
  2. This NY Times Magazine article on “Erasure” is worth a read, and reminds me of why I don’t think the issue of “invisibility” is a trivial one. (h/t Judith at Style Crone)
  3. I learned a new word in French this week: sautoirs! 
  4. Lisa ponders the casual maxi dress for summer.
  5. Not Dressed As Lamb highlights some of my favorite 40+ bloggers here.
  6. The florists in Paris are extraordinary. Sharon Santoni’s video of the flower markets and a florist shop in Paris captures a bit of that magic.

Bon weekend!


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  1. I learned the word “sautoir” in the window of a jewelry store in the Marais 7 or 8 years ago when I admired one, lingeringly, longingly, but had to hurry to catch up to Paul, and then forgot to go back to check it out later. Remembered when it was too late, and it surfaces every so often to taunt me. . . The sautoir that got away . . .
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I’ve just started following your blog and love your style but I find pants hot to wear. Are the pants you choose lightweight enough to wear in the summer heat? I’m from Texas and we are traveling to Venice this summer (I know, we’re idiots!) so I’m starting my search for lightweight, cooler fabrics to that end. Appreciate your comments.

    1. Hi wagnerjb, thank you! I tend to feature pants in my collages because I wear them much more than skirts or dresses. Some might prefer skirts for warm weather travel, but I’m a big fan of the Eileen Fisher stretch crepe pants. I wore the black ankle length ones in the heat in Thailand and was perfectly comfortable. They’re also available in white here: and a taupe here:

    2. Thank goodness there is someone else who finds trousers too hot in summer as I thought there was something wrong with me. I live in South Australia and our summers are brutal, so I have a collection of skirts and dresses, mainly in linen and cottons. I envy Susan who can wear trousers in summer, she always looks so well put together and more importantly, cool. I would have died wearing trousers in Thailand, yet I saw many women my age wearing them.

  3. Walked by White House/Black Market this morning and saw the denim jacket just by chance. It is way too short on my 5’11” frame. I agree with you about the buttons…..
    And also funny because I thought the white version looked very well made but the buttons were ‘cheap’ looking.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the article “Erasure” to my attention. So many of us feel disenfranchised from society and the culture around us whether through race, gender, age, traditions. I’ve bookmarked to re-read again.