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Style blogger Susan B. enjoys a café crème in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

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Eyewear Is An Accessory…

I’m periodically asked about my pink eyeglass frames shown above (photo taken in Paris last year) and in my profile photo. They were a limited edition from See Eyewear, and unfortunately not available online. I’ve been on the lookout for something similar ever since, and recently spotted two styles:

Detail: pink eyeglass frames from Warby Parker. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Both are from Warby Parker. Above, the “Laurel 17.”

Detail: pink eyewear from Warby Parker. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

And this style is “Olive.” Even if you don’t have a Warby Parker store near you, you can order 5 frames to try on at home for free. (See details at the website.) They have lots of cool styles, and you can search by shape and face size too. Prices include single-vision lenses.

I’ve worn glasses since my early 20’s, and consider eyewear an important accessory, sort of like jewelry for the face. So I tend to choose my eyewear carefully, and consider it an investment. I’m too squeamish for contact lenses, and wear my glasses from the moment I get up until I go to bed. I’ve had progressive lenses for the past decade or so.

Detail: Lafont Jupiter eyewear in Mosaic. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Round or roundish frames are trending now. I purchased these last year in Paris, and have been wearing them most often of any of my frames the past few weeks. They are lightweight and really comfortable. And they add a little bit of color, too.


Detail: Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Here in L.A., sunglasses are a necessity. I don’t think you can go wrong with a cool, classic pair, but most regular optical frames can also be made into sunglasses. Check with your optical shop.

I elected to have Transitions lenses added to a couple of my optical glasses. I’ve come to regard them as a necessary evil for travel. If you’re sightseeing and going in and out of doors, they save having to carry an extra pair of sunglasses, and keep switching back and forth. Be careful though…give them time to adjust to a dim interior. On our first visit to Venice a few years ago I tripped over a lintel in a dark church and hurt my knee. I hadn’t seen it because my glasses were still quite dark from being out in the bright sun.

Whether sunglasses or optical glasses, the frames should be fitted to your face and head. They shouldn’t slide down or wiggle when you shake your head, but shouldn’t be so tight that they’re uncomfortable. Let someone at your optical shop adjust them for you to avoid breakage. And don’t leave until you’re satisfied with the fit and prescription.

I’m still sold on the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners to keep my lenses clear and smudge-free.

Do you have a favorite shape or color of eyewear?

Top photo by Carla Coulson.

The Eyes Have It…

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  1. Thank you so much for your post. I had asked you last year for a how to post on glasses. I also wear glasses from the time I get up to bedtime. It can be a real challenge to get “dressed up”when glasses are in the picture. Thanks for the advise.

  2. As fantastic as Warby Parker’s frames and customer service are (husband gets his sunnies there), the company does not make lenses for bu-or trifocals. It’s a shame because the frames are great!
    I’m legally blind in my right eye and cross-eyed. Been wearing glasses since I was two years old and surgery at five years helped to straighten the eye a bit. So glasses are a necessity and protective device for my “good” eye. My prescription is also very pricey so I tend to be more pragmatic in my choice of frames and stick to dark round ones. My present frames are by Ray Ban and we’re only a bit more in peic than WP. I love them. Hope WP goes with bi and tri’s in the future!!

      1. Whoa! I’m glad I saw this! We were at the WP boutique in Philadelphia a few weeks back and I was told they didn’t do progressives!! Time to go back–Thank you for the heads up!!!

          1. I got two pairs of progressives from the Warby Parker online store. The first was *perfect*. The prescription wasn’t correct in the second pair, but they took them back without a murmur. It’s definitely worth giving ’em a try. The home try-on works very well, too.

            I always *love* your frames. Thanks for the post.

  3. I own three pairs of glasses but my favorites are vintage French frames in a bright teal blue. They never fail to get compliments. I am lucky to have a neighborhood shop owned by a man who loves to search out interesting frames.

  4. I like narrow rectangles so I can look under the lens with my normal eyesight. I mostly use the glasses for driving to correct depth perception. My frames are by Claudia Alan from Canada. I especially like them as the frames have Northwest Native American design details on the sides.

  5. A timely post, Sue. I’m mere months away from having cataract surgery. I’ve chosen the kind of surgery that will (finally!) correct my very crappy distance vision, which I’ve suffered from since elementary school. I’ll still have to wear readers for close up work, but that just means I have unlimited cool stylistic options for readers. And best of all, I’ll finally have the FREEDOM! to buy and wear sunglasses off the rack. I cannot wait!

    All my friends say that cataract surgery was one of the best things that happened to them after 60. They see so much better and colors are again vivid. Sounds wonderful, eh?

    1. I had cataract surgery about two years ago, after being severely myopic all my life. I still wear reading glasses, but am free to pick anything I want and to not have to consider my prescription when I choose a frame. After years of choosing non- obtrusive frames (because my extra strong lenses made the whole lens seem darker and gave me the illusion of dark circles under my eyes), I have discovered the joy of wearing strong bold frames. By a long shot, I love the ones from IZIPIZI best (this used to be a division of See optical but is now its own brand), which are mostly available online, but can be found in places like museum gift shops, like MOMA. You will be so happy with your surgery.

      1. Thank you, Ellen, for the IZIPIZI tip. That name is very familiar, since I saw it recently on one of the fashion/style blogs I read (maybe here?). I’m checking out their offerings right now! Again, appreciate your time to suggest this.

    2. My brother, age 62, never wore glasses until he needed readers in the last few years. A couple of months ago, he got the cataract surgery….he had to call me, so excited, because he could see so clearly and the colors were brighter and the whites whiter! He still thinks it’s the best thing ever. I admit to wishing I needed the surgery, since I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, and the older I get, the trickier my prescription is….

      1. Jill Ann … thanks for that cataract surgery encouragement! I’ve certainly heard friends rave about their improved vision and more vivid colors. But the “whiter whites” is a new one for me. Now I look forward to that benefit, too. Congrats to your brother. 🙂

  6. I have a pair of IVY glasss from l.a. Eyeworks (Fiction collection) in color Nude Streak. It has a little better color for my complexion without being too pale, but still in the pink family. The l.a.Eyeworks Collection also shows a couple of pink frames that are really pretty.

    I, too, love my Peeps. I recommended them just a couple of days ago to the Duchesse at Passage des Perles. I bought a pair for my purse, my husband, the kitchen and a friend. They are currently in my purse on our Spain/Portugal holiday. So handy!!

  7. I bought some peeps cleaners for my glasses and love them. I also found the same technology in a pen for camera lenses. I think it is the same parent company as the peeps, but branded as lenspen. As for glasses, I usually stick with roundish wire frame for clear lens, and different versions of Oakley for my prescription sunglasses. I think I need to branch out and try different frames for my clear lenses.

  8. My face and head are really small, just like the rest of me, so I have been miserable wearing glasses most of my life. Cute as they may be, they just don’t fit – fall off hand over my ears, extend too far back, etc. This was true UNTIL I discovered Lindberg Frames – each one custom built for the customer’s face and head – and they are beautiful – made in Denmark. I encourage everyone to look at them.

  9. I’m a big fan of the French company Zenka – I have a very similar pair to these: http://zenka.fr/galerie-photos.php#18e73658b2485bfb301236757ebdf0e1b129442f
    and another pair that’s also very colourful. You can buy separate clips for the colourful bit and change them to suit what you’re wearing. Not sure if they’re sold stateside though. I agree with you, Susan, when you say they’re an accessory. If you have to wear them, may as well make a statement with them!

  10. I began wearing glasses when i was 10…many, many years ago. Wore contact lenses for a very long time; gas permeables (not soft as I could never get those enormous things in my eyes!). Now I wear glasses all the time. Feel just like you, Susan, they are a part of me and take care in choosing frames. Love yours! I am at the age where I really am over wearing contacts and Lasik is out of the question…scares me! Go GLASSES GIRLS!

  11. I bought a beautiful pair of Cartier glasses 3 years ago. They are frameless with just the side pieces. The color of the side pieces are mother of pearl white and the hardware is platinum. Yes, I spent a lot of money but I have worn glasses since third grade and always struggle getting a pair that I feel attractive wearing. These fit the bill! I am very very careful with them, always keeping them in the case when I am not wearing them. Ladies, this works! I have sat on my cheap glasses many times when I put them down on the sofa and now they are somewhat misshapen. I feel beautiful when I wear my Cartier glasses!

  12. I live in the Southwest and wear sunglasses every day. I’ve always loved the classic RayBan Wayfarer, but they were just too big for my face. So a couple of years ago I was thrilled to discover the New Wayfarer, which is a smaller-scale version of the style. Suits the shape of my face really well and the optics are great. Now I have them in two different frame colors & it’s almost embarrassing how much I like them.

  13. Hate to go all low end here but have you ever checked out the frame options at Costco? Uh,huh…Costco! Wayfarer ( they made a classic sunglass frame into regular glasses for my hipster son who won’t wear anything else)Chanel and loads of others, I have a really cool pair of Italian lenses in an unusual tortoise with shots of emeral green through it. Wearing a very expensive lense prescription economy is essential…I have $350.00/2 years for insurance but save that for my contacts which I have worn for forty seven years and provide better correction than regular glasses for my visual issue. I too am hoping for the day when I get the go ahead for cataract surgery but my doctor doesn’t see it in my near sighted future. Check out Costco, they stand behind their products most frames are a huge rip off, no hunk of plastic is worth 700.00!

  14. I’ve worn glasses since age 9 and have a very strong prescription. I have theTrransition lenses and like them for the reasons you state, however, I will not have my next pair of lenses be Transitions. I can only afford one pair of regular glasses and the Transitions lenses do not give me the option of having a photo taken in a light environment without the darkened lenses. Although they supposedly are not dark indoors I’ve found that if the interior is light my lenses do darken somewhat and I feel the slightly darkened lenses often make me look old and tired.

  15. I love See eyewear! I was very surprised by their pricing and high level of customer service. My husband recently bought 2 pairs for reading and they had a great price, hunted around other stores for his frame and knew who he was. I tried to get him to go for Warby Parker and even had the frames sent to our house. They seemed not all that well-made and I have heard they charge for each and every service–tightening the temples, fixing the nose pads. As for me, an eye glass wearer since 3, I’m now 53, I go for the Danish brand Lindberg and for the super small maker Blake Kuwahara, partly due to the lack of a bridge on my Chinese nose. If I could wear different frames daily I would!