style: don’t overthink it…

Isabel Marant jacket, Givenchy Pandora bagI’m finding that when it comes to style, there’s a fine line between being creative and over-thinking. Lately I’ve been leaning back toward an “un-fussy” look, which doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate a little Casual Glamour, just that it feels best when I’m selective with it.

earrings (similar) | jacket (also in Navy here) | top | ring | bag | jeans | boots

The lightweight tweed jacket has a polished, ladylike vibe, so for balance I kept the rest of the outfit a bit more casual and relaxed. It’s the jacket featured in the collage in Monday’s post, and is the kind of softly structured piece I’m always on the lookout for. Though I’ve styled it casually here, it easily could be dressed up.

Givenchy Pandora, French Kande silver ring

This French Kande ring is such a wonderful statement piece. It’s sterling silver-clad and the vintage “Bayonne” medallion features Anne, Duchesse of Britain and Queen of France. It’s comfortable to wear too!

How do you achieve balance in your outfits?

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  1. this color jacket looks great on you! It is fitted enough and the cut and style really dresses up an otherwise casual outfit.
    Love the whole ensemble.

  2. Gorgeous jacket and entire outfit1 Would you mind if I asked what size did you took in this jacket, Susan? Also curious about size you took for the Anthem long-sleeve V-neck striped t-shirt from Madewell from a previous post.We’re approximately the same size and I will need to order both online, so any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Thank you so much for that info! I’ll be ordering both today. I have one other question regarding the Eileen Fisher top you’re wearing. Do you normally order the organic cotton tees or tanks in a Petite size or do you order a Regular size to compensate for potential shrinkage in the overall length of the item? Do you order up from your normal size? I normally wear a Small Petite in most Eileen Fisher tops.

        I’d like to add that you’ve really helped to “up” my style quotient with all the fantastic styling ideas you share on your blog!!!

        1. Hi Carol, in general if a top is available in the Petite range, I’ll go with that one. I line dry both the EF cotton and linen tees/tanks, so have never had an issue with shrinkage. I take my normal size, PS. Glad to help, and thank you!

  3. The jacket looks great on you. Love the loose structure and I could see getting a lot of various stylings from it as you describe. Thanks for modeling!

  4. The jacket looks great on you. Would love to see it styled more monochromatically as well. I could sort of see you getting the navy one as well – perfect weight for LA, pretty much year round.

    1. KPL, thanks! I actually have a monochromatic outfit with this jacket in mind and will show it soon. 🙂 And yes, this is a year-round piece here.

  5. The whole look is fabulous! It makes me want to try on a double breasted blazer. (which all the fashion advice says to avoid)

    1. Lori, thank you! I think the softness of the jacket and wearing it open help to mitigate the sometimes boxy effects of a double-breasted silhouette. It really all depends on the piece.

  6. My Etoile Isabel Marant jackets survived my move to retirement. So great for work – transition well to casual life for the days when you want a bit of polish. Big thumbs up.

    1. Lisa, thanks! Your EIM jackets and how you’ve worn them with more casual looks were definitely an influence. 😉

  7. Did you have a hidden camera in my dressing room this morning? 🙂 I was a nutball and couldn’t make a decision. Then, halfway to work, an accident on the highway made me have to turn around and now I’m working at home. I SOOOO could have stayed in my PJs this cold Maine-winter morning!

    1. kathleen, thanks! When I look at the link of the bag it lists the color as “anthracite” but it’s definitely taupe IRL.

  8. Loved this jacket so much I went looking for it today while on a business trip to NJ. Neiman Marcus didn’t have this exact jacket but lucky for me they had a similar, single breasted, cropped version. I got the 38 – I’m the same height as Susan but a bit heavier, especially in the hips, and wanted to be able to button it up. Sleeves were actually just fine. It was a splurge but I’m flying home with it tonight!

    1. Well, for some reason my post above posted under the name “juliet”. Just noticed because I came back to mention that I tried on the Rebecca Taylor jacket too. i quite liked it, but the peplum was a bit too full for me. Also the Lindrayia R Spring Tweed Jacket but it was a bit plain.

  9. I really like this outfit! The jacket looks great! Softly structured jackets are the best! Wonderful ring, too!

    And I like your point of not overthinking outfits! When you choose pieces you know look good on you and you feel good in, outfits are likely to work and look effortless and chic.

  10. You are my fashion hero; seriously, I check out your blog daily and your look has inspired me and I love how you share it with everyone. Since I began following your posts, I have put together three capsule wardrobes for traveling with my monsieur whether its hiking the four-corners (Arizona/Utah/Colorado/Nevada), NYC/Napa, or exploring Europe, I now have 16 pieces (some overlap I have found) for each grouping that fits what the adventure will be for us. Most recently we were in New England and hiked Acadia, but also explored the Finger Lakes, etc. and then went on a whirlwind 2+ week trip to Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Vernazza/Cinque Terre, and Venice) and because of you, I packed almost perfectly for the very first time in my adult travels. Thank you. PS – love the jacket!

    1. Hi Sookee, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve found the packing and wardrobe suggestions helpful. It sounds as though you’ve taken some amazing trips!

  11. My process is often, quite literally, put this on the dressform, see how it looks. How about that? And what if I added this? When I think it looks acceptable, I try the entire outfit on. Most times, I end up going back to the initial layer and just going with that 🙂 so there’s a lot of mileage in not overthinking things, yes. Undoubtedly 🙂

    p/s I covet that ring and your bag, insert swoon xo

  12. Hello, Susan!

    Gosh, very pleased to ‘meet’ you in your blog!

    It’s wonderfully done; exactly what I needed to give perspective and balance to the thoughts and ideas swirling in my head. Constantly mistaken for being in my early 30’s but actually just turning 49 last month has made me determinedly committed I scrutinize that my wardrobe choices is NOT what’s driving the incorrect assessment of my age. I’m encouraged to see, after checking out your blog a bit, that my fears are unfounded. The best part is, you’ve inspired me to try add’l ideas that hits the sweet spot where edge meets the conservative in enticingly delectable balance.

    Thank you for this lovely work and looking forward to seeing more of you….

    Warmest regards,