casual vendredi: Dreaming of Autumn

autumn in Paris

Can’t wait for some cool fall weather…looking forward to sweaters and boots and wearing my favorite fragrance again.

Above: earrings | scarf | sweater | bag | bracelet | jeans | fragrance | boots

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  1. Let the lighter scarves drape….don’t tie them….I wear them year round in Florida and with success. I love scarves!!!

  2. I just bought a beautiful pair of chestnut suede Aquatalia booties. Now if the daytime temps could be less than 90 degrees please?

  3. I read the description of the fragrance, oh wow! does it look and sound heavenly. The little shoulder bag is so pretty too. I love that color.

  4. I am wondering if you use a lighter fragrance in the warmer months, and if so, which one? I also loved the description of the above scent, and the notes sound similar to the ones i also enjoy.

    1. Hi Sheryl Anne, yes I usually switch to a lighter fragrance when the weather is warmer. I’m still searching for a lighter one that I really love, but Serge Lutens “Fémininité du bois” is probably the one I’ve reached for most often. I think Lancôme “la vie est belle” which feels just a bit more sophisticated than the first can be a year-round fragrance too if applied sparingly in the heat. (I like to use the travel rollerball and just apply a little to neck and wrists.)

  5. Love the photo! I know that Place!!!! Yesterday was so rainy and cool and gray, it was the first day of the season that I brought a plaid scarf out of hibenation! And I wore my winter fragrance Guerlain’s “L’Instant”! Welcome Autumn!

  6. I came through Customs using Global Entry last night and, here I am reading blogs because I rose at 3:30am in a jet-lagged haze. Global Entry has been so great, but, it’s a longish, $$ process and probably only worth it if you travel internationally fairly often.

    I noticed, coming in through Boston last night, that there was a tiny fast moving line for ‘mobile passports.’ I discovered that you can now get an app for your phone -from the itunes store- that enables you to breeze through Customs. I don’t see a price on it, so I think it’s free. I haven’t tried it but I have read good reviews. Search for ‘Mobile Passport’ – it’s subtitled ‘Officially Recognized By US Customs and Border Patrol’, and it’s by Airside Mobile LLC.

    It’s available for use in major cities across the country.

    On an unrelated topic, I noticed a lot of people with the Le Pliage crossbody bag while traveling. Mine does not have the crossbody strap and fortunately (!) it’s wearing out, so I’m definitely looking to replace it.

    1. Hi Caro, the mobile passport app is free, however it’s only available at about a dozen or so airports in the US at this point, and ours isn’t one of them. The other advantage to the Global Entry status is that you automatically receive TSA Pre-check, which is great for those who also fly domestically.

  7. Great travel clothes but I think you need more color. Check out Desigual, a Spanish brand which makes high-quality, comfortable and colorful clothes also for women our age. ( I believe they have a store in Los Angeles.

    1. Hi Candice, thanks! I’m familiar with Desigual and they have some fun things, but aren’t really my style. 🙂

  8. Went to Talbot today need some inspiration , on classics , and scarves . Lovely plight weight fall colours , …I needed to see outfit set , ,scarf , ,blouse other tee.the tecyuted..accent colours . any of you set up outfits in your dressing room to plan for a couple of days . ..I seem I’ve turned a corner . ..I need a plan..down to sock,boots purse .just a thought …I’m in a bubble ! Ohmygoodness ! Tomorrow !