dipping a toe into fall

vintage Liberty scarf, Paul Green booties

sunglasses | earrings | sweater | camisole | bracelet | jeans | boots


We had a break in the heat toward the end of last week, and I was able to take a couple of my new fall wardrobe items out for a shakedown cruise. Sweater is from Eileen Fisher; I’m wearing the regular size XS. It’s tencel and wool, lightweight enough for now with a silk camisole underneath. I really love the cut and how it drapes! The color, “surplus” promises to be one of those goes-with-everything hues, but it’s available in other colors too.

vintage Liberty of London scarf

The scarf is vintage Liberty of London, inherited from my Grandmother. (More Liberty of London scarves here.) I’m pretty sure it’s 60 years old or more. It’s in good shape, so I honor her memory by wearing it, rather than preserving in a drawer somewhere. (See her words of wisdom in the right sidebar.) I’ve hand washed it, and it came out good as new. I think it goes quite nicely with the sweater and French Kande bracelet.

Nail color is Deborah Lippmann “Respect.” I so enjoy having some color on my nails, and need to make a point to do more often.

western ankle boots

The boots are from Paul Green, purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These are so comfortable, and the heel looks higher than it feels.

Guess who came to visit??

ginger cat

Yes, Lars had to swing by to investigate. He gave the Leg Rub of Approval.

blue eyed ginger cat
Behold mah magnificence!


Do you have some fall wardrobe items you’re looking forward to wearing?

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  1. Love everything here, including le chat. Is the Lippman nail polish worth the $18.00? It’s beautiful, but–wow!

  2. Love that sweater, Sue. It looks lovely with your grandmother’s scarf. What a treasure. And you’re right to wear it, I think. I have a black clutch, that was my grandmother’s. It was handmade in Montreal in the 1940’s. My aunt who worked in Montreal, bought it and a matching wallet for her. But while Grammy used the wallet for years, she wasn’t a clutch carrying kind of woman. I take it out to parties or dinners and like to think that Grammy smiles that her purse goes places she never did.

  3. The ensemble is beautiful !! I was thinking of ordering the sweater and wondered what you thought of the sizing. I know you indicated you purchased the Regular Small and some reviewers noted the top ran a little large. Did you find that to be true as well?

    1. Hi Pam, I’m actually wearing the Extra Small in the regular sizing. I don’t know that this sweater in particular runs larger than others. So many of the sweaters the last few seasons (not just EF) seem to be cut larger.

  4. what a great outfit! i’m jealous that you can already wear something fallish. i live in south louisiana and it is still very hot and humid. all i can do is gaze at my lovely fall clothes and sigh.

  5. i love this on you! What a great colour, and that drape! My capsule travel wardrobe hasn’t made much allowance for fall, and it’s quite warm still in Bordeaux. But oh my, lots of texture and colour and new shapes to drool at in the windows (cropped wide-leg pants, especially, in yummy wool women’s, plaids, not really for those of our (non) height, but still tempting)

    1. frances, thanks! I’ll be curious to see whether women in Europe are buying in to the wide/cropped pants trend…

  6. Love your outfit, and I wear a lot of that color “surplus” or olive-y/brown, whatever they’re calling it this season. It’s a great neutral. I adore your grandmother’s scarf, and love that you wear it. I wish I’d kept some of my grandmother’s things….

  7. Wonderful fall look! Your grandmother’s scarf is beautiful, and I’m glad you share her philosophy and wear it rather than let it sit in a drawer. I just bought my first Liberty of London scarf when we were there in May (and possibly my last since I just retired). I’m very taken with it. Lovely to see Lars again. He’s looking quite handsome.

  8. Love the outfit and how the FK bracelet goes with ensemble! How lovely to have one of your grandmother’s scarves–and such a timeless one. It goes perfectly with the ‘olive’ sweater (which I love). Olive is a great color and I’m glad it’s big this fall (although I haven’t bought anything olive this fall!!). Anyway, fabulous.
    The wide leg pants that are popular this fall I’m not sure about….I’m afraid my 5’5″ frame wouldn’t look good in them.
    Lars is lovely too.
    We’re having 100 degree weather this week in Sonoma County. Ugh.

  9. I love this look towards autumn and am glad you’ve had a break in the heat to wear it. The colours look great on you, and the scarf from your grandmother is gorgeous. It must love the fresh air. Yes, there is a very special place in my closet too for shoes that have a heel but don’t feel like it. I’m in love with Lars.

  10. Those boots! That gorgeous GORGEOUS cat! Weird question: it appears as though you’re wearing the boots sans socks or hose. How do you keep them from rubbing your feet raw? I ‘ve given up trying to go barefoot in shoes or boots, regardless of what all the fashion photo shoots would have me believe is possible. And I am far from being a delicate flower.

        1. Thanks SO much for the recommendation — it’s now gone onto the top of my shopping list. I love hearing what actually works for other people so I’m not at the mercy of all the advertising bumph.

      1. Oh, thank you! The reviews of these little socks are highly positive. I’ve never had much luck with liners–they always seem to peel off my heels leaving me in an even worse state, but these seem to not do that. I’m going to be in Seattle in 2 weeks & will make this part of my Nordstrom run.

  11. Sue, who takes your photos? I love that she/he captured your interaction with Lars (who is utterly spectacular). This ensemble is brilliant on you and somehow (for me anyway) seeing the clothing in a candid moment feels more powerful. Kudos to your camera person, whoever it is!

  12. I love that color and choose it whenever I have that as a choice, but my experience with the tissue weight Eileen Fisher tissue light wool seaters is that they are very prone to snags, and therefore, not for everyday wear. Just saying.

    But that said, I have been wanting to share this informations for awhile: Eileen Fisher offers FREE repairs of their damaged clothing (you can find it buried in their website, but it is not at all prominent). If you take your damaged item to any EF store, even if not purchased there, they will send it to their workshop where they keep on hand all the thread, buttons, and materials needed to perfectly mend your clothing. I did it with a tissue weight wool EF cardigan this spring which had 4 small holes caused by snags of unknown origin. It took 10 weeks to be returned (I left it over the summer), but when it came back to me, it looked brand new, with totally undetectable repairs. A very nice service to keep in mind.

    And FTW: I fully endorse the blister sticks. I always take them when I travel, and actually carry it in my purse in case a sore spot starts to develop…it has saved many a trip!!

  13. Lars! Thanks.. this was my request when you asked for feedback last week – more Lars. He is a beautiful kitty and he seems to coordinate with all of your ensembles.

    Love that bracelet.

  14. Beautiful sweater. For a moment I thought it was the one you bought in Amsterdam. Do you wear that one as well?
    I love Eileen Fisher. I have bought two things of that brand but haven’t worn it. It would so please me, if they would make their basic silk tops with a neckline in between high and scooped. Sigh.

    1. Greetje, thank you. The one I bought in Amsterdam has been a bit too warm for our summer weather, but I’m looking forward to wearing it once it cools down a few degrees. 🙂 And yes, the scarf is really special to me.

  15. Was thinking of you yesterday when I was top-shopping for fall. Found some drapy knit tunics in muted jewel tones, both with asymetrical elements … bought ‘um both ’cause they worked so well, and ’cause I looked a little more like you when I tried them on! You inspire, as always.
    Lovely scarf with a charming story. All accessories should have such provenance! Speaking of scarves … I’m looking for skinny ones and old-fashioned squares. Not having much luck here, so will be lurking on line or in the fabric store. Any sources? (Already tried our few used and consignment outlets. Nada.)

  16. I bought 3 Liberty of London scarves when I was 20 and really could not afford the $60. each price tag :-). I have given my 28 year old daughter 2 of them, and she loves them. There is nothing better! They live on, and I LOVE that!

  17. Your outfit, without undergarments, has a price tag of about $1700! I relate to your style very much, but cannot justify spending that amount of money for an outfit. Even your comparable pieces have higher costs than what I believe timeless fashion should cost. My attraction to your blog and style halted when I realized an outfit was priced higher than my monthly bills (including my mortgage on a 3000sq ft house). Love your blog, love your style. Think I will continue searching for a middle aged, fashion blogger who finds the Hanes cami a $14.99 as appreciable as your Eileen Fisher one at $98. But again, love your style!

    1. Hi Julie, thanks, glad you enjoy the style. As to the rest of your comment, I don’t think I can respond in a way that will satisfy either of us so I’ll just leave it be. 🙂